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Bryan, Garnier & Co Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Bryan, Garnier & Co. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Bryan, Garnier & Co.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/5/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesOrange (ORAN)Buy -> NeutralLow    
11/29/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesRemy Cointreau (REMYF)Buy -> NeutralLow    
11/25/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesAstraZeneca (AZN)BuyGBX 7,700 -> GBX 7,950N/A    
8/12/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesCARLSBERG AS/S (CABGY)Neutral -> BuyLow    
8/1/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesMolson Coors Brewing (TAP)Neutral -> Sell $51.00High    
7/30/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesReckitt Benckiser Group (RB)NeutralGBX 6,800 -> GBX 6,870N/A    
7/5/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesCanopy Growth (CGC)Buy -> NeutralLow    
7/4/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesCanopy Growth (WEED)Buy -> NeutralC$85.00 -> C$60.00N/A    
7/3/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)NeutralN/A    
5/20/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesBurberry Group (BURBY)Sell -> NeutralLow    
5/20/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesBurberry Group (BRBY)NeutralN/A    
5/6/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesADIDAS AG/S (ADDYY)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
5/2/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoLowers TargetGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)NeutralGBX 1,710 -> GBX 1,660N/A    
5/2/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesReckitt Benckiser Group (RB)NeutralN/A    
4/5/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesReckitt Benckiser Group (RB)Neutral GBX 6,800N/A    
3/29/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesPERNOD RICARD S/ADR (PDRDY)Buy -> NeutralLow    
3/29/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)NeutralN/A    
3/28/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesBayer (BAYRY)Neutral -> SellLow    
3/25/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesHERMES INTL SCA/ADR (HESAY)Buy -> NeutralLow    
2/22/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesAstraZeneca (AZN)NeutralN/A    
2/19/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)SellN/A    
1/17/2019Bryan, Garnier & CoLowers TargetThe Sage Group (SGE)BuyGBX 850 -> GBX 630N/A    
11/8/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesAstraZeneca (AZN)NeutralN/A    
10/14/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoSet Price TargetAphria (APHA)Buy C$31.00N/A    
4/24/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMUY)Neutral -> BuyMedium    
4/17/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoSet Price TargetSoftware (SOW)Buy €49.00N/A    
4/9/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoSet Price TargetMorphoSys (MOR)Buy €91.00N/A    
4/6/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoSet Price TargetSAP (SAP)Buy €112.00N/A    
3/14/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoSet Price Targetadidas (ADS)Neutral €188.00N/A    
3/14/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoSet Price TargetMorphoSys (MOR)Buy €91.20N/A    
3/12/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesE.On (EOAN)NeutralN/A    
3/12/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoSet Price TargetInnogy (IGY)Neutral €31.00N/A    
2/20/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)Sell GBX 4,100N/A    
2/13/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetOncimmune (ONC)BuyGBX 154 -> GBX 168N/A    
1/25/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 2,320N/A    
1/25/2018Bryan, Garnier & CoLowers TargetThe Sage Group (SGE)BuyGBX 860 -> GBX 850N/A    
12/15/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)BuyN/A    
11/23/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetThe Sage Group (SGE)BuyGBX 830 -> GBX 860N/A    
11/10/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBurberry Group (BRBY)SellN/A    
10/20/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesUnilever (ULVR)Neutral GBX 4,350N/A    
9/25/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesRenault (RNSDF)BuyN/A    
9/25/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesDaimler (DDAIF)BuyLow    
9/24/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesSAGE GRP PLC/GDR (SGPYY)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
9/22/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesSAGE GRP PLC/GDR (SGPYY)Neutral -> BuyLow    
9/22/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesThe Sage Group (SGE)BuyGBX 720 -> GBX 830N/A    
9/19/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Neutral GBX 1,710N/A    
9/12/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Sell GBX 170N/A    
9/11/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesAstraZeneca (AZN)BuyGBX 4,700 -> GBX 5,380N/A    
9/11/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBurberry Group (BRBY)SellN/A    
9/5/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiterates888 Holdings Public (888)Buy GBX 330N/A    
8/29/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCompass Group (CPG)Neutral GBX 1,550N/A    
8/25/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesUnilever (ULVR)Neutral GBX 4,300N/A    
8/24/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)Sell GBX 3,520N/A    
8/23/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetDiageo (DGE)NeutralGBX 2,210 -> GBX 2,320N/A    
7/26/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)BuyGBX 1,750 -> GBX 1,790N/A    
7/20/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Buy GBX 1,750N/A    
6/20/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Sell GBX 170N/A    
6/14/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Sell GBX 170N/A    
5/31/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Buy GBX 1,750N/A    
4/20/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBurberry Group (BRBY)SellN/A    
4/13/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBurberry Group (BRBY)Sell GBX 1,350N/A    
4/13/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Sell GBX 170N/A    
3/23/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Sell GBX 170N/A    
3/17/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 2,210N/A    
3/6/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetThe Sage Group (SGE)NeutralGBX 640 -> GBX 660N/A    
2/28/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,400N/A    
2/21/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)Sell GBX 2,950N/A    
2/3/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCompass Group (CPG)Neutral GBX 1,475N/A    
2/1/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 640N/A    
1/30/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Sell GBX 170N/A    
1/27/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesUnilever (ULVR)Neutral GBX 3,570N/A    
1/26/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 2,150N/A    
1/26/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 650N/A    
1/18/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBurberry Group (BRBY)Sell GBX 1,350N/A    
1/16/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 2,150N/A    
1/13/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesMerck & Co., Inc. (MRK)BuyN/A    
1/10/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBurberry Group (BRBY)Sell GBX 1,350N/A    
1/9/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCompass Group (CPG)Neutral GBX 1,430N/A    
1/9/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,250N/A    
1/9/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Buy GBX 1,850N/A    
1/6/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesPennon Group (PNN)Sell GBX 830N/A    
1/4/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesBurberry Group (BRBY)Sell GBX 1,350N/A    
1/4/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 2,150N/A    
1/4/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesUnilever (ULVR)Neutral GBX 3,990N/A    
1/4/2017Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Sell GBX 170N/A    
12/12/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,100N/A    
11/30/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Sell GBX 690N/A    
11/25/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCOMPASS GRP PLC/S (CMPGY)NeutralN/A    
11/23/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)NeutralN/A    
11/22/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,100N/A    
11/22/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCompass Group (CPG)Neutral GBX 1,450N/A    
10/26/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,220N/A    
10/25/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetBurberry Group (BRBY)NeutralGBX 1,260 -> GBX 1,350N/A    
10/19/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetBurberry Group (BRBY)NeutralGBX 1,200 -> GBX 1,250N/A    
10/17/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,220N/A    
10/17/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)BuyN/A    
10/12/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetThe Sage Group (SGE)SellGBX 600 -> GBX 690N/A    
10/5/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Sell GBX 166N/A    
10/4/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoLowers TargetAstraZeneca (AZN)BuyGBX 5,400 -> GBX 5,220N/A    
9/30/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Sell GBX 600N/A    
9/27/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)SellGBX 2,650 -> GBX 2,950N/A    
7/28/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)BuyN/A    
7/28/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)BuyN/A    
7/8/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesMolson Coors Brewing (TAP)BuyN/A    
5/5/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Sell GBX 550N/A    
4/4/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)Neutral GBX 166N/A    
4/4/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCompass Group (CPG)Neutral GBX 1,200N/A    
3/10/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,520N/A    
2/11/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesPennon Group (PNN)Sell GBX 825N/A    
2/4/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesPennon Group (PNN)Neutral GBX 800N/A    
1/28/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 570N/A    
1/27/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
1/27/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Buy GBX 1,635N/A    
1/21/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesASML (ASML)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
1/14/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesTesco (TSCO)Neutral GBX 166N/A    
1/8/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesPennon Group (PNN)Neutral GBX 800N/A    
1/7/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)Neutral GBX 2,650N/A    
1/5/2016Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetCompass Group (CPG)NeutralGBX 1,150 -> GBX 1,200N/A    
12/18/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 540N/A    
12/17/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetGALAPAGOS NV/S (GLPG)Buy$52.00 -> $64.00N/A    
12/3/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 1,870N/A    
12/1/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCO)NeutralN/A    
11/27/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesPennon Group (PNN)Neutral GBX 800N/A    
11/27/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 540N/A    
11/25/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesTesco (TSCDY)NeutralN/A    
11/25/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesTesco (TSCO)NeutralN/A    
11/24/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCompass Group (CPG)Neutral GBX 1,150N/A    
11/17/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesMolson Coors Brewing (TAP)Buy $101.00N/A    
11/13/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 540N/A    
11/12/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetAstraZeneca (AZN)BuyGBX 5,100 -> GBX 5,150N/A    
11/9/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesSanofi (SNY)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
10/26/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesPennon Group (PNN)Neutral GBX 800N/A    
10/23/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,100N/A    
10/15/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesUBISOFT ENTMT S/ADR (UBSFY)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
10/12/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,400N/A    
10/6/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 520N/A    
10/5/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)NeutralN/A    
10/1/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 1,870N/A    
9/23/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoLowers TargetDiageo (DGE)NeutralGBX 1,920 -> GBX 1,870N/A    
9/18/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesAstraZeneca (AZN)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
9/10/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Neutral GBX 4,830N/A    
9/9/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoLowers TargetGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)NeutralGBX 1,480 -> GBX 1,470N/A    
8/25/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesPennon Group (PNN)Neutral GBX 835N/A    
8/21/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Neutral GBX 1,480N/A    
8/21/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Neutral GBX 4,830N/A    
7/29/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 1,920N/A    
7/21/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 520N/A    
7/17/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesVINCI S A/ADR (VCISY)BuyN/A    
7/8/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesDanone (DANOY)BuyN/A    
7/2/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 1,920N/A    
6/30/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesDassault Systemes (DASTY)Neutral -> SellN/A    
6/22/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesNovartis (NVS)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
6/11/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesInfineon Technologies (IFNNY)BuyN/A    
6/11/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesDialog Semiconductor (DLGNF)BuyN/A    
6/2/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Neutral GBX 1,580N/A    
5/21/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)Neutral GBX 2,650N/A    
5/13/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesUBISOFT ENTMT S/ADR (UBSFY)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
5/6/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesDiageo (DGE)Neutral GBX 1,950N/A    
5/5/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesHeineken (HEINY)BuyN/A    
5/5/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesCARLSBERG AS/S (CABGY)NeutralN/A    
5/5/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesAnheuser Busch Inbev (BUD)NeutralN/A    
4/28/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesGemalto (GTOFF)NeutralN/A    
4/15/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesAEGON (AEG)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
4/14/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesRANDSTAD HLDG N/ADR (RANJY)Sell -> BuyN/A    
4/10/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Neutral GBX 4,740N/A    
4/1/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetDiageo (DGE)NeutralGBX 1,880 -> GBX 2,000N/A    
3/30/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoRaises TargetCompass Group (CPG)NeutralGBX 1,070 -> GBX 1,220N/A    
3/26/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesNovo Nordisk A/S (NVO)NeutralN/A    
3/24/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesSalvatore Ferragamo Italia (SFRGF)NeutralN/A    
3/23/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesRemy Cointreau (REMYF)BuyN/A    
2/18/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesKERING S A/ADR (PPRUY)NeutralN/A    
2/4/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesIngenico Group (INGIF)BuyN/A    
2/4/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMUY)BuyN/A    
1/29/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 450N/A    
1/28/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesRoche Holdings AG Basel (RHHBY)BuyN/A    
1/20/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesSAP (SAP)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
1/13/2015Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 420N/A    
12/18/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesFresenius Medical Care AG & Co. (FMS)NeutralN/A    
12/4/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesDiageo (DEO)NeutralN/A    
12/4/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 425N/A    
11/4/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesHUGO BOSS AG/S (BOSSY)BuyN/A    
9/30/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesVeolia Environnement (VEOEY)BuyN/A    
9/30/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 405N/A    
9/12/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesCRH (CRH)Sell -> BuyN/A    
8/29/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesPERNOD RICARD S/ADR (PDRDY)Neutral -> Buy $23.29N/A    
8/29/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesSalvatore Ferragamo Italia (SFRGF)Neutral -> Buy $27.00N/A    
7/24/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 395N/A    
7/17/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesEngie (ENGIY)BuyN/A    
7/17/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesSoftware (STWRY)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
5/28/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesPERNOD RICARD S/ADR (PDRDY)NeutralN/A    
4/17/2014Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesThe Sage Group (SGE)Neutral GBX 410N/A    
12/20/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
7/11/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesL'Oreal (OR)Buy €150.00N/A    
7/9/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesVeolia Environnement (VIE)Buy €15.00N/A    
6/25/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesSanofi (SAN)Buy €91.00N/A    
6/17/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesSanofi (SAN)Buy €91.00N/A    
6/12/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAXA (AXAHY)Buy €18.50N/A    
5/28/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCapgemini (CAP)Buy €49.00N/A    
5/24/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesMuenchener Rueckvrschrng Gslchft AG Mnch (MUV2)Sell €155.00N/A    
5/24/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAllianz (ALV)Buy €140.00N/A    
5/24/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAXA (AXAHY)Buy €18.50N/A    
5/16/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesSanofi (SAN)Buy €92.00N/A    
5/8/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesSAP (SAP)Buy €70.00N/A    
4/30/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBayer (BAYN)Neutral €82.00N/A    
4/18/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCompagnie de Saint Gobain (COD)Neutral €32.00N/A    
4/17/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBayer (BAYN)Buy €75.00N/A    
4/16/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesMerck KGaA (MRK)Neutral €100.00N/A    
3/6/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesVeolia Environnement (VIE)Buy €12.83N/A    
3/1/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAccor (AC)Buy €31.58N/A    
2/26/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBayer (BAYN)Buy €74.03N/A    
2/20/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesVeolia Environnement (VIE)Buy €13.17N/A    
2/15/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesElectricite de France (EDF)Sell €12.16N/A    
2/15/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesFresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (FME)Buy €66.37N/A    
1/31/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoInitiatesElectricite de France (EDF)Sell €12.32N/A    
1/29/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (MC)Buy €164.32N/A    
1/25/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAllianz (ALV)Buy €119.57N/A    
1/25/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAXA (CS)Buy €16.72N/A    
1/23/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCapgemini (CAP)Buy €45.60N/A    
1/16/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBeiersdorf (BEI)Sell €63.84N/A    
1/16/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesL'Oreal (OR)Buy €113.49N/A    
1/16/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (MC)Buy €162.13N/A    
1/16/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesadidas (ADS)Buy €83.09N/A    
1/10/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesVinci (DG)Buy €43.43N/A    
1/9/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCapgemini (CAP)Buy €44.00N/A    
1/4/2013Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (MC)Buy €155.00N/A    
12/31/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesadidas (ADS)Buy €67.00N/A    
12/31/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesKering (KER)Neutral €145.00N/A    
12/21/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesadidas (ADS)Buy €67.89N/A    
12/21/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesKering (KER)Neutral €146.93N/A    
12/19/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesMerck KGaA (MRK)Neutral €96.00N/A    
12/19/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (MC)Buy €155.00N/A    
12/19/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesAXA (CS)Buy €15.50N/A    
12/13/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBayer (BAYN)Buy €74.03N/A    
12/10/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesEngie (ENGI)Neutral €9.74N/A    
12/6/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesFresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (FME)Buy €63.17N/A    
11/21/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoUpgradesVeolia Environnement (VIE)Buy €12.57N/A    
11/9/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCapgemini (CAP)Buy €40.92N/A    
11/2/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesL'Oreal (OR)Buy €102.65N/A    
11/2/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (MC)Neutral €138.18N/A    
10/31/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesVeolia Environnement (VIE)Buy €12.73N/A    
10/24/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesadidas (ADS)Buy €66.13N/A    
10/23/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesVeolia Environnement (VIE)Buy €12.73N/A    
10/19/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesFresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (FME)Buy €64.00N/A    
10/19/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBayer (BAYN)Buy €75.00N/A    
10/12/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoDowngradesMerck KGaA (MRK)Neutral €91.79N/A    
10/12/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesCapgemini (CAP)Buy €38.49N/A    
10/10/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (MC)Neutral €136.41N/A    
10/10/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesSanofi (SAN)Buy €77.95N/A    
10/5/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesSAP (SAP)Buy €61.19N/A    
10/3/2012Bryan, Garnier & CoReiteratesBayer (BAYN)Buy €74.03N/A    

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