S&P 500   3,147.58 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,984.17 (+1.11%)
QQQ   204.76 (+1.15%)
AAPL   269.47 (+1.46%)
FB   200.44 (+0.54%)
MSFT   151.24 (+0.87%)
GOOGL   1,339.24 (+1.54%)
AMZN   1,748.20 (-0.71%)
CGC   18.52 (-0.43%)
NVDA   212.63 (+1.53%)
BABA   200.42 (+0.21%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   336.80 (+1.13%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.00%)
PRI   136.14 (+1.37%)
BAC   33.73 (+1.90%)
GILD   67.15 (+0.60%)
S&P 500   3,147.58 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,984.17 (+1.11%)
QQQ   204.76 (+1.15%)
AAPL   269.47 (+1.46%)
FB   200.44 (+0.54%)
MSFT   151.24 (+0.87%)
GOOGL   1,339.24 (+1.54%)
AMZN   1,748.20 (-0.71%)
CGC   18.52 (-0.43%)
NVDA   212.63 (+1.53%)
BABA   200.42 (+0.21%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   336.80 (+1.13%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.00%)
PRI   136.14 (+1.37%)
BAC   33.73 (+1.90%)
GILD   67.15 (+0.60%)
S&P 500   3,147.58 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,984.17 (+1.11%)
QQQ   204.76 (+1.15%)
AAPL   269.47 (+1.46%)
FB   200.44 (+0.54%)
MSFT   151.24 (+0.87%)
GOOGL   1,339.24 (+1.54%)
AMZN   1,748.20 (-0.71%)
CGC   18.52 (-0.43%)
NVDA   212.63 (+1.53%)
BABA   200.42 (+0.21%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   336.80 (+1.13%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.00%)
PRI   136.14 (+1.37%)
BAC   33.73 (+1.90%)
GILD   67.15 (+0.60%)
S&P 500   3,147.58 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,984.17 (+1.11%)
QQQ   204.76 (+1.15%)
AAPL   269.47 (+1.46%)
FB   200.44 (+0.54%)
MSFT   151.24 (+0.87%)
GOOGL   1,339.24 (+1.54%)
AMZN   1,748.20 (-0.71%)
CGC   18.52 (-0.43%)
NVDA   212.63 (+1.53%)
BABA   200.42 (+0.21%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   336.80 (+1.13%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.00%)
PRI   136.14 (+1.37%)
BAC   33.73 (+1.90%)
GILD   67.15 (+0.60%)
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DA Davidson Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at DA Davidson. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by DA Davidson.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/6/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetPagerduty (PD)Neutral $24.00High    
12/6/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetYext (YEXT)Buy$24.00 -> $16.50High    
12/5/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetSynopsys (SNPS)Buy $175.00Medium    
12/5/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetSmartsheet (SMAR)Neutral $44.00Low    
12/5/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetInstructure (INST)Buy$55.00 -> $47.60Low    
12/5/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesAxcelis Technologies (ACLS)Buy $30.00High    
12/4/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesZscaler (ZS)Buy -> Outperform $58.00Low    
12/3/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesHeartland Banccorp (HLAN)Buy -> Positive $110.00Low    
11/27/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetBurlington Stores (BURL)Buy$235.00 -> $260.00Low    
11/27/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesZscaler (ZS)BuyLow    
11/27/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesTufin Software Technologies (TUFN)BuyHigh    
11/27/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesSplunk (SPLK)BuyLow    
11/27/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesCrowdstrike (CRWD)NeutralLow    
11/27/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetPVH (PVH)Positive -> Buy$105.00 -> $115.00Medium    
11/26/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetJacobs Engineering Group (JEC)Buy$95.00 -> $110.00Low    
11/26/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetPalo Alto Networks (PANW)Neutral $245.00Low    
11/25/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesSB One Bancorp (SBBX)Buy $27.00Medium    
11/25/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesPeapack-Gladstone Financial (PGC)Neutral $33.00Low    
11/25/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetRoss Stores (ROST)Neutral $113.00Low    
11/25/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetWillScot (WSC)Buy $23.00Low    
11/25/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesColumbia Sportswear (COLM)Buy -> Neutral$129.00 -> $96.00Medium    
11/22/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetBoot Barn (BOOT)Buy$43.00 -> $46.00Low    
11/22/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetL Brands (LB)Neutral -> In-Line$20.00 -> $18.00High    
11/21/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesLancaster Colony (LANC)Neutral $160.00Low    
11/21/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetInter Parfums (IPAR)Neutral$82.00 -> $76.00Low    
11/21/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetPegasystems (PEGA)Buy $95.00Low    
11/21/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesKulicke and Soffa Industries (KLIC)Neutral -> Buy $30.00Low    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesWintrust Financial (WTFC)BuyLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesTCF Financial (TCF)BuyLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiterates1st Source (SRCE)NeutralLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesPeoples Bancorp (PEBO)NeutralLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesOld Second Bancorp (OSBC)NeutralMedium    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesMidland States Bancorp (MSBI)BuyLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesKeyCorp (KEY)BuyLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesCounty Bancorp (ICBK)BuyLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesIndependent Bank Co.(MI) (IBCP)BuyMedium    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesHuntington Bancshares (HBAN)NeutralLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesFirst Mid-Illinois Bancshares (FMBH)BuyLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesFirst Business Financial Services (FBIZ)NeutralLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesCivista Bancshares (CIVB)BuyLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesFirst Busey (BUSE)BuyLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesBankFinancial (BFIN)NeutralHigh    
11/19/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesUnited Bankshares (UBSI)Hold $44.65Medium    
11/20/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesTJX Companies (TJX)Buy -> Positive$65.00 -> $70.00Medium    
11/19/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetZillow Group (ZG)Neutral $41.00High    
11/19/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetITT (ITT)Buy -> Positive$75.00 -> $80.00Medium    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesPalo Alto Networks (PANW)NeutralLow    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesTufin Software Technologies (TUFN)BuyHigh    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesCrowdstrike (CRWD)Neutral $11.20Low    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesSplunk (SPLK)Buy$150.00 -> $160.00Low    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesZscaler (ZS)BuyHigh    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesOkta (OKTA)Neutral -> Buy$131.00 -> $135.00High    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesCarolina Financial (CARO)Buy -> Hold $44.65Medium    
11/18/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetLimbach (LMB)Buy -> Average $5.00High    
11/15/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetApplied Materials (AMAT)Neutral -> Positive $55.00High    
11/14/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesPaySign (PAYS)Buy $16.00High    
11/14/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetMACOM Technology Solutions (MTSI) $24.00Low    
11/14/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetII-VI (IIVI)Buy $40.00High    
11/14/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetCanada Goose (GOOS)Neutral$42.00 -> $38.00Low    
11/14/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesXCel Brands (XELB)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
11/14/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesSally Beauty (SBH)Neutral -> Underperform$12.50 -> $15.00Low    
11/13/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetOverstock.com (OSTK)Buy$48.00 -> $25.00Low    
11/13/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetEstee Lauder Companies (EL)Neutral$184.00 -> $201.00Low    
11/13/2019DA DavidsonRaises Target2U (TWOU)Neutral$17.00 -> $26.00High    
11/13/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetAdvanced Energy Industries (AEIS)Buy$68.00 -> $80.00High    
11/12/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetInphi (IPHI)Buy$70.00 -> $84.00Medium    
11/12/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetFlowers Foods (FLO)Neutral$23.00 -> $21.00Low    
11/12/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetJoint (JYNT)Buy$23.00 -> $32.00High    
11/12/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesHeritage Financial (HFWA)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
11/11/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetUS Concrete (USCR)Buy $56.00Medium    
11/8/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetTurtle Beach (HEAR)In-Line -> Buy $20.00N/A    
11/8/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetTripadvisor (TRIP)Buy $44.00N/A    
11/8/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesBoise Cascade (BCC)Buy -> Neutral $40.00High    
11/8/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesMedifast (MED)Buy -> Neutral$250.00 -> $74.00High    
11/7/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesCanada Goose (GOOS)Buy -> NeutralC$48.00 -> C$42.00N/A    
11/7/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesExpedia Group (EXPE)Buy -> Neutral$162.00 -> $130.00High    
11/7/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesInter Parfums (IPAR)Buy -> Neutral$78.00 -> $82.00Low    
11/7/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesTecnoglass (TGLS)Buy -> NeutralLow    
11/7/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesZions Bancorporation NA (ZION)Buy -> NeutralLow    
11/7/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesCanada Goose (GOOS)Buy -> Neutral$48.00 -> $42.00Medium    
11/6/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesWeight Watchers International (WW)Buy -> Neutral$44.00 -> $33.00High    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesXCel Brands (XELB)BuyMedium    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesWolverine World Wide (WWW)BuyLow    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesOxford Industries (OXM)NeutralLow    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesJoint (JYNT)BuyLow    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesJerash Holdings (US) (JRSH)BuyHigh    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesColumbia Sportswear (COLM)BuyLow    
11/5/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetUber Technologies (UBER)Neutral$44.00 -> $35.00High    
11/5/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetCohu (COHU)Buy -> Buy$19.00 -> $25.00Medium    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetEagle Materials (EXP)Neutral $94.00Medium    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesSmartFinancial (SMBK)Neutral -> Buy $25.00Low    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetMasTec (MTZ)Buy$70.00 -> $80.00High    
11/4/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesFitbit (FIT)Buy -> Neutral$5.75 -> $7.35Low    
11/1/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetNeoPhotonics (NPTN)Hold $7.00N/A    
11/1/2019DA DavidsonDroppedFunko (FNKO)Buy$32.00 -> $35.00High    
11/1/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetAlteryx (AYX)Neutral$123.00 -> $95.00High    
11/1/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetCardtronics (CATM)Buy $46.00High    
11/1/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetTyler Technologies (TYL)Neutral$216.00 -> $238.00Low    
11/1/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesPinterest (PINS)Neutral -> Buy$28.00 -> $28.00High    
11/1/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesRayonier (RYN)Neutral -> Buy $33.00High    
10/31/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetTwilio (TWLO)Buy $125.00Medium    
10/31/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetSummit Materials (SUM)Buy $28.00High    
10/31/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetApple (AAPL)Buy -> Buy$270.00 -> $300.00Low    
10/30/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetMartin Marietta Materials (MLM)Buy $310.00Medium    
10/30/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetEmcor Group (EME)Buy -> Positive $107.00Medium    
10/30/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetIPG Photonics (IPGP)Buy $150.00High    
10/30/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesGrubHub (GRUB)Buy -> Neutral$100.00 -> $37.00High    
10/29/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetSimpson Manufacturing (SSD)Neutral $74.00Medium    
10/29/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesTrex (TREX)Buy -> Positive $102.00High    
10/29/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetAkamai Technologies (AKAM)Buy$100.00 -> $105.00High    
10/29/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetBeyond Meat (BYND)Underperform$130.00 -> $84.00High    
10/28/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetComfort Systems USA (FIX)Buy $60.00Low    
10/28/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetWeight Watchers International (WW)Buy $44.00Low    
10/28/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesGranite Construction (GVA)Buy -> Neutral$45.00 -> $30.00High    
10/25/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetMKS Instruments (MKSI)Buy $125.00Low    
10/25/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetUniversal Forest Products (UFPI)Buy $55.00Low    
10/25/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetTeradyne (TER)Neutral $60.00Low    
10/24/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetLam Research (LRCX)Neutral $250.00High    
10/24/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesEuronet Worldwide (EEFT)Neutral -> Buy$170.00 -> $168.00Medium    
10/24/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesIchor (ICHR)Neutral -> Buy$25.00 -> $34.00High    
10/22/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesBankUnited (BKU)Buy $39.00Medium    
10/22/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetNIC (EGOV)Neutral$21.00 -> $22.00Low    
10/22/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetDonnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN)Buy$25.00 -> $21.00Low    
10/22/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetCoty (COTY)Neutral$10.50 -> $13.00High    
10/18/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetBuilders FirstSource (BLDR)Neutral $21.00Low    
10/18/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesSS&C Technologies (SSNC)Neutral -> Buy $62.00Low    
10/15/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetWD-40 (WDFC)Buy $209.00Low    
10/15/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetRedfin (RDFN)Hold $17.50Low    
10/15/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetLogitech International (LOGI)Buy $58.00Low    
10/17/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetDocusign (DOCU)Buy$63.00 -> $79.00Low    
10/17/2019DA DavidsonLowers Target2U (TWOU)Neutral$27.00 -> $17.00Low    
10/17/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetNicolet Bankshares (NCBS)Neutral$62.00 -> $67.00Low    
10/17/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetComerica (CMA)Neutral$75.00 -> $73.00Low    
10/15/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesLifetime Brands (LCUT)Neutral $9.00Low    
10/11/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetNu Skin Enterprises (NUS)Hold $42.00Low    
10/14/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesBellRing Brands (BRBR)BuyN/A    
10/9/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesAlerus Finl Cp (ALRS)NeutralLow    
10/11/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesVista Outdoor (VSTO)Neutral $6.50High    
10/9/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesFirst Bancshares (FBMS)Buy $36.00Medium    
10/9/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesFB Financial (FBK)Neutral $40.00Low    
10/9/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesServisFirst Bancshares (SFBS)Neutral $35.00Low    
10/9/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesCarolina Financial (CARO)Buy $40.00Medium    
10/9/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesCenterstate Bank (CSFL)Neutral$25.00 -> $25.00Low    
10/9/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetSterling Construction (STRL)Buy$18.00 -> $25.00High    
10/9/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetSlack (WORK)Positive -> Neutral $26.00High    
10/8/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesALERUS FINL COR/SH (ALRS)NeutralLow    
10/7/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetValmont Industries (VMI) $155.00Medium    
10/7/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetHelen of Troy (HELE)Buy$172.00 -> $184.00Medium    
10/3/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesBankUnited (BKU)BuyLow    
10/3/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesAmerican Finance Trust (AFIN)NeutralLow    
10/4/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetBOX (BOX)Positive -> Buy $21.00Low    
10/3/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesBridge Bancorp (BDGE)Neutral $33.00Low    
10/2/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetSmartsheet (SMAR)Neutral $38.00Medium    
10/2/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesCarter's (CRI)Neutral -> Buy$91.00 -> $110.00Low    
10/1/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesEnvestnet (ENV)Neutral -> Buy $67.00Medium    
9/27/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetGuidewire Software (GWRE)Buy $125.00Low    
9/27/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetFactSet Research Systems (FDS)Neutral $240.00Low    
9/27/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesBrinker International (EAT)BuyLow    
9/26/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesBridge Bancorp (BDGE)Neutral $33.00Low    
9/26/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesBankUnited (BKU)Buy $39.00Low    
9/23/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetSportsman's Warehouse (SPWH)Buy $6.00Low    
9/23/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetFunko (FNKO)Buy $32.00Low    
9/23/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetMedifast (MED)Buy $250.00Medium    
9/24/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetFitbit (FIT)Buy $5.80Low    
9/24/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetOverstock.com (OSTK)Buy $48.00High    
9/26/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetBottomline Technologies (EPAY)Neutral $42.00Medium    
9/26/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesGlobal Net Lease (GNL)Neutral $22.00Low    
9/26/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesAmerican Finance Trust (AFIN)Neutral $15.00Low    
9/26/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesAdvanced Energy Industries (AEIS)Neutral -> BuyMedium    
9/25/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetCloudera (CLDR)Buy $11.00Medium    
9/24/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesRumbleON (RMBL)Buy $4.00High    
9/24/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesGlu Mobile (GLUU)Buy $8.00Low    
9/24/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetNCR (NCR)Buy$40.00 -> $41.00Medium    
9/23/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetCognex (CGNX)Neutral$40.00 -> $45.00Low    
9/18/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetFactSet Research Systems (FDS)Hold $252.00Low    
9/16/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesInstructure (INST)BuyLow    
9/17/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesAmerican Eagle Outfitters (AEO)Buy $21.00Low    
9/17/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesAbercrombie & Fitch (ANF)Neutral$18.00 -> $18.00Low    
9/17/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesNIC (EGOV)Buy -> Neutral $21.00Medium    
9/13/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetTurtle Beach (HEAR)Buy $26.00N/A    
9/13/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetMedifast (MED)Buy $250.00Low    
9/13/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetChildrens Place (PLCE)Buy $135.00High    
9/11/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesSalisbury Bancorp (SAL)NeutralLow    
9/11/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesPeople's United Financial (PBCT)BuyLow    
9/11/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesModine Manufacturing (MOD)NeutralLow    
9/11/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesLakeland Bancorp (LBAI)BuyLow    
9/13/2019DA DavidsonDowngradesHuntington Bancshares (HBAN)Buy -> Neutral $16.00Medium    
9/11/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesChemung Financial (CHMG)NeutralHigh    
9/12/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesPeloton (PTON)NeutralLow    
9/9/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetOverstock.com (OSTK)Buy $38.00High    
9/9/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetSonos (SONO)Buy $20.00Low    
9/9/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetGroupon (GRPN)Buy $5.00Low    
9/6/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetZumiez (ZUMZ)Neutral $28.00Low    
9/3/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetSally Beauty (SBH)Hold $13.00Low    
9/6/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesLululemon Athletica (LULU)Neutral $185.00High    
9/6/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetNu Skin Enterprises (NUS)Neutral $42.00Low    
9/6/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetDocusign (DOCU)Buy $63.00High    
9/5/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesBeyond Meat (BYND)Underperform $130.00Low    
9/5/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetFirst Midwest Bancorp (FMBI)Neutral$23.00 -> $22.00High    
9/5/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetWeight Watchers International (WW)Buy$32.00 -> $37.00Low    
9/4/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetSally Beauty (SBH)Neutral $12.50High    
9/4/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetRoku (ROKU)Buy$135.00 -> $185.00High    
8/29/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetNew Relic (NEWR)Buy $95.00Low    
8/30/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetCoty (COTY)Neutral$10.00 -> $10.50Low    
8/30/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetBurlington Stores (BURL)Buy$193.00 -> $235.00Low    
8/30/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesModine Manufacturing (MOD)Neutral $11.50Low    
8/29/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetOkta (OKTA)Neutral$114.00 -> $131.00High    
8/29/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetBOX (BOX)Buy$19.00 -> $17.00Medium    
8/29/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetSportsman's Warehouse (SPWH)Buy $6.00High    
8/29/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetTrex (TREX)Buy -> Buy $96.00Medium    
8/28/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesExponent (EXPO)NeutralLow    
8/26/2019DA DavidsonSet Price Target1-800-Flowers.Com (FLWS)Buy $25.00Low    
8/28/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetVeeva Systems (VEEV)Buy$165.00 -> $200.00High    
8/26/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetRoss Stores (ROST)Neutral $105.00Medium    
8/26/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesChemung Financial (CHMG)Neutral $42.00Medium    
8/26/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesSalisbury Bancorp (SAL)Neutral $40.00Low    
8/26/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesLakeland Bancorp (LBAI)Buy $17.00High    
8/26/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesPeople's United Financial (PBCT)Buy $16.00Medium    
8/23/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesHasbro (HAS)BuyLow    
8/23/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetGroupon (GRPN)Buy $5.00N/A    
8/23/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetL Brands (LB)Hold $20.00High    
8/23/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesLandec (LNDC)BuyLow    
8/20/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetChildrens Place (PLCE)Buy $135.00Medium    
8/21/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetFitbit (FIT)Buy $6.00N/A    
8/21/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetOverstock.com (OSTK)Buy $48.00N/A    
8/21/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetTJX Companies (TJX)Buy $65.00N/A    
8/22/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetSimply Good Foods (SMPL)Buy $33.00High    
8/22/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetSynopsys (SNPS)Buy -> Positive $155.00High    
8/22/2019DA DavidsonSet Price Targete.l.f. Beauty (ELF)Buy$20.00 -> $21.00Medium    
8/21/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetNordson (NDSN)Neutral$130.00 -> $125.00High    
8/21/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetEstee Lauder Companies (EL)Neutral$6.00 -> $184.00Low    
8/20/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesSynovus Financial (SNV)Buy $41.00Low    
8/20/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesBancorpsouth Bank (BXS)Neutral $30.50Low    
8/20/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesUnited Community Banks (UCBI)NeutralLow    
8/20/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesRenasant (RNST)Neutral $37.00Low    
8/20/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesFirst Community (FCCO)Neutral $20.50Medium    
8/16/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetGrubHub (GRUB)Buy $100.00Low    
8/16/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetLogitech International (LOGI)Buy $58.00Low    
8/16/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetTurtle Beach (HEAR)Buy $26.00N/A    
8/19/2019DA DavidsonLowers TargetLimbach (LMB)Positive -> Buy $9.00High    
8/19/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetHelen of Troy (HELE)Buy$167.00 -> $172.00High    
8/16/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetAlexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE)Buy $166.00Low    
8/16/2019DA DavidsonUpgradesHomeStreet (HMST)Underperform -> Neutral $27.00High    
8/16/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesPagerduty (PD)Neutral -> Neutral $36.00Medium    
8/15/2019DA DavidsonInitiatesDocusign (DOCU)Buy -> Buy $52.00Low    
8/15/2019DA DavidsonRaises TargetCanada Goose (GOOS)Positive -> Buy$42.00 -> $48.00High    
8/15/2019DA DavidsonReiteratesClarus (CLAR)Buy -> NeutralLow    
8/9/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetQurate Retail Inc Series A (QRTEA)Buy $16.00Low    
8/9/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetOverstock.com (OSTK)Buy $48.00High    
8/9/2019DA DavidsonSet Price TargetBottomline Technologies (EPAY)Hold $39.00Medium    

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