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Land Securities Group (LAND) Dividend Yield, Date & History

GBX 638
-8.00 (-1.24%)
(As of 07/19/2024 ET)

Dividend Summary

Dividend Yield
Annual Dividend
GBX 40
Dividend Payout Ratio
Dividend Payment
Jul. 26
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Land Securities Group vs. The Competition

TypeLand Securities GroupReal Estate CompaniesLON Companies
Annual DividendGBX 40GBX 34.56GBX 24.38
Dividend Yield6.27%696.57%1,011.16%

Land Securities Group Dividend Payout Ratio

TypePayout Ratio
Based on Trailing 12 Months of Earnings-9,302.33%
Based on This Year's Estimates77.10%
Based on Cashflow614.62%

Land Securities Group Dividend History by Quarter

AnnouncedPeriodAmountYieldEx-Dividend DateRecord DatePayable Date
7/12/2024GBX 9.201.42%8/22/20248/22/202410/4/2024
5/17/2024GBX 12.101.75%6/13/20246/13/20247/26/2024
2/1/2024GBX 9.301.42%2/22/20242/22/20244/12/2024
11/14/2023GBX 9.201.52%11/23/202311/23/20231/2/2024
7/7/2023GBX 91.57%8/24/20238/24/202310/6/2023
5/16/2023GBX 121.94%6/15/20236/15/20237/21/2023
2/2/2023GBX 91.21%2/23/20232/23/20234/6/2023
11/15/2022GBX 91.44%11/24/202211/24/20221/3/2023
7/8/2022GBX 8.601.26%8/25/20228/25/202210/7/2022
5/17/2022GBX 131.75%6/16/20226/16/20227/22/2022
2/3/2022GBX 8.501.06%3/10/20223/10/20224/7/2022
11/16/2021GBX 8.501.2%11/25/202111/25/20211/4/2022
7/9/2021GBX 71.02%8/26/20218/26/202110/8/2021
5/18/2021GBX 91.26%6/17/20216/17/20217/23/2021
2/1/2021GBX 60.97%2/25/20212/25/20213/30/2021
11/10/2020GBX 121.78%11/26/202011/26/20201/4/2021
2/5/2020GBX 11.601.21%3/12/20203/12/20204/9/2020
11/12/2019GBX 11.601.3%11/28/201911/28/20191/3/2020
5/14/2019GBX 11.601.32%9/5/20199/5/201910/4/2019
5/14/2019GBX 11.651.32%6/20/20196/20/20197/25/2019
2/12/2019GBX 11.301.27%3/14/20193/14/20194/12/2019
11/13/2018GBX 11.301.33%11/29/201811/29/20181/4/2019
5/15/2018GBX 11.301.19%9/6/20189/6/201810/5/2018
5/15/2018GBX 14.651.54%6/21/20186/21/20187/27/2018
2/21/2018GBX 9.851.04%3/8/20183/8/20184/6/2018
11/14/2017GBX 9.851.07%11/30/201711/30/20171/5/2018
5/18/2017GBX 9.850.9%9/7/20179/7/201710/6/2017
5/18/2017GBX 11.701.05%6/22/20176/22/20177/27/2017
2/8/2017GBX 8.950.87%3/9/20173/9/20174/7/2017
11/15/2016GBX 8.950.89%12/1/201612/1/20161/6/2017
5/17/2016GBX 8.950.81%9/8/20169/8/201610/7/2016
5/17/2016GBX 10.550.91%6/23/20166/23/20167/28/2016
1/21/2016GBX 8.150.76%3/10/20163/10/20164/8/2016
11/10/2015GBX 8.150.66%12/3/201512/3/20151/7/2016
7/22/2015GBX 8.150.63%9/10/20159/10/201510/9/2015
5/19/2015GBX 8.150.6%6/18/20156/18/20157/24/2015
1/21/2015GBX 7.900.63%3/12/20153/12/20154/10/2015
11/11/2014GBX 7.900.69%12/4/201412/4/20141/8/2015
7/17/2014GBX 7.900.77%9/10/20149/10/201410/10/2014
5/15/2014GBX 7.900.73%6/18/20146/18/20147/22/2014
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1/22/2014GBX 7.600.73%3/12/20143/12/20144/11/2014
11/12/2013GBX 7.600.78%12/4/201312/4/20131/9/2014
(Data available from 1/1/2013 forward)

Land Securities Group Dividend - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Land Securities Group's dividend yield?

The current dividend yield for Land Securities Group is 6.27%. Learn more on LAND's dividend yield history.

How much is Land Securities Group's annual dividend?

The annual dividend for LAND shares is GBX 40. Learn more on LAND's annual dividend history.

When is Land Securities Group's next dividend payment?

Land Securities Group's next dividend payment of GBX 9.20 per share will be made to shareholders on Friday, October 4, 2024.

When is Land Securities Group's next dividend payment?

Land Securities Group's next dividend payment of GBX 9.20 per share will be made to shareholders on Friday, July 26, 2024.

When was Land Securities Group's most recent dividend payment?

Land Securities Group's most recent dividend payment of GBX 9.30 per share was made to shareholders on Friday, April 12, 2024.

When is Land Securities Group's ex-dividend date?

Land Securities Group's next ex-dividend date is Thursday, August 22, 2024.

When was Land Securities Group's most recent ex-dividend date?

Land Securities Group's most recent ex-dividend date was Thursday, June 13, 2024.

When did Land Securities Group last increase or decrease its dividend?

The most recent change in the company's dividend was a decrease of GBX 2.90 on Friday, July 12, 2024.

What is Land Securities Group's dividend payout ratio?
The dividend payout ratio for LAND is:
  • -9,302.33% based on the trailing year of earnings
  • 77.10% based on this year's estimates
  • 614.62% based on cash flow
Is Land Securities Group a good dividend stock?

Land Securities Group's dividend yield of 6.10% is lower than the average Real Estate company that issues a dividend. LAND has a dividend yield higher than 75% of all dividend-paying stocks 5.73, making it a leading dividend payer.

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