S&P 500   3,147.57 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,989.26 (+1.13%)
QQQ   204.72 (+1.13%)
AAPL   269.51 (+1.48%)
FB   200.42 (+0.53%)
MSFT   151.10 (+0.78%)
GOOGL   1,339.95 (+1.59%)
AMZN   1,748.61 (-0.69%)
CGC   18.54 (-0.32%)
NVDA   212.69 (+1.56%)
BABA   200.46 (+0.23%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   337.48 (+1.34%)
T   38.45 (+0.68%)
AMD   39.85 (+0.40%)
F   8.99 (+0.56%)
PRI   136.22 (+1.43%)
NFLX   303.52 (-0.26%)
BAC   33.75 (+1.96%)
GILD   67.12 (+0.55%)
DIS   147.89 (+0.31%)
S&P 500   3,147.57 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,989.26 (+1.13%)
QQQ   204.72 (+1.13%)
AAPL   269.51 (+1.48%)
FB   200.42 (+0.53%)
MSFT   151.10 (+0.78%)
GOOGL   1,339.95 (+1.59%)
AMZN   1,748.61 (-0.69%)
CGC   18.54 (-0.32%)
NVDA   212.69 (+1.56%)
BABA   200.46 (+0.23%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   337.48 (+1.34%)
T   38.45 (+0.68%)
AMD   39.85 (+0.40%)
F   8.99 (+0.56%)
PRI   136.22 (+1.43%)
NFLX   303.52 (-0.26%)
BAC   33.75 (+1.96%)
GILD   67.12 (+0.55%)
DIS   147.89 (+0.31%)
S&P 500   3,147.57 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,989.26 (+1.13%)
QQQ   204.72 (+1.13%)
AAPL   269.51 (+1.48%)
FB   200.42 (+0.53%)
MSFT   151.10 (+0.78%)
GOOGL   1,339.95 (+1.59%)
AMZN   1,748.61 (-0.69%)
CGC   18.54 (-0.32%)
NVDA   212.69 (+1.56%)
BABA   200.46 (+0.23%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   337.48 (+1.34%)
T   38.45 (+0.68%)
AMD   39.85 (+0.40%)
F   8.99 (+0.56%)
PRI   136.22 (+1.43%)
NFLX   303.52 (-0.26%)
BAC   33.75 (+1.96%)
GILD   67.12 (+0.55%)
DIS   147.89 (+0.31%)
S&P 500   3,147.57 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,989.26 (+1.13%)
QQQ   204.72 (+1.13%)
AAPL   269.51 (+1.48%)
FB   200.42 (+0.53%)
MSFT   151.10 (+0.78%)
GOOGL   1,339.95 (+1.59%)
AMZN   1,748.61 (-0.69%)
CGC   18.54 (-0.32%)
NVDA   212.69 (+1.56%)
BABA   200.46 (+0.23%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   337.48 (+1.34%)
T   38.45 (+0.68%)
AMD   39.85 (+0.40%)
F   8.99 (+0.56%)
PRI   136.22 (+1.43%)
NFLX   303.52 (-0.26%)
BAC   33.75 (+1.96%)
GILD   67.12 (+0.55%)
DIS   147.89 (+0.31%)
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BTIG Research Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at BTIG Research. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by BTIG Research.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/6/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesMagenta Therapeutics (MGTA)BuyMedium    
12/4/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesWaters (WAT)Buy -> NeutralLow    
12/4/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesAxsome Therapeutics (AXSM)Buy -> Positive $48.00Medium    
12/4/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesSTAAR Surgical (STAA)Buy $46.00High    
12/3/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesWingstop (WING)Neutral -> BuyLow    
12/2/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesGalera Therapeutics (GRTX)Buy $30.00High    
12/2/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesCentogene (CNTG)Buy $18.00High    
12/2/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesFortress Transprtn and Infr Investrs (FTAI)Buy $25.00Low    
11/27/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesAlector (ALEC)Buy $28.00N/A    
11/26/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesNextCure (NXTC)Buy $61.00Low    
11/25/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesFlexion Therapeutics (FLXN)Buy $27.00High    
11/25/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesEssex Property Trust (ESS)Buy -> NeutralLow    
11/21/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesPaypal (PYPL)Buy $130.00Low    
11/21/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesAlector (ALEC)Buy $28.00Low    
11/15/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetZosano Pharma (ZSAN)Buy -> In-Line $16.00High    
11/13/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetOportun Financial (OPRT)Buy $22.00High    
11/13/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetD. R. Horton (DHI)Buy$62.00 -> $67.00Medium    
11/13/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesCerus (CERS)Neutral -> Buy $7.00Medium    
11/12/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesStoke Therapeutics (STOK)Buy $46.00High    
11/11/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetGasLog (GLOG)Buy $16.00Low    
11/11/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesASLAN PHARMACEU/ADR (ASLN)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
11/11/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetLuminex (LMNX)Buy $32.00Low    
11/11/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesQ2 (QTWO)Neutral -> Buy $95.00Medium    
11/7/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesGlobus Medical (GMED)HoldLow    
11/7/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetPapa John's Int'l (PZZA)Buy -> Positive $67.00Medium    
11/6/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetNeuronetics (STIM)Buy -> Average $11.00High    
11/6/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesPacira Biosciences (PCRX)Buy$56.00 -> $56.00Medium    
11/5/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetFrontline (FRO)$12.00 -> $18.00High    
11/1/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetOneMain (OMF)Buy $49.00Medium    
11/1/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesDunkin Brands Group (DNKN)HoldLow    
11/1/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetThe Western Union (WU)Buy $28.00Medium    
11/1/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetParatek Pharmaceuticals (PRTK)Sell $36.00N/A    
10/31/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesInvitation Homes (INVH)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
10/30/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesGlaukos (GKOS)HoldLow    
10/29/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesGrubHub (GRUB)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
10/29/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetPapa John's Int'l (PZZA)Buy $62.00Medium    
10/28/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetSimon Property Group (SPG)Buy $218.00Medium    
10/24/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesCompanhia Siderurgica Nacional (SID)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
10/24/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetServiceNow (NOW)Buy $320.00Low    
10/21/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetChipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)Buy$845.00 -> $890.00Low    
10/21/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesKNOT Offshore Partners (KNOP)Buy $24.00Low    
10/21/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesOportun Financial (OPRT)Buy$19.00 -> $19.00Medium    
10/18/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetKilroy Realty (KRC)Buy $89.00Low    
10/18/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetHudson Pacific Properties (HPP)Buy $40.00Medium    
10/15/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetEidos Therapeutics (EIDX)Buy $56.00High    
10/14/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetLendingClub (LC)Outperform -> Buy$30.00 -> $23.00Low    
10/14/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesInsulet (PODD)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
10/14/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesVarian Medical Systems (VAR)Neutral -> Buy $130.00Medium    
10/9/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetDomino's Pizza (DPZ)Buy $325.00Low    
10/9/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetPaypal (PYPL)Buy $130.00Low    
10/11/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesInternational Seaways (INSW)Buy $30.00High    
10/8/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesCloudflare (NET)Buy $20.00Medium    
10/7/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesNordic American Tanker (NAT)Neutral -> Buy $4.00High    
10/7/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesSutro Biopharma (STRO)Buy $19.00High    
10/7/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesZimmer Biomet (ZBH)Neutral -> Buy $158.00Low    
10/3/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetLennar (LEN)Buy$70.00 -> $75.00Low    
10/2/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesLendingClub (LC)Buy $30.00High    
10/1/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesNew Fortress Energy (NFE)Buy $30.00Low    
9/26/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesKB Home (KBH)HoldLow    
9/23/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesD. R. Horton (DHI)BuyLow    
9/25/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetThe Western Union (WU)Buy $28.00Medium    
9/24/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetMcdonald's (MCD)Buy -> Buy$220.00 -> $240.00Low    
9/24/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesNeuBase Therapeutics (NBSE)Buy $15.00High    
9/23/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetLGI Homes (LGIH)Sell$62.00 -> $65.00Low    
9/23/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesGreen Brick Partners (GRBK)Neutral -> Buy $13.00High    
9/22/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesAmbac Financial Group (AMBC)Buy $26.00Low    
9/17/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesCellular Biomedicine Group (CBMG)Buy$19.00 -> $19.00Low    
9/16/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesZimmer Biomet (ZBH)HoldLow    
9/16/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesInvestors Real Estate Trust Reit (IRET)Buy$1.00 -> $79.00Low    
9/13/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetEidos Therapeutics (EIDX)Positive -> Buy $56.00Medium    
9/12/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Neutral -> Buy $12.00High    
9/12/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesACI Worldwide (ACIW)Buy $40.00High    
9/9/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetDomino's Pizza (DPZ)Buy $325.00Low    
9/10/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesMBIA (MBI)Buy $14.00Medium    
9/10/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesPaySign (PAYS)HoldHigh    
9/10/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesWendys (WEN)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
9/9/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesMercadolibre (MELI)Neutral -> Buy $720.00High    
9/5/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetStryker (SYK)Buy $228.00Medium    
9/5/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price Targeti3 Verticals (IIIV)Buy $31.00High    
9/4/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesStarbucks (SBUX)HoldLow    
9/6/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesNew Residential Investment (NRZ)Buy$18.00 -> $18.00Medium    
9/4/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetCastle Biosciences (CSTL)Buy $32.00High    
9/4/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesCidara Therapeutics (CDTX)Buy $7.00High    
8/27/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesPapa John's Int'l (PZZA)Neutral -> Buy $54.00High    
8/26/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesSeattle Genetics (SGEN)NeutralLow    
8/26/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesKura Sushi USA (KRUS)Buy$30.00 -> $30.00Medium    
8/22/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetPure Storage (PSTG)Buy $20.00High    
8/21/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetMedtronic (MDT)Buy $120.00Low    
8/19/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesCastle Biosciences (CSTL)Buy $25.00High    
8/15/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesMisonix (MSON)Buy $27.00High    
8/15/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetAvalonBay Communities (AVB)Buy -> Positive $235.00Medium    
8/15/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesPebblebrook Hotel Trust (PEB)Buy -> NeutralLow    
8/15/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesHost Hotels and Resorts (HST)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
8/15/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesEssex Property Trust (ESS)Neutral -> Buy $335.00Medium    
8/12/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetProgenics Pharmaceuticals (PGNX)Buy $14.00High    
8/12/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetVericel (VCEL)Buy $24.00High    
8/14/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesCarter Bank and Trust (CARE)Neutral -> Buy $13.00Medium    
8/14/2019BTIG ResearchReiterateselectroCore (ECOR)HoldHigh    
8/14/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesCare.com (CRCM)Neutral -> Buy $13.00Medium    
8/13/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesAtriCure (ATRC)Buy $35.00High    
8/13/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesSeadrill (SDRL)Buy -> Neutral $304.00Medium    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetII-VI (IIVI)Buy $31.00High    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesHelius Medical Technologies (HSDT)HoldN/A    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price Targeti3 Verticals (IIIV)Buy $31.00N/A    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetOrganogenesis (ORGO)Buy $12.00N/A    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetNuVasive (NUVA)Buy $71.00N/A    
8/12/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesPaySign (PAYS)HoldMedium    
8/12/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesInternational Money Express (IMXI)Buy $20.00Low    
8/11/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesAmbac Financial Group (AMBC)Buy $26.00Low    
8/11/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesValeritas (VLRX)Buy $14.00Medium    
8/11/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesMBIA (MBI)Buy $14.00Low    
8/11/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesQ2 (QTWO)HoldLow    
8/11/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesGlaukos (GKOS)HoldHigh    
8/11/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesAssured Guaranty (AGO)Buy $52.00Medium    
8/11/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesSenseonics (SENS)Buy $2.00N/A    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesPrecision BioSciences (DTIL)Buy -> Buy $22.00High    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesCellectis (CLLS)Buy -> Buy $37.00High    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesFate Therapeutics (FATE)Buy -> Buy $27.00High    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesDenali Therapeutics (DNLI)Buy -> Buy $30.00High    
8/9/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesAllogene Therapeutics (ALLO)Buy -> Buy $37.00Low    
8/7/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetQuanterix (QTRX)Buy $35.00High    
8/8/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesEVO Payments (EVOP)HoldLow    
8/8/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesKennedy-Wilson (KW)Buy $33.00Medium    
8/7/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetAxoGen (AXGN)Buy $21.00High    
8/7/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesLGI Homes (LGIH)Neutral -> Sell $62.00Medium    
8/7/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesTactile Systems Technology (TCMD)Neutral -> Buy $62.00Medium    
8/2/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesAssured Guaranty (AGO)Buy $52.00Low    
8/2/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesAmbac Financial Group (AMBC)Buy $26.00Low    
8/2/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesMBIA (MBI)Buy $14.00Low    
8/6/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesPaySign (PAYS)Sell -> NeutralHigh    
8/6/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetInsulet (PODD)Buy $140.00High    
8/5/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesCars.com (CARS)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
8/4/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesMr. Cooper Group (COOP)Buy $21.00High    
8/4/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesSquare (SQ)Sell $30.00High    
8/4/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesSeaSpine (SPNE)Buy $20.00High    
8/4/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesEssent Group (ESNT)Buy $54.00Medium    
8/2/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetYum! Brands (YUM)Buy $130.00Low    
7/31/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetIrhythm Technologies (IRTC)Buy $90.00N/A    
7/31/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetNMI (NMIH)Buy $36.00N/A    
7/31/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesLivaNova (LIVN)HoldN/A    
8/1/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesABIOMED (ABMD)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
8/1/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesFresenius Medical Care AG & Co. (FMS)Buy -> NeutralLow    
8/1/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesHologic (HOLX)Buy $52.00High    
8/1/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesMasimo (MASI)HoldHigh    
8/1/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesDexCom (DXCM)HoldHigh    
8/1/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesRadian Group (RDN)Buy $29.00Medium    
8/1/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesConforMIS (CFMS)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
8/1/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesAmerican Homes 4 Rent (AMH)Buy -> NeutralLow    
7/31/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetD. R. Horton (DHI)Buy $56.00High    
7/31/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesCredit Acceptance (CACC)Sell $340.00High    
7/30/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetCrispr Therapeutics (CRSP)Buy -> Positive$51.00 -> $59.00Medium    
7/30/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesOn Deck Capital (ONDK)Neutral -> Buy $4.25High    
7/29/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesStryker (SYK)Buy $228.00Low    
7/26/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetForestar Group (FOR)Buy $24.00N/A    
7/24/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesVarian Medical Systems (VAR)HoldLow    
7/24/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetPaypal (PYPL)Buy $130.00Low    
7/24/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetBoston Scientific (BSX)Buy $46.00Low    
7/24/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetIntegra Lifesciences (IART)Buy $70.00Low    
7/25/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesServiceNow (NOW)Buy $320.00High    
7/25/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesEtsy (ETSY)Neutral -> Buy $79.00Medium    
7/25/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesPopular (BPOP)Buy $66.00Medium    
7/25/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesEdwards Lifesciences (EW)HoldLow    
7/24/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesSantander Consumer USA (SC)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
7/24/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesSenseonics (SENS)Buy $2.00N/A    
7/24/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetChipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)Buy$790.00 -> $845.00High    
7/23/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesAdaptive Biotechnologies (ADPT)Buy -> Buy $46.00Medium    
7/22/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesSynchrony Financial (SYF)Buy $42.00Low    
7/22/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesPaySign (PAYS)Neutral -> Sell $12.00High    
7/19/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetAlly Financial (ALLY)Buy $39.00Medium    
7/18/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetWEX (WEX)Buy$225.00 -> $255.00Low    
7/16/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesFarfetch (FTCH)Buy $26.00High    
7/16/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesCheniere Energy (LNG)NeutralN/A    
7/16/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesOn Deck Capital (ONDK)Neutral -> NeutralLow    
7/16/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesElevate Credit (ELVT)Buy -> Buy $6.00High    
7/16/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesNew Senior Investment Group (SNR)Buy -> Buy $8.00High    
7/16/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesRepay (RPAY)Buy -> Buy $16.00High    
7/15/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetStryker (SYK)Buy -> Positive $219.00Medium    
7/15/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesSynchrony Financial (SYF)Buy $42.00Low    
7/10/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetScorpio Bulkers (SALT)Buy $9.00Low    
7/8/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesFleetCor Technologies (FLT)Buy $340.00Low    
7/2/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesGenworth Financial (GNW)HoldLow    
7/2/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetScorpio Tankers (STNG)Buy$30.00 -> $38.00Medium    
7/1/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesEVO Payments (EVOP)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
7/1/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesKB Home (KBH)Sell -> Neutral $25.73Low    
7/1/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesNuVasive (NUVA)Buy $65.00Medium    
6/27/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetHost Hotels and Resorts (HST)Buy$24.00 -> $20.50Medium    
6/27/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetPebblebrook Hotel Trust (PEB)Buy$42.50 -> $35.00High    
6/26/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetLennar (LEN)Buy $65.00Low    
6/26/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesCare.com (CRCM)HoldHigh    
6/24/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesi3 Verticals (IIIV)Buy$27.00 -> $31.00Low    
6/21/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetBruker (BRKR)Buy $57.00Low    
6/20/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetInnovative Industrial Properties (IIPR)Buy $148.00High    
6/20/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesVerastem (VSTM)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
6/18/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetSnap (SNAP)Buy -> Buy$15.00 -> $20.00High    
6/17/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesPaySign (PAYS)Buy -> Neutral $12.10High    
6/13/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesMack Cali Realty (CLI)Buy -> Buy$26.00 -> $30.00High    
6/12/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesMisonix (MSON)Buy -> Buy $29.00Medium    
6/10/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesTableau Software (DATA)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
6/10/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetCorporate Office Properties Trust (OFC)Buy $33.00Medium    
6/6/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetCloudera (CLDR)Buy $10.00High    
6/4/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesMercadolibre (MELI)Buy -> Neutral $561.01High    
6/4/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesUber Technologies (UBER)Buy -> Buy $80.00High    
6/4/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesLYFT (LYFT)Buy -> Buy $77.00Medium    
5/31/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetNutanix (NTNX)Buy $40.00Low    
5/31/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesCBL & Associates Properties (CBL)Sell -> Neutral $0.82Low    
5/29/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesAtlassian (TEAM)Buy -> Neutral $126.00Medium    
5/23/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetThermo Fisher Scientific (TMO)Average -> Buy $320.00Low    
5/22/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesGlaukos (GKOS)Neutral -> HoldLow    
5/17/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesMatinas BioPharma (MTNB)Buy $5.00N/A    
5/17/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesTexas Roadhouse (TXRH)Neutral -> Buy $64.00High    
5/16/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesEstablishment Labs (ESTA)Buy $40.00Low    
5/15/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradeselectroCore (ECOR)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
5/14/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetInvitation Homes (INVH)Buy $27.00Low    
5/14/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetAmerican Homes 4 Rent (AMH)Buy $26.00Low    
5/14/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesMannKind (MNKD)Buy -> Buy$3.00 -> $3.00High    
5/14/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesTransEnterix (TRXC)Neutral -> Buy $3.00N/A    
5/12/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesAccelerate Diagnostics (AXDX)HoldHigh    
5/12/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesOrganogenesis (ORGO)Buy $12.00Low    
5/10/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetVerastem (VSTM)Buy $8.00High    
5/10/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesOrthopediatrics (KIDS)Buy $44.00Medium    
5/10/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesAxoGen (AXGN)Buy $29.00Medium    
5/10/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesGlaukos (GKOS)HoldLow    
5/9/2019BTIG ResearchLowers TargetSailpoint Technologies (SAIL)Buy$27.00 -> $20.00High    
5/9/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesGreen Dot (GDOT)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
5/8/2019BTIG ResearchDowngradesGTT Communications (GTT)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
5/8/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetIrhythm Technologies (IRTC)Positive -> Buy $90.00High    
5/7/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesABIOMED (ABMD)BuyLow    
5/6/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetPaypal (PYPL)Buy -> Buy$114.00 -> $130.00Low    
5/6/2019BTIG ResearchInitiatesPagerduty (PD)Neutral -> NeutralMedium    
5/6/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesInsulet (PODD)Neutral -> Buy $115.00High    
5/3/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetRapid7 (RPD)Buy -> Positive $62.00High    
5/2/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetYum! Brands (YUM)Buy $114.00Low    
5/2/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesOrganogenesis (ORGO)Buy $12.00High    
5/2/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesConforMIS (CFMS)Buy $3.00High    
5/2/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesLivaNova (LIVN)HoldHigh    
5/2/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesHologic (HOLX)Buy $52.00Low    
5/1/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetApple (AAPL)Buy $234.00Low    
5/1/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetMcdonald's (MCD)Average -> Buy $220.00Medium    
5/1/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetEXACT Sciences (EXAS)Buy $130.00Low    
4/29/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesOrthopediatrics (KIDS)Buy $44.00Medium    
4/25/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetServiceNow (NOW)Buy $295.00Medium    
4/25/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetChipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)Buy -> Buy$700.00 -> $790.00High    
4/25/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesBoston Scientific (BSX)BuyHigh    
4/24/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesEdwards Lifesciences (EW)HoldLow    
4/24/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesAccuray (ARAY)HoldHigh    
4/24/2019BTIG ResearchUpgradesPulteGroup (PHM)Sell -> Neutral $31.35Low    
4/23/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetPopular (BPOP)Buy $66.00Low    
4/22/2019BTIG ResearchRaises TargetCrispr Therapeutics (CRSP)Buy$30.00 -> $33.00Medium    
4/21/2019BTIG ResearchReiteratesIntuitive Surgical (ISRG)HoldLow    
4/17/2019BTIG ResearchSet Price TargetARBOR RLTY TR I/SH (ABR)Buy $14.00Low    

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MarketBeat Community Rating for BTIG Research

Community Ranking:  1.9 out of 5 (star half star)
Outperform Votes:  17,641 (Vote Outperform)
Underperform Votes:  28,116 (Vote Underperform)
Total Votes:  45,757
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