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Telsey Advisory Group Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Telsey Advisory Group. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Telsey Advisory Group.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetSignet Jewelers (SIG)Outperform$14.00 -> $20.00High    
12/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesMcdonald's (MCD)Outperform $220.00Low    
12/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesKroger (KR)Market Perform $29.00High    
12/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBig Lots (BIG)Market Perform $26.00High    
12/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetMichaels Companies (MIK)Market Perform$10.00 -> $7.00High    
12/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetDollar General (DG)Outperform$168.00 -> $170.00Low    
12/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetG-III Apparel Group (GIII)Market Perform$23.00 -> $28.00High    
11/27/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetPVH (PVH)Outperform$100.00 -> $115.00Medium    
11/27/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetChico's FAS (CHS)Market Perform$3.00 -> $5.00High    
11/27/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetBurlington Stores (BURL)Market Perform$210.00 -> $225.00Low    
11/26/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesDollar Tree (DLTR)Outperform -> Market Perform$117.00 -> $100.00Medium    
11/26/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesTiffany & Co. (TIF)Outperform -> Market Perform $135.00Low    
11/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetL Brands (LB)Market Perform$22.00 -> $19.00High    
11/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetRoss Stores (ROST)Market Perform$112.00 -> $118.00High    
11/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetNordstrom (JWN)Market Perform$32.00 -> $40.00High    
11/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetMacy's (M)Market Perform$18.00 -> $16.00High    
11/21/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetTarget (TGT)Outperform$120.00 -> $137.00Low    
11/21/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetLowe's Companies (LOW)Outperform$120.00 -> $133.00Low    
11/20/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetTJX Companies (TJX)Outperform$62.00 -> $68.00High    
11/20/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesKohl's (KSS)Outperform -> Market Perform$60.00 -> $48.00Low    
11/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetWalmart (WMT)Outperform$130.00 -> $132.00Medium    
11/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetDillard's (DDS)Market Perform$58.00 -> $80.00Medium    
11/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesGAP (GPS)Outperform -> Market Perform$24.00 -> $19.00High    
11/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesParty City Holdco (PRTY)Outperform -> Market Perform$9.00 -> $2.50High    
11/7/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetWendys (WEN)Outperform$22.00 -> $24.00Low    
11/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetKroger (KR)Market Perform$27.00 -> $29.00High    
11/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetUnder Armour (UAA)Market Perform$23.00 -> $19.00High    
11/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetEthan Allen Interiors (ETH)Market Perform$20.00 -> $19.00Medium    
11/4/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetGameStop (GME)Market Perform$5.00 -> $6.00Medium    
10/31/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetBrinker International (EAT)Outperform$47.00 -> $54.00High    
10/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetSteven Madden (SHOO)Market Perform$36.00 -> $40.00Low    
10/28/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetTiffany & Co. (TIF)Outperform$110.00 -> $140.00High    
10/23/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetMcdonald's (MCD)Outperform$230.00 -> $220.00Low    
10/21/2019Telsey Advisory GroupInitiatesPeloton (PTON)Outperform $29.00N/A    
10/18/2019Telsey Advisory GroupInitiatesStitch Fix (SFIX)Outperform $29.00Low    
10/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetRoss Stores (ROST)Market Perform$103.00 -> $112.00Medium    
10/10/2019Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesBed Bath & Beyond (BBBY)Market Perform -> Outperform$14.00 -> $16.00High    
10/4/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetCostco Wholesale (COST)Outperform$305.00 -> $315.00High    
9/26/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetBest Buy (BBY)Market Perform$70.00 -> $75.00Low    
9/25/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetHome Depot (HD)Market Perform$210.00 -> $220.00Medium    
9/19/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetRestoration Hardware (RH)Market Perform$175.00 -> $185.00Low    
9/13/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetGAP (GPS)Outperform$22.00 -> $24.00Low    
9/12/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetOxford Industries (OXM)Market Perform$78.00 -> $72.00High    
9/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetRestoration Hardware (RH)Market Perform$140.00 -> $175.00High    
9/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupSet Price TargetCostco Wholesale (COST)Buy $305.00Low    
9/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupSet Price TargetBig Lots (BIG)Hold $26.00Low    
9/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetLululemon Athletica (LULU)Outperform$205.00 -> $220.00High    
9/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetVera Bradley (VRA)Market Perform$13.00 -> $10.00Low    
9/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesG-III Apparel Group (GIII)Outperform -> Market Perform$34.00 -> $20.00High    
8/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupSet Price TargetBurlington Stores (BURL)Hold$165.00 -> $210.00Medium    
8/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetAbercrombie & Fitch (ANF)Market Perform$20.00 -> $17.00Low    
8/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUlta Beauty (ULTA)Outperform$375.00 -> $330.00High    
8/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetDollar General (DG)Outperform$145.00 -> $168.00Low    
8/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetBest Buy (BBY)Market Perform$76.00 -> $70.00Low    
8/29/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetWilliams-Sonoma (WSM)Market Perform$62.00 -> $70.00High    
8/29/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetTiffany & Co. (TIF)Neutral -> Outperform$120.00 -> $110.00Low    
8/29/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetChico's FAS (CHS)Market Perform$4.00 -> $3.00High    
8/28/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetDesigner Brands (DBI)Outperform$26.00 -> $19.00High    
8/26/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetPVH (PVH)Outperform$119.00 -> $100.00Medium    
8/23/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetTractor Supply (TSCO)Market Perform$113.00 -> $108.00High    
8/23/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetL Brands (LB)Market Perform$24.00 -> $22.00High    
8/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetNordstrom (JWN)Market Perform$35.00 -> $32.00High    
8/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetLowe's Companies (LOW)Outperform$116.00 -> $120.00Low    
8/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetJack in the Box (JACK)Outperform$95.00 -> $105.00Low    
8/21/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetKohl's (KSS)Outperform$65.00 -> $60.00Low    
8/16/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDillard's (DDS)Market Perform -> Market Perform$65.00 -> $58.00High    
8/16/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesWalmart (WMT)Outperform -> Outperform$118.00 -> $125.00Low    
8/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesTapestry (TPR)Outperform -> Market PerformHigh    
8/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesMacy's (M)Market Perform -> Market Perform$25.00 -> $18.00High    
8/9/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChuy's (CHUY)Market Perform -> Market Perform$23.00 -> $26.00High    
8/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesWolverine World Wide (WWW)Market Perform -> Market Perform$38.00 -> $34.00Low    
8/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesFossil Group (FOSL)Market Perform -> Market Perform$15.00 -> $12.00Medium    
8/1/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesCheesecake Factory (CAKE)Market Perform -> Market Perform$54.00 -> $50.00High    
7/31/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesRalph Lauren (RL)Outperform -> Outperform$155.00 -> $130.00High    
7/31/2019Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesBoyd Gaming (BYD)Market Perform -> Outperform$31.00 -> $36.00High    
7/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTexas Roadhouse (TXRH)Market Perform -> Market Perform$58.00 -> $60.00High    
7/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesRestoration Hardware (RH)Market Perform -> Market Perform$130.00 -> $140.00High    
7/29/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesiPic Entertainment (IPIC)Market Perform -> UnderperformHigh    
7/26/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDeckers Outdoor (DECK)Outperform -> Outperform$189.00 -> $192.00High    
7/26/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTractor Supply (TSCO)Market Perform -> Market Perform$103.00 -> $113.00Medium    
7/26/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesStarbucks (SBUX)Market Perform -> Market Perform$80.00 -> $90.00High    
7/25/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesVF (VFC)Outperform -> Outperform$104.00 -> $106.00Low    
7/25/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUnder Armour (UAA)Market Perform -> Market Perform$22.00 -> $25.00Low    
7/25/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBest Buy (BBY)Market Perform -> Market PerformLow    
7/24/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)Market Perform -> Market Perform$700.00 -> $750.00High    
7/23/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesTile Shop (TTS)Market Perform -> Underperform$5.00 -> $2.50High    
7/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupInitiatesGrocery Outlet (GO)Outperform -> Outperform $40.00High    
7/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesMcdonald's (MCD)Outperform -> Outperform$210.00 -> $230.00Low    
7/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBed Bath & Beyond (BBBY)Market Perform -> Market Perform$20.00 -> $14.00Low    
7/1/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetChurchill Downs (CHDN)Outperform -> Outperform$120.00 -> $135.00Medium    
6/24/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesRoss Stores (ROST)Outperform -> Market Perform $103.00Low    
6/21/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesKroger (KR)Market Perform -> Market Perform$29.00 -> $27.00High    
6/13/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesLululemon Athletica (LULU)Outperform -> Outperform$200.00 -> $205.00High    
6/13/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDeckers Outdoor (DECK)Outperform -> Outperform$173.00 -> $189.00High    
6/12/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChico's FAS (CHS)Market Perform -> Market Perform$5.00 -> $4.00High    
6/12/2019Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesBrinker International (EAT)Market Perform -> Outperform $47.00Low    
6/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesAscena Retail Group (ASNA)Market Perform -> Market Perform$2.00 -> $1.00High    
6/10/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetOxford Industries (OXM)Market Perform$82.00 -> $78.00Medium    
6/7/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesMichaels Companies (MIK)Outperform -> Market Perform$17.00 -> $9.00Low    
6/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesSteven Madden (SHOO)Market Perform -> Market Perform$38.00 -> $36.00High    
6/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesG-III Apparel Group (GIII)Outperform -> Outperform$47.00 -> $34.00High    
6/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesCracker Barrel Old Country Store (CBRL)Outperform -> Market Perform$190.00 -> $170.00Low    
6/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesChurchill Downs (CHDN)Market Perform -> Outperform$108.00 -> $120.00High    
6/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesSignet Jewelers (SIG)Market Perform -> Market Perform$28.00 -> $22.00Medium    
6/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBig Lots (BIG)Market Perform -> Market Perform$40.00 -> $32.00High    
5/31/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDollar General (DG)Outperform -> Outperform$129.00 -> $138.00Medium    
5/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesPVH (PVH)Outperform -> Outperform$155.00 -> $119.00High    
5/24/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDeckers Outdoor (DECK)Outperform -> Outperform$150.00 -> $173.00High    
5/23/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesVF (VFC)Outperform -> Outperform$96.00 -> $104.00High    
5/23/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesLowe's Companies (LOW)Outperform -> Outperform$126.00 -> $116.00High    
5/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUrban Outfitters (URBN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$33.00 -> $29.00High    
5/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesNordstrom (JWN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$56.00 -> $37.00High    
5/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesKohl's (KSS)Outperform -> Outperform$80.00 -> $65.00High    
5/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesRalph Lauren (RL)Outperform -> Outperform $155.00High    
5/13/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChildrens Place (PLCE)Outperform -> Outperform$100.00 -> $126.00High    
5/10/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesWynn Resorts (WYNN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$125.00 -> $120.00Medium    
5/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesScientific Games (SGMS)Outperform -> Outperform$36.00 -> $31.00High    
5/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesStarbucks (SBUX)Market Perform -> Market Perform$70.00 -> $80.00Medium    
5/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupSet Price TargetExpedia Group (EXPE)Hold $125.00Medium    
5/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesFloor & Decor (FND)Market Perform -> Market Perform$44.00 -> $42.00High    
5/2/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesEstee Lauder Companies (EL)Outperform -> Outperform$190.00 -> $195.00Low    
5/2/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesCheesecake Factory (CAKE)Market Perform -> Market Perform$52.00 -> $54.00High    
5/1/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTile Shop (TTS)Market Perform -> Market Perform$7.50 -> $5.00High    
5/1/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesRed Rock Resorts (RRR)Market Perform -> Market Perform$28.00 -> $26.00High    
5/1/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesHome Depot (HD)Market Perform -> Market Perform $192.00High    
4/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTexas Roadhouse (TXRH)Market Perform -> Market Perform$65.00 -> $58.00High    
4/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesEthan Allen Interiors (ETH)Market Perform -> Market Perform$20.00 -> $21.00High    
4/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChurchill Downs (CHDN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$93.00 -> $105.00Low    
4/23/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesGuess? (GES)Market Perform -> Market Perform$22.00 -> $19.00High    
4/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetTractor Supply (TSCO)Market Perform$92.00 -> $98.00Low    
4/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTractor Supply (TSCO)Market Perform -> Market Perform$92.00 -> $98.00Low    
4/18/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesLas Vegas Sands (LVS)Market Perform -> Market Perform$58.00 -> $64.00Low    
4/18/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTarget (TGT)Outperform -> Outperform$88.00 -> $92.00Low    
4/18/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesOxford Industries (OXM)Market Perform -> Market Perform$76.00 -> $82.00Low    
4/18/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)Outperform -> Outperform$600.00 -> $700.00Medium    
4/16/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesJack in the Box (JACK)Outperform -> Outperform$105.00 -> $95.00Low    
4/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupInitiatesLevi Strauss & Co. (LEVI)Outperform -> Outperform $28.00High    
4/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesFoot Locker (FL)Outperform $70.00Low    
4/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetBed Bath & Beyond (BBBY)Market Perform$18.00 -> $20.00Medium    
4/9/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesCostco Wholesale (COST)Outperform -> Outperform$250.00 -> $265.00Low    
4/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesFloor & Decor (FND)Outperform -> Market Perform $44.00Low    
4/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesMcdonald's (MCD)Outperform -> Outperform$195.00 -> $210.00Low    
4/3/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetGameStop (GME)Market Perform$11.00 -> $10.00High    
3/29/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesPVH (PVH)Outperform -> Outperform$145.00 -> $155.00High    
3/28/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesFive Below (FIVE)Market Perform $120.00High    
3/27/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBed Bath & Beyond (BBBY)Market Perform -> Market Perform$13.00 -> $18.00Medium    
3/20/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesMichaels Companies (MIK)Outperform$20.00 -> $17.00High    
3/20/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetDesigner Brands (DBI)Market Perform$30.00 -> $26.00High    
3/20/2019Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesDollar Tree (DLTR)Market Perform -> Outperform$103.00 -> $117.00Low    
3/19/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesBooking (BKNG)Outperform -> Market Perform$2,100.00 -> $1,800.00Low    
3/18/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetNike (NKE)Outperform -> Outperform$92.00 -> $95.00Medium    
3/15/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUlta Beauty (ULTA)Outperform -> Outperform$360.00 -> $375.00High    
3/14/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDollar General (DG)Outperform -> Outperform $126.00High    
3/14/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesVera Bradley (VRA)Market Perform $11.00Medium    
3/13/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDicks Sporting Goods (DKS)Outperform -> Outperform$44.00 -> $41.00High    
3/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesKroger (KR)Market Perform -> Market Perform$31.00 -> $29.00High    
3/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesBurlington Stores (BURL)Outperform -> Market Perform$190.00 -> $165.00High    
3/7/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDollar Tree (DLTR)Market Perform -> Market Perform$90.00 -> $103.00High    
3/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUrban Outfitters (URBN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$35.00 -> $33.00High    
3/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTarget (TGT)Outperform -> Outperform$86.00 -> $88.00Low    
3/5/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChildrens Place (PLCE)Outperform -> Outperform$120.00 -> $100.00High    
3/1/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesParty City Holdco (PRTY)Outperform -> Outperform$15.00 -> $14.00Low    
3/1/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesL Brands (LB)Market Perform -> Market Perform$31.00 -> $28.00High    
3/1/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChurchill Downs (CHDN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$280.00 -> $93.00Low    
2/28/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesSteven Madden (SHOO)Market Perform -> Market Perform $37.00High    
2/28/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTJX Companies (TJX)Outperform -> Outperform$56.00 -> $62.00Low    
2/28/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBest Buy (BBY)Market Perform -> Market Perform$67.00 -> $74.00Low    
2/27/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesHome Depot (HD)Outperform -> Market Perform$205.00 -> $192.00High    
2/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesFloor & Decor (FND)Outperform -> Outperform$40.00 -> $44.00Medium    
2/20/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesWalmart (WMT)Outperform -> Outperform$113.00 -> $115.00High    
2/19/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesWolverine World Wide (WWW)Market Perform -> Market Perform$35.00 -> $38.00Medium    
2/14/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesFossil Group (FOSL)Market Perform $17.00Low    
2/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUrban Outfitters (URBN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$36.00 -> $35.00Medium    
2/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesFossil Group (FOSL)Market Perform -> Market Perform$20.00 -> $17.00Low    
2/8/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesExpedia Group (EXPE)Market Perform -> Market Perform$115.00 -> $125.00High    
2/7/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)Market Perform -> Market Perform$500.00 -> $600.00High    
2/6/2019Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetEstee Lauder Companies (EL)Outperform$170.00 -> $179.00Low    
1/31/2019Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesTJX Companies (TJX)Market Perform -> Outperform$51.00 -> $56.00High    
1/31/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesWynn Resorts (WYNN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$105.00 -> $125.00High    
1/31/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesSteven Madden (SHOO)Outperform -> Market Perform$40.00 -> $37.00Low    
1/31/2019Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesRalph Lauren (RL)Market Perform -> Outperform $155.00Low    
1/30/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBrinker International (EAT)Market Perform $53.00Low    
1/29/2019Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetGameStop (GME)Market Perform$14.00 -> $11.00High    
1/24/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesADIDAS AG/S (ADDYY)Market PerformLow    
1/24/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesCostco Wholesale (COST)OutperformLow    
1/22/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesVF (VFC)Outperform -> Outperform$88.00 -> $96.00Low    
1/18/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesSignet Jewelers (SIG)Market Perform -> Market Perform$40.00 -> $29.00High    
1/16/2019Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesNordstrom (JWN)Outperform -> Market Perform$72.00 -> $56.00High    
1/14/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesVF (VFC)Outperform -> Outperform$107.00 -> $88.00Low    
1/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesMacy's (M)Market Perform -> Market Perform$35.00 -> $28.00High    
1/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesL Brands (LB)Market Perform -> Market Perform$33.00 -> $31.00Low    
1/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesKohl's (KSS)Outperform -> Outperform$90.00 -> $80.00Medium    
1/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesPVH (PVH)Outperform -> Outperform$155.00 -> $145.00High    
1/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUrban Outfitters (URBN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$42.00 -> $37.00Medium    
1/11/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)Outperform -> Outperform$465.00 -> $500.00Low    
1/9/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBrinker International (EAT)Market Perform -> Market Perform$49.00 -> $53.00Low    
1/7/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTarget (TGT)Outperform$100.00 -> $86.00High    
1/4/2019Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBed Bath & Beyond (BBBY)Market Perform -> Market Perform$16.00 -> $13.00High    
12/13/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesVera Bradley (VRA)Market Perform -> Market Perform$14.00 -> $11.00High    
12/13/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetUnder Armour (UAA)Market Perform -> Market Perform$25.00 -> $23.00High    
12/13/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetOxford Industries (OXM)Market Perform -> Market Perform$93.00 -> $76.00High    
12/12/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesDesigner Brands (DBI)Market Perform -> Market Perform$34.00 -> $30.00Low    
12/12/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesAmerican Eagle Outfitters (AEO)Outperform -> Outperform$32.00 -> $24.00High    
12/11/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetSignet Jewelers (SIG)Market Perform$60.00 -> $45.00High    
12/11/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetAscena Retail Group (ASNA)Market Perform -> Market Perform$5.00 -> $4.00High    
12/10/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBig Lots (BIG)Market Perform -> Market Perform$45.00 -> $34.00Medium    
12/7/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesChildrens Place (PLCE)Outperform -> Outperform$170.00 -> $140.00High    
12/7/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesG-III Apparel Group (GIII)Outperform -> Outperform$54.00 -> $47.00High    
12/4/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetRestoration Hardware (RH)Market Perform -> Market Perform$140.00 -> $160.00High    
12/3/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesSignet Jewelers (SIG)Market Perform -> Market Perform$69.00 -> $60.00Low    
12/3/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesStarbucks (SBUX)Market Perform -> Market Perform$66.00 -> $70.00Low    
11/30/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesAbercrombie & Fitch (ANF)Market Perform -> Market Perform$20.00 -> $23.00Low    
11/30/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesPVH (PVH)Outperform -> Outperform$185.00 -> $155.00High    
11/28/2018Telsey Advisory GroupInitiatesExpedia Group (EXPE)Market Perform -> Market Perform $115.00Low    
11/28/2018Telsey Advisory GroupInitiatesBooking (BKNG)Outperform -> Outperform $2,100.00Low    
11/28/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetCracker Barrel Old Country Store (CBRL)Outperform -> Outperform$175.00 -> $190.00Medium    
11/21/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesBest Buy (BBY)HoldLow    
11/21/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetFoot Locker (FL)Outperform -> Outperform$58.00 -> $60.00High    
11/21/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetGAP (GPS)Outperform -> Outperform$39.00 -> $34.00High    
11/21/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetKohl's (KSS)Outperform -> Outperform$99.00 -> $90.00Low    
11/21/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetL Brands (LB)Market Perform -> Market Perform$40.00 -> $33.00Medium    
11/21/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetRoss Stores (ROST)Outperform -> Outperform$105.00 -> $95.00High    
11/21/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetTJX Companies (TJX)Market Perform -> Market Perform$55.00 -> $51.00Medium    
11/20/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetUrban Outfitters (URBN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$44.00 -> $42.00Low    
11/16/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetJ C Penney (JCP)Market Perform -> Market Perform$2.00 -> $1.25High    
11/16/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetDillard's (DDS)Market Perform -> Market Perform$83.00 -> $65.00High    
11/14/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetChurchill Downs (CHDN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$96.67 -> $93.33Low    
11/12/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetGolden Entertainment (GDEN)Outperform -> Outperform$36.00 -> $24.00High    
11/9/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetParty City Holdco (PRTY)Outperform -> Outperform$19.00 -> $15.00High    
11/8/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetWynn Resorts (WYNN)Market Perform$160.00 -> $105.00High    
11/8/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetWolverine World Wide (WWW)Market Perform$39.00 -> $35.00N/A    
11/7/2018Telsey Advisory GroupDowngradesiPic Entertainment (IPIC)Outperform -> Market Perform$15.50 -> $8.00High    
11/7/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetChuy's (CHUY)Market Perform$29.00 -> $24.00High    
11/2/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetOxford Industries (OXM)Market Perform -> Market Perform$88.00 -> $93.00Low    
10/31/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUnder Armour (UAA)Market Perform -> Market Perform$22.00 -> $25.00High    
10/31/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetKroger (KR)Market Perform -> Market Perform$29.00 -> $31.00Medium    
10/31/2018Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesTile Shop (TTS)Underperform -> Market Perform$6.00 -> $7.50Low    
10/29/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetFloor & Decor (FND)Outperform -> Outperform$54.00 -> $45.00High    
10/29/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetStarbucks (SBUX)Outperform -> Outperform$58.00 -> $62.00High    
10/27/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesTractor Supply (TSCO)Outperform$85.00 -> $92.00Medium    
10/26/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetBoyd Gaming (BYD)Market Perform$35.00 -> $31.00High    
10/25/2018Telsey Advisory GroupLowers TargetEthan Allen Interiors (ETH)Market Perform$23.00 -> $22.00High    
10/24/2018Telsey Advisory GroupReiteratesUnder Armour (UAA)Market Perform -> Market Perform $22.00Low    
10/24/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetMcdonald's (MCD)Outperform -> Outperform$175.00 -> $195.00Low    
10/24/2018Telsey Advisory GroupInitiatesFive Below (FIVE)Market Perform -> Market Perform $120.00High    
10/19/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetTractor Supply (TSCO)Market Perform -> Market Perform$77.00 -> $85.00Medium    
10/19/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetTile Shop (TTS)Underperform -> Underperform$5.50 -> $6.00Medium    
10/16/2018Telsey Advisory GroupUpgradesCracker Barrel Old Country Store (CBRL)Market Perform -> Outperform$155.00 -> $175.00Medium    
10/1/2018Telsey Advisory GroupRaises TargetUlta Beauty (ULTA)Outperform -> Outperform$290.00 -> $330.00Low    
9/28/2018Telsey Advisory GroupInitiatesWendys (WEN)Outperform -> Outperform $21.00Low    

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