Alphabet (GOOGL) Insider Trading & Ownership

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Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Insider Buying and Selling Activity

Insider Ownership
Number Of
Insiders Buying
(Last 12 Months)
Amount Of
Insider Buying
(Last 12 Months)
$8.98 M
Number Of
Insiders Selling
(Last 12 Months)
Amount Of
Insider Selling
(Last 12 Months)
$105.27 M
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GOOGL Insider Buying and Selling by Quarter

Alphabet Insider and Congressional Trades History

Transaction DateNameTitleBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionDetails
4/17/2024Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$157.41$3,541,725.00  
4/12/2024John L HennessyDirectorSell800$159.56$127,648.00  
4/3/2024Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$155.67$3,502,575.00  
4/2/2024Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell682$154.79$105,566.78  
4/1/2024Prabhakar RaghavanSVPSell3,258$155.97$508,150.26  
3/28/2024Frances ArnoldDirectorSell90$152.00$13,680.00  
3/27/2024John Kent WalkerInsiderSell12,084$151.19$1,826,979.96  
3/20/2024Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$148.78$3,347,550.00  
3/18/2024John L HennessyDirectorSell500$149.50$74,750.00  
3/12/2024John L HennessyDirectorSell300$139.51$41,853.00  
3/8/2024Ruth PoratCFOSell48,077$137.22$6,597,125.94  
3/6/2024Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$132.70$2,985,750.00  
3/4/2024Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell682$136.49$93,086.18  
2/29/2024Frances ArnoldDirectorSell100$138.22$13,822.00  
2/21/2024Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$143.08$3,219,300.00  
2/20/2024John Kent WalkerInsiderSell48,076$142.20$6,836,407.20  
2/12/2024John L HennessyDirectorSell800$149.73$119,784.00  
2/7/2024Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$146.29$3,291,525.00  
2/1/2024Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell660$143.59$94,769.40  
2/1/2024Earl BlumenauerU.S. Congress Member (D-OR)Sell$141.16$1,001 - $15,000
1/30/2024Frances ArnoldDirectorSell230$154.06$35,433.80  
1/25/2024Shri ThanedarU.S. Congress Member (D-MI)Sell$151.87$1,001 - $15,000
1/23/2024Kathy E. ManningU.S. Congress Member (D-NC)Sell$147.04$1,001 - $15,000
1/19/2024Tommy TubervilleU.S. Congress Member (R-AL)Sell$146.38$1,001 - $15,000
1/17/2024Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$142.14$3,198,150.00  
1/10/2024John L HennessyDirectorSell200$143.49$28,698.00  
1/3/2024Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$140.11$3,152,475.00  
1/3/2024Tommy TubervilleU.S. Congress Member (R-AL)Sell$138.92$1,001 - $15,000
1/2/2024Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell425$139.61$59,334.25  
1/2/2024Prabhakar RaghavanSVPSell16,088$139.10$2,237,840.80  
12/29/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell240$140.51$33,722.40  
12/28/2023John Kent WalkerInsiderSell28,281$141.40$3,998,933.40  
12/20/2023Sundar PichaiCEOSell22,500$141.43$3,182,175.00  
12/11/2023John L HennessyDirectorSell200$133.97$26,794.00  
12/1/2023Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell420$133.32$55,994.40  
11/30/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell230$136.40$31,372.00  
11/29/2023Josh GottheimerU.S. Congress Member (D-NJ)Sell$134.99$1,001 - $15,000
11/10/2023John L HennessyDirectorSell200$132.92$26,584.00  
11/7/2023Kavitark Ram ShriramDirectorSell75,000$131.09$9,831,750.00  
11/3/2023Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell425$129.08$54,859.00  
10/30/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell250$124.36$31,090.00  
10/25/2023Ann MatherDirectorSell260$129.82$33,753.20  
10/24/2023Greg StantonU.S. Congress Member (D-AZ)Sell$138.81$1,001 - $15,000
10/10/2023John L HennessyDirectorSell200$139.93$27,986.00  
10/3/2023Markwayne MullinU.S. Congress Member (R-OK)Buy$132.43$1,001 - $15,000
10/2/2023Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell420$132.09$55,477.80  
10/2/2023Ann MatherDirectorSell180$132.09$23,776.20  
10/2/2023Prabhakar RaghavanSVPSell16,083$133.82$2,152,227.06  
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9/28/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell240$130.85$31,404.00  
9/27/2023John Kent WalkerInsiderSell35,799$130.54$4,673,201.46  
9/26/2023Greg StantonU.S. Congress Member (D-AZ)Buy$128.57$1,001 - $15,000
9/25/2023Ann MatherDirectorSell220$130.89$28,795.80  
9/13/2023Markwayne MullinU.S. Congress Member (R-OK)Buy$136.71$15,001 - $50,000
9/11/2023John L HennessyDirectorSell200$137.30$27,460.00  
9/5/2023Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell3,749$136.28$510,913.72  
9/5/2023John Kent WalkerInsiderSell42,900$136.51$5,856,279.00  
8/30/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell230$135.56$31,178.80  
8/25/2023Ann MatherDirectorSell220$130.14$28,630.80  
8/14/2023Michael C. BurgessU.S. Congress Member (R-TX)Sell$131.33$15,001 - $50,000
8/10/2023John L HennessyDirectorSell200$131.14$26,228.00  
7/28/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell230$130.95$30,118.50  
7/25/2023Ann MatherDirectorSell220$121.75$26,785.00  
7/13/2023John L HennessyDirectorSell200$125.00$25,000.00  
7/10/2023Kavitark Ram ShriramDirectorSell31,240$116.82$3,649,456.80  
7/6/2023Michael C. BurgessU.S. Congress Member (R-TX)Buy$120.11$15,001 - $50,000
7/3/2023Prabhakar RaghavanSVPSell16,083$120.31$1,934,945.73  
6/29/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell240$120.02$28,804.80  
6/26/2023Ann MatherDirectorSell380$121.42$46,139.60  
6/20/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell37,405$15.06$563,319.30  
6/16/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell6,532$15.02$98,110.64  
6/14/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell28,960$14.87$430,635.20  
6/13/2023John L HennessyDirectorSell200$125.65$25,130.00  
6/12/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell16,031$14.98$240,144.38  
6/9/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell15,672$14.48$226,930.56  
6/7/2023Jonathan L. JacksonU.S. Congress Member (D-IL)Buy$122.50$15,001 - $50,000
6/2/2023Ann MatherDirectorSell9,540$125.33$1,195,648.20  
5/31/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell16,633$13.65$227,040.45  
5/31/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell240$123.73$29,695.20  
5/25/2023Frances ArnoldDirectorSell950$125.25$118,987.50  
5/24/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell7,900$13.66$107,914.00  
5/22/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell87,922$14.13$1,242,337.86  
5/19/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell63,212$13.88$877,382.56  
5/19/2023John L HennessyDirectorSell800$125.00$100,000.00  
5/17/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell15,000$12.77$191,550.00  
5/16/2023Kavitark Ram ShriramDirectorSell75,000$120.01$9,000,750.00  
5/15/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell157,952$12.74$2,012,308.48  
5/12/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell27,290$12.72$347,128.80  
5/10/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell87,397$14.03$1,226,179.91  
5/8/20232019 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderSell100,772$14.13$1,423,908.36  
5/5/20232021 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderBuy7,286$26.98$196,576.28  
5/5/2023Kavitark Ram ShriramDirectorSell37,500$105.04$3,939,000.00  
5/3/20232021 Gp L.L.C. GvMajor ShareholderBuy309,931$28.34$8,783,444.54  
5/2/2023Amie Thuener O'tooleCAOSell637$107.51$68,483.87  
(Data available from 1/1/2013 forward)

GOOGL Insider Trading Activity - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on Alphabet's Insider Roster?

The list of insiders at Alphabet includes 2016 Gp L.L.C. Gv, 2017 Gp L.L.C. Gv, 2019 Gp L.L.C. Gv, 2021 Gp L.L.C. Gv, Amie Thuener O'toole, Ann Mather, Brin Sergey, Frances Arnold, John Kent Walker, John L Hennessy, Kavitark Ram Shriram, Lawrence Page, Philipp Schindler, Prabhakar Raghavan, Ruth Porat, and Sundar Pichai. Learn more on insiders at GOOGL.

What percentage of Alphabet stock is owned by insiders?

0.88% of Alphabet stock is owned by insiders. Learn more on GOOGL's insider holdings.

Which Alphabet insiders have been buying company stock?

The following insiders have purchased GOOGL shares in the last 24 months: 2019 Gp L.L.C. Gv ($13,600,000.00), and 2021 Gp L.L.C. Gv ($53,848,920.18).

How much insider buying is happening at Alphabet?

Insiders have purchased a total of 2,463,094 GOOGL shares in the last 24 months for a total of $67,448,920.18 bought.

Which Alphabet insiders have been selling company stock?

The following insiders have sold GOOGL shares in the last 24 months: 2017 Gp L.L.C. Gv ($6,209,135.34), 2019 Gp L.L.C. Gv ($9,214,890.50), Amie Thuener O'toole ($1,930,459.14), Ann Mather ($1,757,739.64), Frances Arnold ($572,530.20), John Kent Walker ($34,872,953.81), John L Hennessy ($1,226,407.00), Kavitark Ram Shriram ($30,170,956.80), Philipp Schindler ($16,097,307.48), Prabhakar Raghavan ($17,901,408.82), Ruth Porat ($6,597,125.94), and Sundar Pichai ($29,421,225.00).

How much insider selling is happening at Alphabet?

Insiders have sold a total of 1,866,818 Alphabet shares in the last 24 months for a total of $155,972,139.67 sold.

Which members of congress are trading Alphabet?

Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), Greg Stanton (D-AZ), Michael C. Burgess (R-TX), and Jonathan L. Jackson (D-IL) have bought shares of Alphabet in the last year totaling $113,500. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Shri Thanedar (D-MI), Kathy E. Manning (D-NC), Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), Greg Stanton (D-AZ), and Michael C. Burgess (R-TX) have sold shares totaling $112,500.

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