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(As of 12:16 PM ET) (NASDAQ:AMZN) Insider Buying and Selling Activity

Insider Ownership
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Insiders Selling
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Insider Selling
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$5.58 B
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AMZN Insider Buying and Selling by Quarter Insider and Congressional Trades History

Transaction DateNameTitleBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionDetails
4/18/2024Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$181.38$90,690.00  
4/4/2024Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$184.00$92,000.00  
4/1/2024Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell3,500$180.73$632,555.00  
3/21/2024Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$180.00$90,000.00  
3/4/2024Andrew R JassyCEOSell50,000$180.00$9,000,000.00  
3/4/2024Jonathan RubinsteinDirectorSell5,556$180.00$1,000,080.00  
3/4/2024Brian J. MastU.S. Congress Member (R-FL)Buy$177.58$0 - $1,000
2/21/2024Andrew R JassyCEOSell22,048$168.79$3,721,481.92  
2/21/2024Brian T OlsavskyCFOSell16,800$168.97$2,838,696.00  
2/21/2024David ZapolskySVPSell10,920$169.21$1,847,773.20  
2/21/2024Shelley ReynoldsVPSell3,100$168.97$523,807.00  
2/20/2024Jeffrey P BezosInsiderSell2,009,208$166.79$335,115,802.32  
2/16/2024Andrew R JassyCEOSell50,000$168.65$8,432,500.00  
2/16/2024Jeffrey P BezosInsiderSell5,998,849$169.17$1,014,825,285.33  
2/14/2024Jeffrey P BezosInsiderSell5,998,849$169.97$1,019,624,364.53  
2/12/2024Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell14,300$175.00$2,502,500.00  
2/12/2024Jeffrey P BezosInsiderSell5,998,849$173.27$1,039,420,566.23  
2/12/2024Earl BlumenauerU.S. Congress Member (D-OR)Buy$172.34$15,001 - $50,000
2/9/2024Jeffrey P BezosInsiderSell5,998,849$173.33$1,039,780,497.17  
2/9/2024Jonathan RubinsteinDirectorSell12,133$171.00$2,074,743.00  
2/7/2024Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell20,200$169.99$3,433,798.00  
2/7/2024Jeffrey P BezosInsiderSell5,998,849$170.16$1,020,764,145.84  
2/1/2024Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$155.72$77,860.00  
1/25/2024Shri ThanedarU.S. Congress Member (D-MI)Sell$157.75$1,001 - $15,000
1/19/2024Blake D. MooreU.S. Congress Member (R-UT)Sell$155.34$15,001 - $50,000
1/19/2024Blake D. MooreU.S. Congress Member (R-UT)Sell$155.34$1,001 - $15,000
1/18/2024Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$152.78$76,390.00  
1/4/2024Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$145.63$72,815.00  
12/21/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$153.20$76,600.00  
12/14/2023Jerry MoranU.S. Congress Member (R-KS)Sell$147.42$1,001 - $15,000
12/6/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$147.76$73,880.00  
12/4/2023John R. CurtisU.S. Congress Member (R-UT)Sell$144.84$15,001 - $50,000
11/21/2023Andrew R JassyCEOSell21,933$142.66$3,128,961.78  
11/21/2023Brian T OlsavskyCFOSell16,800$143.76$2,415,168.00  
11/21/2023David ZapolskySVPSell6,720$143.15$961,968.00  
11/21/2023Shelley ReynoldsVPSell3,120$143.19$446,752.80  
11/15/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell10,756$144.60$1,555,317.60  
11/3/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$139.00$69,500.00  
11/1/2023Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell4,000$133.98$535,920.00  
10/24/2023Greg StantonU.S. Congress Member (D-AZ)Sell$128.56$1,001 - $15,000
10/19/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$130.53$65,265.00  
10/5/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$126.64$63,320.00  
10/3/2023Markwayne MullinU.S. Congress Member (R-OK)Buy$124.72$1,001 - $15,000
10/2/2023Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell4,000$127.20$508,800.00  
9/28/2023Robert J. WittmanU.S. Congress Member (R-VA)Sell$125.98$1,001 - $15,000
9/26/2023Greg StantonU.S. Congress Member (D-AZ)Buy$125.98$1,001 - $15,000
9/20/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$138.48$69,240.00  
9/14/2023David ZapolskySVPSell42,816$145.13$6,213,886.08  
9/13/2023Markwayne MullinU.S. Congress Member (R-OK)Buy$144.85$50,001 - $100,000
9/1/2023Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell4,000$139.48$557,920.00  
8/22/2023Dan SullivanU.S. Congress Member (R-AK)Sell$134.25$1,001 - $15,000
8/21/2023Andrew R JassyCEOSell21,933$133.92$2,937,267.36  
8/21/2023Brian T OlsavskyCFOSell16,800$133.61$2,244,648.00  
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8/21/2023David ZapolskySVPSell6,720$133.87$899,606.40  
8/21/2023David ZapolskySVPSell6,720$133.87$899,606.40  
8/21/2023Shelley ReynoldsVPSell3,100$133.87$414,997.00  
8/15/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell70,056$139.86$9,798,032.16  
8/14/2023Michael C. BurgessU.S. Congress Member (R-TX)Sell$140.57$15,001 - $50,000
8/9/2023Amazon Com IncMajor ShareholderSell1,177,000$19.50$22,951,500.00  
8/7/2023Michael GuestU.S. Congress Member (R-MS)Buy$142.22$1,001 - $15,000
8/4/2023Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell50,000$141.00$7,050,000.00  
8/1/2023Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell4,000$133.55$534,200.00  
7/24/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$129.48$64,740.00  
7/6/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$128.17$64,085.00  
7/6/2023Michael C. BurgessU.S. Congress Member (R-TX)Sell$128.36$1,001 - $15,000
7/6/2023Michael C. BurgessU.S. Congress Member (R-TX)Buy$128.36$15,001 - $50,000
7/3/2023Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell4,000$130.93$523,720.00  
6/21/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$125.07$62,535.00  
6/6/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell500$126.27$63,135.00  
6/1/2023Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell4,000$120.61$482,440.00  
5/26/2023Zoe LofgrenU.S. Congress Member (D-CA)Sell$120.11$1,001 - $15,000
5/25/2023Jeffrey P BezosInsiderBuy1$114.77$114.77  
5/22/2023Andrew R JassyCEOSell21,925$115.37$2,529,487.25  
5/22/2023Brian T OlsavskyCFOSell16,800$116.69$1,960,392.00  
5/22/2023David ZapolskySVPSell6,720$115.56$776,563.20  
5/22/2023Shelley ReynoldsVPSell3,100$115.60$358,360.00  
5/15/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell10,760$110.33$1,187,150.80  
5/4/2023Adam SelipskyCEOSell520$104.34$54,256.80  
5/1/2023Douglas J HerringtonCEOSell4,000$105.00$420,000.00  
(Data available from 1/1/2013 forward)

AMZN Insider Trading Activity - Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of stock is owned by insiders?

10.80% of stock is owned by insiders. Learn more on AMZN's insider holdings.

Which insiders have been buying company stock?

The following insider purchased AMZN shares in the last 24 months: Jeffrey P Bezos ($114.77).

How much insider buying is happening at

Insiders have purchased a total of 1 AMZN shares in the last 24 months for a total of $114.77 bought.

Which insiders have been selling company stock?

The following insiders have sold AMZN shares in the last 24 months: Adam Selipsky ($14,889,977.22), Amazon Com Inc ($28,854,000.00), Andrew R Jassy ($38,149,117.21), Brian T Olsavsky ($16,405,026.42), Daniel P Huttenlocher ($164,604.00), David H Clark ($4,924,129.40), David Zapolsky ($16,572,168.68), Douglas J Herrington ($22,413,625.10), Jeffrey P Bezos ($5,469,530,661.42), Jonathan Rubinstein ($3,074,823.00), and Shelley Reynolds ($3,247,497.26).

How much insider selling is happening at

Insiders have sold a total of 34,219,921 shares in the last 24 months for a total of $5,618,225,629.71 sold.

Which members of congress are trading

Brian J. Mast (R-FL), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), Greg Stanton (D-AZ), Michael Guest (R-MS), and Michael C. Burgess (R-TX) have bought shares of in the last year totaling $164,500. Shri Thanedar (D-MI), Blake D. Moore (R-UT), Jerry Moran (R-KS), John R. Curtis (R-UT), Greg Stanton (D-AZ), Robert J. Wittman (R-VA), Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Michael C. Burgess (R-TX), Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), and John W. Hickenlooper (D-CO) have sold shares totaling $194,000.

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