S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.83 (+0.20%)
AAPL   265.58 (+1.47%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
BABA   200.00 (+3.23%)
GE   10.79 (-1.01%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
ACB   2.44 (-1.61%)
PRI   134.30 (+0.83%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
GILD   65.93 (-1.23%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.83 (+0.20%)
AAPL   265.58 (+1.47%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
BABA   200.00 (+3.23%)
GE   10.79 (-1.01%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
ACB   2.44 (-1.61%)
PRI   134.30 (+0.83%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
GILD   65.93 (-1.23%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.83 (+0.20%)
AAPL   265.58 (+1.47%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
BABA   200.00 (+3.23%)
GE   10.79 (-1.01%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
ACB   2.44 (-1.61%)
PRI   134.30 (+0.83%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
GILD   65.93 (-1.23%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.83 (+0.20%)
AAPL   265.58 (+1.47%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
BABA   200.00 (+3.23%)
GE   10.79 (-1.01%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
ACB   2.44 (-1.61%)
PRI   134.30 (+0.83%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
GILD   65.93 (-1.23%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
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Compass Point Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Compass Point. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Compass Point.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/5/2019Compass PointInitiatesAdyen (ADYYF)NeutralMedium    
12/5/2019Compass PointInitiatesPaypal (PYPL)Buy $120.00Low    
12/5/2019Compass PointInitiatesMastercard (MA)Buy $330.00Low    
12/5/2019Compass PointInitiatesVisa (V)BuyLow    
12/5/2019Compass PointInitiatesEVO Payments (EVOP)Neutral $28.00High    
12/5/2019Compass PointInitiatesSquare (SQ)Neutral $70.00Low    
12/4/2019Compass PointDowngradesWorkday (WDAY)Buy -> Neutral $199.00High    
12/2/2019Compass PointInitiatesTPG RE Finance Trust (TRTX)Buy $21.50Low    
12/2/2019Compass PointInitiatesKKR Real Estate Finance Trust (KREF)Neutral $20.50Low    
12/2/2019Compass PointInitiatesTwo Harbors Investment (TWO)Buy $15.20Low    
12/2/2019Compass PointUpgradesTrulieve Cannabis (TCNNF)Neutral -> Buy$11.00 -> $17.00Medium    
12/2/2019Compass PointInitiatesPennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT)Neutral $22.50Medium    
12/2/2019Compass PointInitiatesNew Residential Investment (NRZ)Buy $19.00Low    
12/2/2019Compass PointInitiatesLadder Capital (LADR)Buy $19.10Low    
12/2/2019Compass PointInitiatesBlackstone Mortgage Trust (BXMT)Neutral $36.00Low    
12/2/2019Compass PointInitiatesApollo Commercial Real Est. Finance (ARI)Neutral $18.80Low    
11/27/2019Compass PointInitiatesSilvergate Capital (SI)Buy $17.50Medium    
11/25/2019Compass PointUpgradesWeingarten Realty Investors (WRI)Neutral -> Buy$30.00 -> $33.00Medium    
11/25/2019Compass PointUpgradesKimco Realty (KIM)Sell -> Neutral $22.00Low    
11/25/2019Compass PointDowngradesSITE Centers (SITC)Neutral -> Sell $13.50Low    
11/25/2019Compass PointDowngradesKite Realty Group Trust (KRG)Neutral -> Sell $18.00High    
11/18/2019Compass PointInitiatesSilvergate Capital (SI)Buy $17.50Low    
11/15/2019Compass PointLowers TargetCanopy Growth (CGC)Neutral$24.00 -> $17.00Low    
11/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesBlack Knight (BKI)Buy -> Neutral $61.00Low    
11/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesReady Capital (RC)Buy -> Neutral $16.50Medium    
11/5/2019Compass PointDowngradesPreferred Apartment Communities (APTS)Buy -> HoldMedium    
11/4/2019Compass PointInitiatesBenefitfocus (BNFT)Buy $37.00High    
11/1/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetIntercontinental Exchange (ICE)Buy $105.00N/A    
11/1/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetRadian Group (RDN)Buy $33.50N/A    
11/1/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetCallaway Golf (ELY)Buy $21.50N/A    
11/1/2019Compass PointDowngradesSensata Technologies (ST)Buy -> HoldMedium    
10/31/2019Compass PointDowngradesIndependence Realty Trust (IRT)Buy -> NeutralLow    
10/29/2019Compass PointDowngradesAcushnet (GOLF)Neutral -> Sell$23.00 -> $23.50Medium    
10/25/2019Compass PointDowngradesTriton International (TRTN)Buy -> Neutral $38.00Medium    
10/22/2019Compass PointDowngradesWebster Financial (WBS)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
10/18/2019Compass PointInitiatesProvident Bancorp (PVBC)Buy $13.00High    
10/9/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetVirtu Financial (VIRT)Hold $18.00N/A    
10/9/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetCallaway Golf (ELY)Buy $21.00N/A    
10/2/2019Compass PointUpgradesInteractive Brokers Group (IBKR)Neutral -> Buy $56.00N/A    
9/25/2019Compass PointRaises TargetKushCo (KSHB)Buy$5.00 -> $8.00High    
9/23/2019Compass PointInitiatesEasterly Government Properties (DEA)Buy $25.00Low    
9/12/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetAurora Cannabis (ACB)Hold $8.00High    
9/16/2019Compass PointDowngradesApollo Investment (AINV)Buy -> Neutral $17.00Medium    
9/12/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetWashington Trust Bancorp (WASH)Buy $53.00Low    
9/12/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetCentral Pacific Financial (CPF)Hold $29.00Low    
9/12/2019Compass PointInitiatesTrulieve Cannabis (TCNNF)Hold $9.00Medium    
9/10/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetWalker & Dunlop (WD)Buy $63.00Low    
9/9/2019Compass PointUpgradesFederal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)Neutral -> Buy $7.75High    
9/9/2019Compass PointUpgradesFederal Home Loan Mortgage (FMCC)Neutral -> Buy $7.00High    
9/6/2019Compass PointInitiatesMonmouth R.E. Inv. (MNR)Buy $16.50High    
9/4/2019Compass PointDowngradesKimco Realty (KIM)Neutral -> Sell$19.00 -> $17.75Medium    
9/4/2019Compass PointUpgradesKite Realty Group Trust (KRG)Sell -> Neutral$13.50 -> $14.50High    
8/23/2019Compass PointSet Price Targetsalesforce.com (CRM)Buy $193.00Low    
8/23/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetFly Leasing (FLY)Buy $23.00Low    
8/23/2019Compass PointDowngradesAres Capital (ARCC)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesWeingarten Realty Investors (WRI)Neutral -> Neutral $27.50Low    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesUrban Edge Properties (UE)Buy -> Buy $20.00Low    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesSITE Centers (SITC)Neutral -> Neutral $14.00Low    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesRPT Realty (RPT)Sell -> Sell $10.50Low    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesRetail Properties of America (RPAI)Neutral -> Neutral $12.00Low    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesRegency Centers (REG)Neutral -> Neutral $67.00Low    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesKite Realty Group Trust (KRG)Sell -> Sell $13.50High    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesKimco Realty (KIM)Neutral -> Neutral $19.00Low    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesFederal Realty Investment Trust (FRT)Buy -> Buy $142.00Medium    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesCedar Realty Trust (CDR)Sell -> Sell $2.00High    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesBrixmor Property Group (BRX)Neutral -> Neutral $19.00Low    
8/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesAcadia Realty Trust (AKR)Buy -> Buy $30.00Low    
8/13/2019Compass PointInitiatesHubSpot (HUBS)Buy -> Buy $222.00Low    
8/13/2019Compass PointInitiatesMongodb (MDB)Neutral -> Neutral $155.00Medium    
8/13/2019Compass PointInitiatesQ2 (QTWO)Buy -> Buy $105.00High    
8/13/2019Compass PointInitiatesAnaplan (PLAN)Neutral -> Neutral $58.00Medium    
8/13/2019Compass PointInitiatesZendesk (ZEN)Buy -> Buy $100.00High    
8/13/2019Compass PointInitiatesAlteryx (AYX)Buy -> Buy $150.00High    
8/13/2019Compass PointInitiatessalesforce.com (CRM)Buy -> Buy $190.00Medium    
8/13/2019Compass PointInitiatesWorkday (WDAY)Buy -> Buy $238.00Low    
8/9/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetRealogy (RLGY)Hold $7.00Low    
8/9/2019Compass PointUpgradesHarborOne Bancorp (HONE)Neutral -> Buy$17.00 -> $22.00High    
8/7/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetBlack Knight (BKI)Buy $63.00Low    
8/7/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetTextainer Group (TGH)Hold $12.00High    
8/7/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetGreenSky (GSKY)Hold $7.00Low    
8/6/2019Compass PointDowngradesRe/Max (RMAX)Buy -> Neutral$42.00 -> $31.00Low    
8/2/2019Compass PointUpgradesRedfin (RDFN)Neutral -> Buy $24.00High    
7/31/2019Compass PointRaises TargetOneMain (OMF)Buy$42.00 -> $50.00Low    
7/31/2019Compass PointRaises TargetAerCap (AER)Buy$69.00 -> $73.00Medium    
7/31/2019Compass PointUpgradesNexPoint Residential Trust (NXRT)Neutral -> Buy $46.50High    
7/31/2019Compass PointUpgradesAxos Financial (AX)Neutral -> BuyHigh    
7/22/2019Compass PointPreferred Apartment Communities (APTS)Buy $19.00N/A    
7/26/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetFirst American Financial (FAF)Hold $60.00Low    
7/26/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetCorelogic (CLGX)Hold $44.00Medium    
7/26/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetTriton International (TRTN)Buy $38.00Low    
7/26/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetHometrust Bancshares (HTBI)Buy $31.00Low    
7/26/2019Compass PointUpgradesCapstar Financial (CSTR)Sell -> Neutral $16.00Low    
7/26/2019Compass PointDowngradesSLM (SLM)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
7/25/2019Compass PointDowngradesCentral Pacific Financial (CPF)Buy -> Neutral$35.00 -> $30.00High    
7/24/2019Compass PointUpgradesBerkshire Hills Bancorp (BHLB)Sell -> NeutralMedium    
7/22/2019Compass PointInitiatesInvestors Real Estate Trust Reit (IRET)Buy -> Buy $67.50Medium    
7/22/2019Compass PointInitiatesUMH PROPERTIES/SH SH (UMH)Buy -> Buy $19.50High    
7/19/2019Compass PointUpgradesIndependent Bank (INDB)Neutral -> Buy$77.00 -> $83.00High    
7/18/2019Compass PointInitiatesOwl Rock Capital (ORCC)NeutralHigh    
7/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesJones Lang LaSalle (JLL)Buy $180.00Low    
7/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesNewmark Group (NMRK)Buy $14.00High    
7/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesCBRE Group (CBRE)Neutral $54.00Low    
7/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesCushman & Wakefield (CWK)NeutralLow    
7/8/2019Compass PointUpgradesRealogy (RLGY)Sell -> NeutralMedium    
7/8/2019Compass PointUpgradesRe/Max (RMAX)Neutral -> BuyMedium    
7/8/2019Compass PointUpgradesFidelity National Financial (FNF)Neutral -> BuyHigh    
7/8/2019Compass PointInitiatesHarvest Health & Recreation (HRVSF)BuyMedium    
7/8/2019Compass PointInitiatesAurora Cannabis (ACB)Neutral -> NeutralMedium    
7/2/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetE*TRADE Financial (ETFC)Buy $52.00Low    
7/2/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetTD Ameritrade (AMTD)Buy $58.00Low    
7/2/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetInteractive Brokers Group (IBKR)Hold $56.00N/A    
7/2/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetCharles Schwab (SCHW)Hold $45.00Low    
7/2/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetSantander Consumer USA (SC)Hold $25.00Low    
7/2/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetHercules Capital (HTGC)Hold $13.00Low    
6/24/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetNational General (NGHC)Hold $36.00Low    
6/20/2019Compass PointInitiatesFederal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)Neutral -> NeutralHigh    
6/20/2019Compass PointInitiatesFederal Home Loan Mortgage (FMCC)Neutral -> NeutralHigh    
6/17/2019Compass PointLowers TargetTilray (TLRY)Neutral -> Sell$41.00 -> $38.00Medium    
6/12/2019Compass PointDowngradesColumbia Financial (CLBK)Buy -> Neutral$18.00 -> $15.50Medium    
6/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesCresco Labs (CRLBF)BuyMedium    
6/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesAcreage (ACRGF)BuyLow    
6/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesTilray (TLRY)Neutral $41.00High    
6/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesNew Age Beverages (NBEV)Buy $9.00Low    
6/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesCuraleaf (CURLF)BuyMedium    
6/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesKushCo (KSHB)Buy $8.00Low    
6/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesCanopy Growth (CGC)Neutral $43.76Medium    
6/10/2019Compass PointInitiatesGreen Thumb Industries (GTBIF)BuyMedium    
5/30/2019Compass PointInitiatesStifel Financial (SF)Buy -> Buy$65.00 -> $65.00Low    
5/29/2019Compass PointDowngradesChubb (CB)Buy -> Neutral$165.00 -> $156.00Low    
5/9/2019Compass PointDowngradesRedfin (RDFN)Buy -> Neutral$25.00 -> $22.00High    
5/9/2019Compass PointReiteratesFrontdoor (FTDR)Buy -> Buy$45.00 -> $47.50Medium    
5/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesLPL Financial (LPLA)Buy -> Neutral $84.13Low    
5/7/2019Compass PointInitiatesWebster Financial (WBS)Buy -> BuyMedium    
5/6/2019Compass PointDowngradesSantander Consumer USA (SC)Buy -> NeutralLow    
5/6/2019Compass PointDowngradesTriplepoint Venture Growth BDC (TPVG)Buy -> Neutral $14.50Low    
5/3/2019Compass PointDowngradesRealogy (RLGY)Neutral -> Sell$12.50 -> $8.00High    
5/3/2019Compass PointDowngradesPennantPark Investment (PNNT)Buy -> Neutral$8.50 -> $7.00High    
5/2/2019Compass PointUpgradesRandolph Bancorp (RNDB)Sell -> NeutralLow    
5/2/2019Compass PointReiteratesRadian Group (RDN)Buy -> Buy$26.50 -> $30.00Low    
5/2/2019Compass PointReiteratesNMI (NMIH)Buy -> Buy$30.50 -> $33.00Medium    
5/1/2019Compass PointDowngradesAxos Financial (AX)Buy -> Neutral $35.00High    
4/30/2019Compass PointReiteratesLendingtree (TREE)Buy -> Buy$305.00 -> $345.00Medium    
4/29/2019Compass PointDowngradesFidelity National Financial (FNF)Buy -> Neutral$42.50 -> $43.75High    
4/29/2019Compass PointUpgradesColumbia Financial (CLBK)Neutral -> Buy$16.00 -> $18.00High    
4/29/2019Compass PointDowngradesFirst American Financial (FAF)Buy -> Neutral $57.88High    
4/23/2019Compass PointInitiatesTradeweb Markets (TW)Neutral -> Neutral $40.00N/A    
4/22/2019Compass PointDowngradesBank of Hawaii (BOH)Buy -> Neutral$83.00 -> $82.00Low    
4/22/2019Compass PointUpgradesWashington Trust Bancorp (WASH)Neutral -> BuyMedium    
4/18/2019Compass PointDowngradesTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)Buy -> Neutral $58.49High    
4/15/2019Compass PointDowngradesSaratoga Investment (SAR)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
4/10/2019Compass PointUpgradesRealogy (RLGY)Sell -> Neutral$11.25 -> $12.50High    
4/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesFranklin Financial Network (FSB)Neutral -> SellHigh    
4/3/2019Compass PointDowngradesJames River Group (JRVR)Buy -> Neutral$47.00 -> $39.00High    
3/20/2019Compass PointInitiatesNational General (NGHC)Buy $34.00Low    
3/19/2019Compass PointUpgradesArgo Group (ARGO)Neutral -> Buy $68.10High    
3/12/2019Compass PointDowngradesHercules Capital (HTGC)Buy -> NeutralLow    
3/11/2019Compass PointInitiatesLPL Financial (LPLA)Buy $82.00High    
3/11/2019Compass PointInitiatesRaymond James (RJF)Buy $96.00Low    
3/8/2019Compass PointInitiatesNEWTEK Business Services (NEWT)Neutral $19.00Low    
3/6/2019Compass PointUpgradesHarborOne Bancorp (HONE)Sell -> NeutralMedium    
3/1/2019Compass PointInitiatesHanover Insurance Group (THG)Buy $118.71Medium    
3/1/2019Compass PointDowngradesAcushnet (GOLF)Buy -> Neutral $24.91High    
3/1/2019Compass PointUpgradesBarings BDC (BBDC)Neutral -> Buy $9.61Medium    
2/27/2019Compass PointDowngradesRealogy (RLGY)Neutral -> Sell$16.50 -> $11.25Medium    
2/22/2019Compass PointUpgradesFederal Agricultural Mortgage (AGM)Neutral -> Buy$83.00 -> $86.00High    
2/19/2019Compass PointReiteratesBlack Knight (BKI)Buy -> Buy$55.50 -> $59.75Low    
2/15/2019Compass PointRaises TargetRedfin (RDFN)Buy$20.50 -> $22.75High    
2/15/2019Compass PointUpgradesAmerican International Group (AIG)Neutral -> Buy$44.00 -> $56.00High    
2/6/2019Compass PointUpgradesAxos Financial (AX)Neutral -> Buy$33.00 -> $38.00Low    
2/4/2019Compass PointInitiatesBarings BDC (BBDC)NeutralLow    
2/2/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetColumbia Financial (CLBK)Hold $16.00Low    
1/30/2019Compass PointUpgradesWestern New England Bancorp (WNEB)Neutral -> Buy$10.00 -> $10.50High    
1/29/2019Compass PointDowngradesWashington Trust Bancorp (WASH)Buy -> Neutral $53.00High    
1/28/2019Compass PointReiteratesHilltop (HTH)Buy -> Buy$25.00 -> $21.50Low    
1/25/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetDiscover Financial Services (DFS)Hold $74.00Low    
1/25/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetFirst Hawaiian (FHB)Buy $28.00Medium    
1/25/2019Compass PointSet Price TargetBerkshire Hills Bancorp (BHLB)Sell $24.00Low    
1/24/2019Compass PointInitiatesRedfin (RDFN)Buy -> Buy $20.50Low    
1/24/2019Compass PointInitiatesRealogy (RLGY)Neutral -> Neutral $16.50Medium    
1/24/2019Compass PointInitiatesRe/Max (RMAX)Neutral -> Neutral $40.00Low    
1/24/2019Compass PointInitiatesFirst American Financial (FAF)Buy -> Buy $58.00Low    
1/24/2019Compass PointInitiatesFidelity National Financial (FNF)Buy -> Buy $43.25Low    
1/22/2019Compass PointInitiatesBRT Apartments (BRT)Neutral $13.50Low    
1/16/2019Compass PointDowngradesEntegra Financial (ENFC)Buy -> Neutral$27.00 -> $21.50High    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesRLI (RLI)Sell $48.00Low    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesArgo Group (ARGO)Neutral $70.00Low    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesTravelers Companies (TRV)Buy $155.00Medium    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesHartford Financial Services Group (HIG)Buy $58.00Low    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesChubb (CB)Buy $165.00Medium    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesJames River Group (JRVR)Buy $44.00High    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesAmerican International Group (AIG)Neutral $44.00Medium    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesAON (AON)Buy $195.00Medium    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesAllstate (ALL)Buy -> Buy $114.00Low    
1/15/2019Compass PointInitiatesMarsh & McLennan Companies (MMC)Neutral $86.00Low    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesPCSB Financial (PCSB)Buy -> NeutralMedium    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesBrookline Bancorp (BRKL)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesMelrose Bancorp (MELR)Buy -> NeutralLow    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesColumbia Financial (CLBK)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesWestern New England Bancorp (WNEB)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesIndependent Bank (INDB)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesBerkshire Hills Bancorp (BHLB)Neutral -> Sell $38.00High    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesRandolph Bancorp (RNDB)Neutral -> SellLow    
1/8/2019Compass PointDowngradesCapstar Financial (CSTR)Neutral -> SellLow    
1/2/2019Compass PointUpgradesAcushnet (GOLF)Neutral -> BuyHigh    
12/18/2018Compass PointUpgradesCallaway Golf (ELY)Neutral -> BuyMedium    
12/10/2018Compass PointUpgradesConn's (CONN)Neutral -> Buy $29.00Low    
11/15/2018Compass PointUpgradesTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)Buy$103.00 -> $84.00Low    
11/8/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetNEWTEK Business Services (NEWT)Hold $19.00Low    
11/9/2018Compass PointUpgradesReady Capital (RC)Neutral -> BuyHigh    
11/7/2018Compass PointDowngradesGreenSky (GSKY)Buy -> Neutral$22.00 -> $11.00Medium    
11/6/2018Compass PointLowers TargetFrontdoor (FTDR)Buy$51.75 -> $42.00High    
11/2/2018Compass PointDowngradesIndependence Realty Trust (IRT)Buy -> NeutralLow    
11/1/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetRadian Group (RDN)Buy $26.00Low    
10/31/2018Compass PointRaises TargetNMI (NMIH)Buy -> Buy$23.50 -> $26.00High    
10/31/2018Compass PointLowers TargetBlack Knight (BKI)Buy -> Buy$58.00 -> $55.50Medium    
10/26/2018Compass PointLowers TargetCorelogic (CLGX)Neutral$46.00 -> $43.00High    
10/23/2018Compass PointUpgradesTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)Neutral -> Buy$103.00 -> $84.00Low    
10/22/2018Compass PointRaises TargetMGIC Investment (MTG)Buy -> Buy$14.50 -> $16.50Medium    
10/17/2018Compass PointUpgradesCapstar Financial (CSTR)Sell -> Neutral $17.00High    
10/8/2018Compass PointRaises TargetInnovative Industrial Properties (IIPR)Buy -> Buy$48.00 -> $50.00High    
10/1/2018Compass PointInitiatesFrontdoor (FTDR)Buy -> Buy $51.75Low    
9/19/2018Compass PointInitiatesVirtu Financial (VIRT)Neutral -> Neutral $23.00Low    
8/17/2018Compass PointReiteratesConn's (CONN)Hold $38.50Low    
8/16/2018Compass PointUpgradesGreenSky (GSKY)Neutral -> Buy $27.00High    
8/13/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetTriplepoint Venture Growth BDC (TPVG)Buy $14.00Low    
8/12/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetMedley Management (MDLY)Hold $6.00Low    
8/12/2018Compass PointReiteratesAir Lease (AL)Buy $58.00Low    
8/9/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetTwo Harbors Investment (TWO)Buy $16.00Low    
8/9/2018Compass PointDowngradesReady Capital (RC)Buy -> NeutralLow    
8/8/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetRedwood Trust (RWT)Hold $18.00Medium    
8/8/2018Compass PointReiteratesGreenSky (GSKY)Hold $22.00High    
8/7/2018Compass PointReiteratesGranite Point Mortgage Trust (GPMT)Buy $20.00Low    
8/7/2018Compass PointReiteratesPennyMac Financial Services (PFSI)Hold $23.00Low    
8/6/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetCallaway Golf (ELY)Hold $20.00Medium    
8/3/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetHercules Capital (HTGC)Buy $14.00Low    
8/3/2018Compass PointReiteratesIndependence Realty Trust (IRT)BuyLow    
8/3/2018Compass PointReiteratesTriton International (TRTN)Buy $42.00Low    
8/2/2018Compass PointReiteratesAcushnet (GOLF)Hold $25.00High    
8/2/2018Compass PointReiteratesNMI (NMIH)Buy $24.00Medium    
8/2/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetNEWTEK Business Services (NEWT)Hold $19.00Low    
8/2/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetTriplepoint Venture Growth BDC (TPVG)Buy $15.00Low    
8/2/2018Compass PointSet Price TargetMFA FINL INC/SH (MFA)Hold $8.00High    
8/1/2018Compass PointReiteratesWalker & Dunlop (WD)Buy $63.00Medium    
8/1/2018Compass PointUpgradesCredit Acceptance (CACC)Sell -> NeutralHigh    
8/1/2018Compass PointDowngradesHorizon Technology Finance (HRZN)Neutral -> SellHigh    
7/31/2018Compass PointReiteratesPaypal (PYPL)Hold $95.00Low    
7/30/2018Compass PointReiteratesSynchrony Financial (SYF)Buy $39.00Low    
7/31/2018Compass PointUpgradesHilltop (HTH)Neutral -> Buy $25.00Low    
7/27/2018Compass PointReiteratesLendingtree (TREE)Hold $250.00High    
7/26/2018Compass PointUpgradesFranklin Financial Network (FSB)Sell -> NeutralHigh    

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