S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.43 (+0.51%)
AAPL   265.58 (+1.47%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
CGC   18.60 (+1.20%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
BABA   200.00 (+3.23%)
GE   10.79 (-1.01%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
T   38.19 (+0.24%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
ACB   2.44 (-1.61%)
F   8.93 (-0.22%)
PRI   134.30 (+0.83%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
GILD   65.93 (-1.23%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.43 (+0.51%)
AAPL   265.58 (+1.47%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
CGC   18.60 (+1.20%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
BABA   200.00 (+3.23%)
GE   10.79 (-1.01%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
T   38.19 (+0.24%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
ACB   2.44 (-1.61%)
F   8.93 (-0.22%)
PRI   134.30 (+0.83%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
GILD   65.93 (-1.23%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.43 (+0.51%)
AAPL   265.58 (+1.47%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
CGC   18.60 (+1.20%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
BABA   200.00 (+3.23%)
GE   10.79 (-1.01%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
T   38.19 (+0.24%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
ACB   2.44 (-1.61%)
F   8.93 (-0.22%)
PRI   134.30 (+0.83%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
GILD   65.93 (-1.23%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.43 (+0.51%)
AAPL   265.58 (+1.47%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
CGC   18.60 (+1.20%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
BABA   200.00 (+3.23%)
GE   10.79 (-1.01%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
T   38.19 (+0.24%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
ACB   2.44 (-1.61%)
F   8.93 (-0.22%)
PRI   134.30 (+0.83%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
GILD   65.93 (-1.23%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
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Societe Generale Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Societe Generale. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Societe Generale.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/4/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetRoyal Mail (RMG)HoldGBX 208 -> GBX 200N/A    
11/29/2019Societe GeneraleRaises TargeteasyJet (EZJ)SellGBX 1,000 -> GBX 1,280N/A    
11/28/2019Societe GeneraleRaises TargetCRH (CRH)BuyGBX 3,200 -> GBX 3,600N/A    
11/27/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesCOMPASS GRP PLC/S (CMPGY)Buy -> HoldMedium    
11/26/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetReckitt Benckiser Group (RB)SellGBX 5,500 -> GBX 5,300N/A    
11/25/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesAnheuser Busch Inbev (BUD)HoldLow    
11/25/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesOrange (ORAN)Hold -> BuyMedium    
11/22/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetBT Group - CLASS A (BT.A)BuyGBX 320 -> GBX 305N/A    
11/21/2019Societe GeneraleRaises TargetThe Sage Group (SGE)SellGBX 536 -> GBX 590N/A    
11/21/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetKingfisher (KGF)SellGBX 184 -> GBX 170N/A    
11/18/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesADIDAS AG/S (ADDYY)Hold -> BuyLow    
11/13/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetSAP (SAP)Buy €131.00N/A    
11/11/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesRolls-Royce (RYCEY)Buy -> HoldHigh    
11/11/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesHEIDELBERGCEMEN/ADR (HDELY)Sell -> HoldLow    
11/11/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesENAGAS S A/ADR (ENGGY)Sell -> HoldLow    
11/11/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesRolls-Royce (RR)HoldGBX 930 -> GBX 825N/A    
11/7/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesMarks and Spencer Group (MKS)HoldGBX 179 -> GBX 189N/A    
11/5/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesArcelorMittal (MT)Buy -> SellMedium    
11/1/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetRoyal Dutch Shell (RDSB)BuyGBX 2,800 -> GBX 2,700N/A    
11/1/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetLloyds Banking Group (LLOY)BuyGBX 80 -> GBX 76N/A    
10/30/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetBP (BP)Buy$570.00 -> $560.00N/A    
10/31/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetPrudential (PRU)SellGBX 1,300 -> GBX 1,200N/A    
10/29/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesJPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)Hold -> SellLow    
10/29/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesBank of America (BAC)Hold -> SellLow    
10/29/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesBankia (BNKXF)Hold -> SellLow    
10/28/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetENI (ENI)Buy €16.00N/A    
10/25/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesPUMA SE/ADR (PUMSY)Buy -> HoldLow    
10/25/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesMoncler (MONRF)Hold -> BuyHigh    
10/22/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesWorkday (WDAY)Sell -> HoldLow    
10/18/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesRENAULT S A/ADR (RNLSY)Buy -> HoldHigh    
10/16/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesInfineon Technologies (IFNNY)Hold -> SellLow    
10/11/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesTelefonica Deutschland (TELDF)Sell -> HoldLow    
10/11/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesHUGO BOSS AG/S (BOSSY)Hold -> SellHigh    
10/11/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesPublicis Groupe (PUBGY)Buy -> HoldHigh    
9/24/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesK&S (KPLUF)Buy -> HoldLow    
9/23/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesVALLOUREC SA/S (VLOWY)Buy -> HoldLow    
9/18/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesGALP ENERGIA SG/ADR (GLPEY)Hold -> BuyLow    
9/18/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRepsol (REPYY)Hold -> BuyLow    
9/18/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesATLAS COPCO AB/S (ATLKY)Sell -> HoldLow    
9/12/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesZurich Insurance Group (ZURVY)Hold -> BuyLow    
9/9/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesBNP PARIBAS/S (BNPQY)SellLow    
9/10/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetSymrise (SY1)Buy €100.00N/A    
9/10/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)BuyN/A    
9/10/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesRoyal Dutch Shell (RDSB)BuyN/A    
9/10/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesBarclays (BARC)BuyN/A    
9/10/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesHSBC (HSBA)HoldN/A    
9/10/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesLloyds Banking Group (LLOY)BuyN/A    
9/10/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesRoyal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS)HoldN/A    
9/10/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesStandard Chartered (STAN)BuyN/A    
9/9/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesInternational Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)Buy $140.00High    
9/3/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetMerck & Co., Inc. (MRK)Buy $105.00Low    
9/6/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetSafran (SAF)Neutral €150.00N/A    
9/5/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesDiageo (DEO)Buy -> SellHigh    
9/3/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesVeolia Environnement (VEOEY)Hold -> BuyLow    
9/3/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Sell -> BuyLow    
8/28/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesMeggitt (MEGGF)Hold -> SellLow    
8/28/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesMEGGITT PLC/ADR (MEGGY)Hold -> SellLow    
8/27/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesNMC Health (NMC)BuyN/A    
8/12/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesNational-Oilwell Varco (NOV)Neutral -> Positive $25.00Low    
8/8/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesAir France-KLM (AFLYY)Hold -> BuyLow    
8/6/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesRyanair (RYAAY)Buy -> HoldLow    
8/5/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesFerrari (RACE)Hold -> BuyLow    
8/2/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesINTERTEK GRP PL/ADR (IKTSY)Hold -> SellLow    
8/2/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesLafargeholcim (HCMLY)Sell -> HoldHigh    
8/1/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesBAE SYS PLC/S (BAESY)Buy -> HoldLow    
8/1/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesCGI (GIB)Hold -> SellLow    
8/1/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesABB (ABB)Buy -> HoldLow    
8/1/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetReckitt Benckiser Group (RB)Sell GBX 5,700N/A    
7/31/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesLEONARDO FINMEC/ADR (FINMY)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/29/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetHenkel AG & Co KGaA (HEN3)Neutral €99.00N/A    
7/29/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetBeiersdorf (BEI)Neutral €114.00N/A    
7/29/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesCAIXABANK/ADR (CAIXY)Buy -> HoldHigh    
7/26/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradeseasyJet (EJTTF)SellN/A    
7/26/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesEASYJET PLC/S (ESYJY)Hold -> SellLow    
7/26/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesMTU AERO ENGINE/ADR (MTUAY)Hold -> SellLow    
7/25/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesITV PLC/ADR (ITVPY)Hold -> BuyMedium    
7/24/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesUBS Group (UBS)Hold -> SellMedium    
7/23/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesSiemens (SIEGY)Hold -> BuyLow    
7/23/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesJULIUS BAER GRP/ADR (JBAXY)Hold -> SellMedium    
7/23/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetDuerr (DUE)Neutral €29.00N/A    
7/10/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesBoohoo Group (BOO)Buy GBX 285N/A    
7/9/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesPPG Industries (PPG)Buy -> Buy $138.00Low    
7/9/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesGlencore (GLCNF)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/9/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRED ELECTRICA C/ADR (RDEIY)Sell -> HoldLow    
7/9/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesGlencore (GLEN)HoldGBX 330 -> GBX 295N/A    
7/8/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesASML (ASML)Buy -> BuyLow    
7/8/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesMuenchener Ruckvrschrg Gslcht AG Mch (MURGY)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/3/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetLiberty Global (LBTYA)Buy $36.00Low    
7/5/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesIntesa Sanpaolo (ISNPY)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/2/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesRECKITT BENCKIS/S (RBGLY)Buy -> SellLow    
7/2/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesStandard Chartered (SCBFF)Hold -> BuyLow    
6/28/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetDuerr (DUE)Neutral €33.50N/A    
6/26/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesBanco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)Hold -> SellLow    
6/18/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesDeutsche Lufthansa (DLAKY)Buy -> HoldHigh    
6/17/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesNORDEA Bk AB SW/S (NRDBY)HoldLow    
6/14/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRoyal Mail (ROYMF)Sell -> HoldLow    
6/14/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRoyal Mail (RMG)HoldGBX 235 -> GBX 208N/A    
6/13/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesROYAL MAIL PLC/ADR (ROYMY)Sell -> HoldLow    
6/11/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesINMARSAT PLC/ADR (IMASY)Hold -> SellN/A    
6/11/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesMediaset (MDIUY)Sell -> HoldLow    
6/7/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesCENTRICA PLC/S (CPYYY)Hold -> HoldLow    
6/7/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesCentrica (CNA)Hold GBX 95N/A    
5/31/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRoyal Dutch Shell (RDSB)BuyN/A    
5/30/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRDS-A (RDS-A)Hold -> BuyN/A    
5/30/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRoyal Dutch Shell (RDS.A)Hold -> BuyLow    
5/28/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetBT Group - CLASS A (BT.A)BuyGBX 360 -> GBX 320N/A    
5/23/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesAnglo American (AAL)BuyN/A    
5/23/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRio Tinto (RIO)HoldN/A    
5/22/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesAnglo American (NGLOY)Hold -> BuyLow    
5/22/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRio Tinto (RIO)Sell -> HoldLow    
5/20/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesHEIDELBERGCEMEN/ADR (HDELY)Hold -> SellLow    
5/16/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesCompass Group (CPG)BuyGBX 1,690 -> GBX 2,000N/A    
5/15/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetHannover Re (HNR1)Sell €119.00N/A    
5/15/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesSalvatore Ferragamo Italia (SFRGF)Sell -> HoldLow    
5/9/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesAker BP ASA (DETNF)Sell -> HoldN/A    
5/8/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesInfineon Technologies (IFNNY)Buy -> HoldHigh    
5/7/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesPhilip Morris International (PM)Hold -> BuyMedium    
5/2/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesKONE OYJ/ADR (KNYJY)Buy -> HoldLow    
5/2/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetBP (BP)BuyGBX 650 -> GBX 635N/A    
4/30/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesDaimler (DDAIF)Buy -> HoldLow    
4/30/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetCovestro (1COV)Neutral €50.00N/A    
4/29/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesNeste Oyj (NTOIF)Buy -> HoldLow    
4/26/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesVALEO/S (VLEEY)Hold -> SellHigh    
4/15/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesLinde (LIN)BuyLow    
4/15/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesLinde (LIN)BuyN/A    
4/11/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMUY)Hold -> BuyMedium    
4/9/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesKINGFISHER PLC/SH (KGFHY)Hold -> SellLow    
4/9/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesKingfisher (KGF)SellN/A    
4/9/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetMarks and Spencer Group (MKS)SellGBX 301 -> GBX 230N/A    
4/9/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesLloyds Banking Group (LLOY)BuyN/A    
4/8/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesAmazon.com (AMZN)Buy -> Buy $2,370.00Medium    
4/5/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesBasf (BASFY)Buy -> HoldLow    
3/27/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetMerck KGaA (MRK)Neutral €105.00N/A    
3/27/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetBayer (BAYN)Neutral €65.00N/A    
3/21/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetVolkswagen (VOW3)Buy €200.00N/A    
3/20/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesPuma AG Rudolf Dassler Sport (PMMAF)Buy -> BuyMedium    
3/20/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesADIDAS AG/S (ADDYY)Hold -> HoldLow    
3/14/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesSchindler Holding AG Participation (SHLAF)Buy -> HoldLow    
3/11/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetRolls-Royce (RR)BuyGBX 1,250 -> GBX 1,235N/A    
3/11/2019Societe GeneraleRaises TargetInmarsat (ISAT)HoldGBX 440 -> GBX 460N/A    
3/7/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesBHP Group (BBL)Buy -> HoldLow    
3/7/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesBHP Group (BHP)Buy -> HoldLow    
3/7/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesRio Tinto (RIO)Hold -> Sell $55.23Medium    
3/5/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesWacker Chemie (WKCMF)HoldLow    
3/5/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price Targetsalesforce.com (CRM)Buy $186.00Low    
3/1/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesKraft Heinz (KHC)Sell -> Hold$45.00 -> $34.00Low    
2/28/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetEncana (ECA)Buy $8.00Low    
2/28/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetNabors Industries (NBR)Buy $4.00Low    
2/27/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesBaker Hughes A GE (BHGE)Buy -> Buy $36.00Low    
2/26/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetKosmos Energy (KOS)Buy $8.00High    
2/20/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetHSBC (HSBA)HoldGBX 685 -> GBX 650N/A    
2/20/2019Societe GeneraleRaises TargetIntercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)HoldGBX 4,500 -> GBX 4,800N/A    
2/19/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesRyanair (RYAAY)Hold -> BuyLow    
2/19/2019Societe GeneraleRaises TargetInternational Consolidated Airlns Grp (IAG)HoldGBX 570 -> GBX 650N/A    
2/19/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesWizz Air (WIZZ)HoldGBX 3,550 -> GBX 3,480N/A    
2/15/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetOceaneering International (OII)Hold $17.00Medium    
2/15/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Buy -> HoldMedium    
2/14/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesL OREAL CO/ADR (LRLCY)Buy -> HoldLow    
2/14/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesOsram Licht (OSAGF)Sell -> HoldLow    
2/12/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargeteasyJet (EZJ)HoldGBX 1,800 -> GBX 1,270N/A    
2/5/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesRoyal Mail (ROYMF)SellLow    
2/1/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesAnheuser Busch Inbev (BUD)Hold -> HoldLow    
2/1/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesGoldman Sachs Group (GS)Hold -> SellLow    
2/1/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesMorgan Stanley (MS)Hold -> SellMedium    
1/29/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesNESTLE S A/S (NSRGY)BuyLow    
1/29/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesDanone (DANOY)BuyLow    
1/29/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesUnilever (UN)SellLow    
1/28/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesRED ELECTRICA C/ADR (RDEIY)Hold -> SellLow    
1/25/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetSTMicroelectronics (STM)Buy $22.00Medium    
1/25/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesRelx (REL)Buy GBX 1,840N/A    
1/25/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesWPP (WPP)Buy GBX 1,520N/A    
1/25/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesITV (ITV)Hold GBX 138N/A    
1/25/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesInforma (INF)Buy GBX 960N/A    
1/25/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesITV PLC/ADR (ITVPY)Buy -> HoldLow    
1/24/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesViacom (VIAB)Buy -> HoldMedium    
1/24/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesFOX (FOXA)Hold -> SellLow    
1/23/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetBAE Systems (BA)BuyGBX 620 -> GBX 585N/A    
1/22/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesHENKEL AG & CO/S (HENKY)Buy -> HoldMedium    
1/22/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetHenkel AG & Co KGaA (HEN3)Neutral €95.00N/A    
1/18/2019Societe GeneraleLowers TargetAssociated British Foods (ABF)HoldGBX 2,378 -> GBX 2,332N/A    
1/17/2019Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetNational Grid (NG)Buy GBX 930N/A    
1/16/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesING Groep (ING)Hold -> BuyLow    
1/16/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesAnglo American (NGLOY)Buy -> HoldLow    
1/16/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesAnglo American (AAL)HoldN/A    
1/16/2019Societe GeneraleRaises TargetAstraZeneca (AZN)BuyGBX 8,400 -> GBX 8,500N/A    
1/15/2019Societe GeneraleUpgradesBristol-Myers Squibb (BMY)Sell -> BuyLow    
1/11/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesVeolia Environnement (VEOEY)Buy -> HoldLow    
1/11/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesTELIA Co A B/ADR (TLSNY)Hold -> SellLow    
1/9/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesUBS Group (UBS)Buy -> HoldLow    
1/9/2019Societe GeneraleReiteratesLinde (LIN)BuyN/A    
1/8/2019Societe GeneraleInitiatesLinde (LIN)Buy -> Buy $190.00Low    
1/8/2019Societe GeneraleDowngradesPrudential Public (PUK)Hold -> SellLow    
12/20/2018Societe GeneraleUpgradesHalliburton (HAL)Hold -> BuyMedium    
12/20/2018Societe GeneraleDowngradesOceaneering International (OII)Buy -> Hold $13.94High    
12/19/2018Societe GeneraleUpgradesPatterson-UTI Energy (PTEN)Hold -> BuyHigh    
12/19/2018Societe GeneraleDowngradesNoble (NE)Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/19/2018Societe GeneraleLowers TargetExxon Mobil (XOM)Buy -> Buy$92.00 -> $84.00High    
12/19/2018Societe GeneraleLowers TargetChevron (CVX)Buy -> Buy$150.00 -> $128.00High    
12/19/2018Societe GeneraleLowers TargetConocoPhillips (COP)Buy -> Buy$85.00 -> $73.00High    
12/18/2018Societe GeneraleLowers TargetASOS (ASC)Buy£100.41 -> GBX 5,217N/A    
12/11/2018Societe GeneraleInitiatesASSD BRIT FOODS/ADR (ASBFY)Hold -> HoldHigh    
12/7/2018Societe GeneraleInitiatesBollore (BOIVF)Hold -> HoldMedium    
12/6/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetBayer (BAYN)Neutral €72.00N/A    
12/5/2018Societe GeneraleLowers TargetFerguson (FERG)BuyGBX 7,200 -> GBX 6,750N/A    
12/4/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetVinci (DG)Buy €103.70N/A    
12/4/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetBayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)Neutral €82.00N/A    
12/3/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetAllianz (ALV)Buy €215.00N/A    
12/3/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetBasf (BAS)Buy €80.00N/A    
11/30/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetCovestro (1COV)Neutral €85.00N/A    
11/30/2018Societe GeneraleUpgradesCobham (CBHMF)Sell -> HoldLow    
11/30/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetWorkday (WDAY)Sell $130.00High    
11/29/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetSymrise (SY1)Buy €91.00N/A    
11/28/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetAXA (CS)Buy €30.00N/A    
11/27/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetBasf (BAS)Buy €80.00N/A    
11/26/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetRenault (RNO)Buy €69.00N/A    
11/21/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetHugo Boss (BOSS)Neutral €62.00N/A    
11/20/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetExxon Mobil (XOM)Buy $92.00Low    
11/19/2018Societe GeneraleReiteratesInfineon Technologies (IFNNF)BuyHigh    
11/20/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetRenault (RNO)Buy €69.00N/A    
11/20/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetVolkswagen (VOW3)Buy €208.00N/A    
11/19/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetOsram Licht (OSR)Neutral €35.00N/A    
11/19/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetSiemens (SIE)Neutral €112.00N/A    
11/19/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetHenkel AG & Co KGaA (HEN3)Buy €115.00N/A    
11/16/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetVivendi (VIV)Buy €26.20N/A    
11/16/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetRWE (RWE)Buy €26.80N/A    
11/16/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetBasf (BAS)Buy €88.00N/A    
11/15/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetHugo Boss (BOSS)Neutral €62.00N/A    
11/15/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetProsiebensat 1 Media (PSM)Buy €25.00N/A    
11/15/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetAXA (CS)Buy €30.00N/A    
11/14/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetBristol-Myers Squibb (BMY)Sell $47.00Low    
11/13/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetVodafone Group (VOD)Sell GBX 130N/A    
11/13/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetLanxess (LXS)Neutral €62.00N/A    
11/13/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetFresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (FME)Neutral €79.00N/A    
11/13/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetFresenius SE & Co KGaA (FRE)Buy €72.00N/A    
11/12/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetSAP (SAP)Buy €117.00N/A    
11/12/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetThyssenKrupp (TKA)Buy €22.80N/A    
11/12/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetAllianz (ALV)Buy €215.00N/A    
11/12/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetTalanx (TLX)Buy €38.00N/A    
11/12/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetEvonik Industries (EVK)Buy €40.00N/A    
11/9/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetNational Grid (NG)Buy GBX 950N/A    
11/9/2018Societe GeneraleDowngradesLegrand (LGRVF)Buy -> HoldLow    
11/9/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetProsiebensat 1 Media (PSM)Buy €25.00N/A    
11/8/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetHeidelbergCement (HEI)Neutral €62.00N/A    
11/8/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetDeutsche Telekom (DTE)Buy €19.50N/A    
11/8/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetSiemens (SIE)Neutral €125.00N/A    
11/8/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetRheinmetall (RHM)Buy €130.00N/A    
11/8/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetDuerr (DUE)Neutral €33.00N/A    
11/8/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetHannover Re (HNR1)Neutral €112.00N/A    
11/7/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetNorma Group (NOEJ)Buy €71.00N/A    
11/7/2018Societe GeneraleSet Price TargetZalando (ZAL)Neutral €32.00N/A    

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