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George Weston (WN) Insider Trading & Ownership

+4.61 (+2.23%)
(As of 07/19/2024 ET)

George Weston (TSE:WN) Insider Buying and Selling Activity

Insider Ownership
Number Of
Insiders Buying
(Last 12 Months)
Amount Of
Insider Buying
(Last 12 Months)
C$1.31 M
Number Of
Insiders Selling
(Last 12 Months)
Amount Of
Insider Selling
(Last 12 Months)
C$29.42 M
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WN Insider Buying and Selling by Quarter

George Weston Insider and Congressional Trades History

Transaction DateNameTitleBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionDetails
6/4/2024Richard DufresneSenior OfficerSell5,000C$195.75C$978,756.00
5/24/2024Richard DufresneSenior OfficerSell5,000C$196.94C$984,715.00
5/22/2024Rashid WastiSenior OfficerSell1,307C$193.25C$252,577.75
5/14/2024Richard DufresneSenior OfficerSell10,000C$190.49C$1,904,880.00
5/9/2024Richard DufresneSenior OfficerSell5,000C$190.21C$951,043.50
3/22/2024Andrew Michael BunstonSenior OfficerSell2,303C$183.27C$422,079.10
3/20/2024Rashid WastiSenior OfficerSell1,500C$181.65C$272,475.00
3/14/2024Rashid WastiSenior OfficerSell100C$180.18C$18,018.00
3/11/2024Andrew Michael BunstonSenior OfficerSell1,606C$181.51C$291,506.51
3/11/2024Willard Galen Garfield WestonDirectorSell23,113C$181.51C$4,195,261.43
3/6/2024Rashid WastiSenior OfficerBuy1,000C$20.12C$20,120.00
3/4/2024Rashid WastiSenior OfficerSell1,086C$176.24C$191,393.60
3/4/2024Willard Galen Garfield WestonDirectorSell32,100C$176.68C$5,671,431.21
2/29/2024Willard Galen Garfield WestonDirectorSell79,200C$144.88C$11,474,503.92
2/28/2024Richard DufresneSenior OfficerSell10,000C$181.41C$1,814,055.00
12/20/2023Rashid WastiSenior OfficerBuy250C$21.10C$5,275.00
12/14/2023William DowneDirectorBuy8,000C$159.28C$1,274,240.00
12/13/2023Rashid WastiSenior OfficerBuy250C$18.99C$4,748.00
11/24/2023Rashid WastiSenior OfficerBuy200C$19.45C$3,890.00
(Data available from 1/1/2013 forward)

WN Insider Trading Activity - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on George Weston's Insider Roster?

The list of insiders at George Weston includes Alannah Elizabeth Weston, Andrew Michael Bunston, Gordon Andrew Mcdonald Currie, Paviter Singh Binning, Rashid Wasti, Richard Dufresne, Willard Galen Garfield Weston, and William Downe. Learn more on insiders at WN.

What percentage of George Weston stock is owned by insiders?

58.49% of George Weston stock is owned by insiders. Learn more on WN's insider holdings.

Which George Weston insiders have been buying company stock?

The following insiders have purchased WN shares in the last 24 months: Rashid Wasti (C$96,099.50), and William Downe (C$1,274,240.00).

How much insider buying is happening at George Weston?

Insiders have purchased a total of 12,600 WN shares in the last 24 months for a total of C$1,370,339.50 bought.

Which George Weston insiders have been selling company stock?

The following insiders have sold WN shares in the last 24 months: Andrew Michael Bunston (C$713,585.61), Paviter Singh Binning (C$9,026,547.97), Rashid Wasti (C$1,279,274.94), Richard Dufresne (C$7,214,592.54), and Willard Galen Garfield Weston (C$21,341,196.56).

How much insider selling is happening at George Weston?

Insiders have sold a total of 239,602 George Weston shares in the last 24 months for a total of C$39,575,197.62 sold.

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