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2020 Election Stock Market Forecast

Below you will find a list of companies that have had the highest percentage gains and losses since the U.S. presidential election, which occured on November 3rd, 2020. Learn more.

CompanyYesterday's ClosePrice on November 3rd, 2020Price ChangeConsensus RatingPrice TargetIndicator(s)
Oasis Petroleum logo
Oasis Petroleum
$73.68$0.11+66,881.8%Hold$18.06High Trading Volume
Oasis Petroleum logo
Oasis Petroleum
$73.68$0.11+66,881.8%Hold$18.06High Trading Volume
Axon Enterprise logo
Axon Enterprise
$126.25$1.92+6,475.5%Buy$183.50Gap Down
ContextLogic logo
$8.11$0.20+3,955.0%Buy$22.92Earnings Announcement
Analyst Upgrade
High Trading Volume
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Gap Down
Ocugen logo
$8.23$0.28+2,890.6%Buy$8.38Earnings Announcement
Analyst Upgrade
Insider Selling
Gap Down logo
$48.89$2.58+1,795.0%Hold$141.33Gap Down
GameStop logo
Curis logo
$13.07$1.14+1,046.5%Buy$17.00Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Unusual Options Activity
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Gap Down
Marathon Digital logo
Marathon Digital
$19.66$2.10+836.2%Buy$50.00Gap Down
SM Energy logo
SM Energy
$16.25$1.78+812.9%Hold$12.61Gap Down
Bionano Genomics logo
Bionano Genomics
$4.41$0.50+782.0%Buy$7.81Earnings Announcement
News Coverage
Gap Down
Five Prime Therapeutics logo
Five Prime Therapeutics
MicroVision logo
$12.48$1.61+675.2%HoldGap Down
Riot Blockchain logo
Riot Blockchain
$22.23$3.29+575.7%Buy$64.00Upcoming Earnings
News Coverage
Gap Down
Danaos logo
$55.47$8.47+554.9%Buy$44.42Earnings Announcement
Dividend Announcement
Analyst Upgrade
Analyst Revision
Gap Down
Callon Petroleum logo
Callon Petroleum
$33.97$5.44+524.4%Hold$21.27Analyst Upgrade
Gap Down
AMC Entertainment logo
AMC Entertainment
$12.77$2.15+494.0%Hold$4.33Analyst Report
News Coverage
Gap Up
Centennial Resource Development logo
Centennial Resource Development
Centennial Resource Development logo
Centennial Resource Development
Aclaris Therapeutics logo
Aclaris Therapeutics
Transocean logo
$3.74$0.72+419.5%Hold$2.88Analyst Report
Gap Down
Rubius Therapeutics logo
Rubius Therapeutics
$23.55$4.66+405.4%Hold$28.00Earnings Announcement
Analyst Upgrade
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Gap Down
Gevo logo
$4.76$0.98+385.6%Buy$17.00Earnings Announcement
News Coverage
Gap Down
Organogenesis logo
$17.79$3.67+384.7%Buy$17.50Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
Gap Down
Party City Holdco logo
Party City Holdco
$8.93$2.10+325.2%Buy$8.80Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Gap Down
Cassava Sciences logo
Cassava Sciences
$37.78$8.93+323.1%Buy$46.00Gap Down
Amyris logo
$11.00$2.61+321.3%Buy$17.87Gap Down
Sundial Growers logo
Sundial Growers
$0.69$0.17+318.2%Sell$0.73Analyst Upgrade
Canaan logo
$8.71$2.11+312.8%N/AUpcoming Earnings
Gap Down
Canaan logo
$8.71$2.11+312.8%N/AUpcoming Earnings
Gap Down
Silvergate Capital logo
Silvergate Capital
$91.92$22.50+308.5%Buy$121.50High Trading Volume
News Coverage
Instil Bio logo
Instil Bio
$16.34$4.00+308.5%Buy$29.75Earnings Announcement
News Coverage
Gap Down
Designer Brands logo
Designer Brands
$18.62$4.63+302.2%Hold$9.26Gap Down
Matador Resources logo
Matador Resources
$27.98$7.21+288.1%Buy$18.52Analyst Report
Gap Down
Atkore logo
$82.13$21.46+282.7%Buy$72.67Insider Selling
Funko logo
$23.24$6.37+264.8%Hold$22.54Analyst Upgrade
Gap Down
Texas Pacific Land logo
Texas Pacific Land
$1,657.24$465.44+256.1%Buy$1,679.50Analyst Revision
Futu logo
$104.43$29.84+250.0%Buy$219.16Upcoming Earnings
Gap Down
Futu logo
$104.43$29.84+250.0%Buy$219.16Upcoming Earnings
Gap Down
3D Systems logo
3D Systems
$20.12$5.75+249.9%Hold$25.50Earnings Announcement
Analyst Upgrade
Unusual Options Activity
Gap Down
Star Bulk Carriers logo
Star Bulk Carriers
$21.46$6.16+248.4%Buy$13.20Upcoming Earnings
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt logo
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Oceaneering International logo
Oceaneering International
$14.56$4.23+244.2%Hold$12.69Analyst Upgrade
Gap Down
UP Fintech logo
UP Fintech
$14.66$4.35+237.0%Buy$34.60Gap Down
UP Fintech logo
UP Fintech
$14.66$4.35+237.0%Buy$34.60Gap Down
FuelCell Energy logo
FuelCell Energy
Resolute Forest Products logo
Resolute Forest Products
Denbury logo
$53.00$16.41+223.0%Buy$59.50Analyst Report
Enerplus logo
$6.00$1.86+222.6%Buy$9.09Dividend Cut
Analyst Upgrade
Clean Energy Fuels logo
Clean Energy Fuels
$7.87$2.46+219.9%Buy$16.40Gap Down
Blink Charging logo
Blink Charging
$26.22$8.21+219.4%Buy$29.75Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
News Coverage
Gap Down
PDC Energy logo
PDC Energy
$39.12$12.33+217.3%Buy$30.58Insider Selling
Gap Down
Meredith logo
$35.27$11.17+215.8%Buy$33.00Unusual Options Activity
News Coverage
Gap Down
Welbilt logo
$20.53$6.55+213.4%Hold$18.00Analyst Revision
Himax Technologies logo
Himax Technologies
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals logo
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals
$11.96$3.85+211.1%Buy$14.00Gap Down
Aphria logo
Aphria logo
Nordstrom logo
$36.81$12.18+202.2%Hold$34.43Insider Selling
News Coverage
Gap Down
The Lovesac logo
The Lovesac
Crescent Point Energy logo
Crescent Point Energy
$3.88$1.29+200.8%Buy$6.64Analyst Report
Vedanta logo
Antero Resources logo
Antero Resources
$10.82$3.64+197.3%Buy$7.67Gap Down
Signature Bank logo
Signature Bank
Avid Technology logo
Avid Technology
$26.02$8.81+195.3%Buy$20.75Gap Down
Sasol logo
MicroStrategy logo
$488.08$166.57+193.0%Hold$404.17Gap Down
PBF Energy logo
PBF Energy
Arvinas logo
$63.84$21.87+191.9%Buy$113.15Gap Down
Golden Entertainment logo
Golden Entertainment
$39.26$13.47+191.5%Buy$41.50Gap Down
WideOpenWest logo
$15.15$5.22+190.2%Buy$20.20Analyst Upgrade
Unusual Options Activity
Gap Down
B. Riley Financial logo
B. Riley Financial
Patterson-UTI Energy logo
Patterson-UTI Energy
$8.05$2.78+189.6%Hold$5.14Analyst Revision
Gap Down
Ideanomics logo
$2.37$0.82+187.6%Buy$7.00Upcoming Earnings
Alcoa logo
Vermilion Energy logo
Vermilion Energy
Embraer logo
$11.71$4.11+184.9%Hold$7.90Unusual Options Activity
The Children's Place logo
The Children's Place
$72.83$25.60+184.5%Hold$53.27Upcoming Earnings
Unusual Options Activity
News Coverage
Gap Down
Coty logo
$8.65$3.05+183.6%Buy$9.73Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
XPEL logo
$74.15$26.31+181.8%Buy$89.50Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
Kohl's logo
$56.78$20.59+175.8%Buy$52.38Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Upgrade
Gap Down
Golden Ocean Group logo
Golden Ocean Group
$8.78$3.19+175.2%Buy$12.00Upcoming Earnings
Diamondback Energy logo
Diamondback Energy
Western Midstream Partners logo
Western Midstream Partners
$21.71$7.91+174.5%Buy$19.91Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Kosmos Energy logo
Kosmos Energy
$2.71$1.00+171.2%Hold$2.83Earnings Announcement
Analyst Downgrade
Analyst Revision
Gap Down
The Michaels Companies logo
The Michaels Companies
Newmark Group logo
Newmark Group
$13.04$4.84+169.4%Buy$12.00Dividend Announcement
Analyst Revision
trivago logo
$3.41$1.27+168.5%Hold$2.66Analyst Report
Gap Down
Dime Community Bancshares logo
Dime Community Bancshares
Abercrombie & Fitch logo
Abercrombie & Fitch
$38.53$14.43+167.0%Hold$30.62Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
Gap Down
Marathon Oil logo
Marathon Oil
$11.07$4.15+166.7%Hold$9.67Analyst Upgrade
Gap Down
ArcBest logo
$83.72$31.45+166.2%Buy$66.08Insider Selling
EHang logo
$21.40$8.05+165.8%Buy$23.50Gap Up
Avid Bioservices logo
Avid Bioservices
$19.28$7.26+165.6%Buy$17.33Gap Down
ChampionX logo
$24.72$9.31+165.5%Buy$19.21Unusual Options Activity
Magnite logo
$24.53$9.24+165.5%Buy$41.50Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Insider Selling
Signet Jewelers logo
Signet Jewelers
$60.21$22.72+165.0%Hold$53.00Gap Down
Devon Energy logo
Devon Energy
$24.75$9.43+162.5%Buy$24.31Analyst Report
Gap Down
Resideo Technologies logo
Resideo Technologies
$28.12$10.75+161.6%Hold$25.20Gap Down
International Game Technology logo
International Game Technology
$22.10$8.46+161.2%Buy$21.40Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Gap Up
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How to invest After a Turbulent 2020 Election

As an investor you know that the market doesn’t really care which party occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There’s money to make either way. 

But that doesn’t mean that investors can afford to take a “set it and forget it” approach to their portfolio. Elections have consequences. From tax policy and monetary policy to energy policy there will likely be significant differences in the public policy of the United States. 

On election night, the narrative was that, although Joe Biden was likely to claim the White House, the “Blue Wave” that was being forecast looked to have fizzled out at sea. The basic premise of that still stands (Republicans did gain seats in the House of Representatives). However, investors will still have to wait on the outcome of two senate races in Georgia to have a clear picture of how progressive of an agenda the Biden-Harris administration may be able to push forward.

And the novel coronavirus continues to dominate the headlines. And investors are clearly getting anxious about the pace, and the scope, of lockdown measures throughout the United States and Europe. Yet, the tantalizing promise of one (or more) Covid-19 vaccines is giving the markets a sense of real optimism. 

Things are changing fast, and that’s likely to continue into 2021. Whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, you should take this time to take a realistic look at your portfolio. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how the election may affect different market sectors.  

Vaccine Stocks Will Remain Volatile

On November 9, Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) and BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX) announced that the partnership’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate had achieved over 90% effectiveness in its Phase 3 trial. A week later, Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) announced a 95% effectiveness rate for its vaccine candidate. And it appears that AstraZeneca (NASDAQ:AZN) and Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) may not be far behind.

Does this mean the race is over? Not quite. The Biden administration has stated that “defeating” the virus is its top priority. That means that vaccine stocks are likely to remain the object of investors’ eyes. 

Plus, the devil of the vaccine will be in the details. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based on mRNA technology. I’m not downplaying this. It’s actually really exciting. However, it’s also unproven outside of the clinical trials. Vaccines like Johnson & Johnson are of the more “tried and true” variety that the world is familiar with. But those vaccines have also been rejected by those in the anti-vaccine movement. Maybe it’s time for a different approach? 

The good news is that it appears public opinion is changing. But distributing the vaccine will take some time. And during that time, experts on the subject say there may be many more Covid-19 vaccines. However when considering which vaccine stocks to buy you still need to be selective. Right now, companies like Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) and Inovio (NASDAQ:INO), while showcasing interesting approaches, are lagging behind in getting vaccine approvals. This makes them highly speculative, but for the risk tolerant investors they may be worth a small position. 

And what about therapeutics? Even with a vaccine, there will be a need to treat individuals who have acute and life-threatening symptoms. President Trump became the poster child for Regeneron (NASDAQ:REGN). But there are other therapeutic treatments that are in development. Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY) has already sought out an emergency use authorization for its treatment. And if you’re looking for a dark horse candidate, keep an eye on Humanigen. 

Electric Vehicle Stocks Will Remain Supercharged

If there is one segment of the market that you could say was in a bubble in 2020, it’s been the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Multiple companies have become publicly traded via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). This is a perfectly legal way for companies to publicly trade. However, let the buyer beware.

Investors are still trying to digest how seriously to look at the accounting issues with Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA). And even the companies with pristine (for now) balance sheets, there won’t be products until 2022. That’s a long time for companies to go along without revenue, or profit. 

But that shouldn’t steer you away from the sector. You should however not pay tomorrow’s prices for what the stock may be worth today. Companies like Fisker (NYSE:FSR) and Workhorse (NASDAQ:WKHS) have seen their respective stocks climb and crash

The electric vehicle sector was growing even without the overt endorsement of the Trump administration. With the full-throated support of a Biden administration, you can expect EV stocks to be among the hottest sectors in 2021 and beyond. 

Don’t Let Energy Stocks Wear You Out

Energy stocks came into sharp focus as concerns were raised about what a Biden victory would mean for the energy sector. The knee-jerk reaction is oil stocks down, renewable energy stocks up. The reality will probably be less black-and-white. 

For example, companies like SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR) surged higher after the election, but corrected when investors digested that a GOP majority in the Senate will likely keep the administration in check. And those that follow the energy sector know that some companies associated with fossil fuels are also helping to lead the renewable energy charge, and have the bandwidth to make change happen.

The bottom line for this sector is that you should stay tuned. A move towards more extreme mitigation techniques to control the virus will likely be a larger catalyst for energy prices in the short term. 

Invest In the Right Tech Stocks

Technology stocks have been extremely volatile this year. After tumbling along with the broader market in March, many tech stocks staged a strong rally. And there was a good reason for that. Staying connected was never more important – whether for remote learning, work-from-anywhere or heightened e-commerce activity. 

And then there’s social media activity. You’ll have to decide for yourself on how you see regulation going. I’m not optimistic but I think the business model for many social media companies is built on shifting sand. 

Some of the areas of tech that I would be looking at are: 5G, cybersecurity, financial technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and even cryptocurrency. These are big picture themes that are likely to capture the market’s attention in 2021

And of course, you can’t ignore a stock like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). However the reality is that Amazon reaches into almost every segment of those key markets.  

The Health Care Sector Needs Clarity

The future of the Affordable Care Act was front-and-center in the 2020 election. And it remains so as the calendar moves closer to 2021. If the law were to be struck down (which would be less likely in a Biden administration), that would be bad news for managed care providers. But there is another concern. If the Democratic party wrests control of the Senate, than significant health care reform is more likely.  And that could spell trouble for private insurers, hospitals, and other affiliated industries. 

On the other hand, telehealth will remain one of the big winners. The pandemic sped up the adoption of an idea that was long overdue. While there is no substitute for the human connection, the ability of patients to connect with doctors about “routine” and even some not-so-routine issues is a big win for patients and doctors alike. 

Companies like Teladoc Health (NYSE:TDOC) are certainly a leader in this space. But you can look for other companies such as One Medical (NASDAQ:ONEM).

If They Build it, Their Stocks Are a Great Buy

Infrastructure stocks surged briefly after the election with the thought that a Biden administration would equate to higher spending on infrastructure. That may still turn out to be the case. However, stocks such as United Rental (NYSE:URI) and Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) may struggle in the coming months particularly if businesses remain shut down. As in the summer, you could expect these companies to bounce back rather quickly, but this is certainly a segment to be looking at as a long-term buy. 

And speaking of building things, another sector that is likely to remain strong in 2021 will be homebuilder stocks. The Federal Reserve is going to keep interest rates at a level near 0%. That means mortgage rates will be attractive. And many homeowners are deciding that their urban apartment is no place to work – or live - remotely.  

Estimates came out this week saying it may not be until 2025 for New York City to get back to pre-coronavirus levels of economic activity. And already approximately 300,000 residents have fled the city. No matter how you look at it, there’s an urban flight, but people will still need places to live. 

Travel Stocks Remain The Elephant In the Room

The narrative on travel stocks remains the same. There is pent-up demand for travel and once passengers get the all-clear via a vaccine, business will come back to normal. But that is going to lead to difficult questions. For example, according to Dr. Felicity Nicholson, lead doctor at Trailfinders Travel Clinic in the United Kingdom, specific destinations may require passengers to carry proof of vaccination. Many businesses are realizing that (some) business travel can be handled virtually. What percentage of that will come back is impossible to say. And even if it does come back, what percentage of workers will be comfortable traveling and/or getting the vaccine? 

Overall, I believe our desire to travel is stronger than our hesitancy to get a vaccine I’m bullish on the long-term growth in the sector, but many travel stocks are no longer oversold. That means investors may have to wait on another dip before diving in. 

The Final Word on Investing In a Post-Election World

I suppose my final work is to say that the final chapter has yet to be written. In fact, it’s fair to say that investors are only at the beginning of what promises to be a long story that may play out over several years. 

The overly simplistic answer is that the economy will simply return to normal once the majority of Americans are vaccinated. The truth is far more complicated. There has been damage done to the economy. Businesses that were thriving are now closed for good. Millions of Americans are out of work. And yes, that number is down dramatically. But many businesses are not going to be inclined to hire workers without clearly understanding the tax ramifications for their business. 

I’ve long been a bullish investor and I believe that stocks are the right place to be for the vast majority of investors. However, the market is not likely to enjoy the extreme attention it received from the Trump administration. Simply put, many stocks may be allowed to fail. And that means that you have to take action now to make sure the stocks you are investing in have a story that still holds up.

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