S&P 500   3,139.79 (+0.23%)
DOW   27,882.82 (+0.00%)
QQQ   204.82 (+0.45%)
AAPL   270.34 (+0.69%)
FB   201.84 (+0.48%)
MSFT   151.50 (+0.24%)
GOOGL   1,343.39 (+0.04%)
AMZN   1,746.11 (+0.40%)
CGC   20.45 (+1.79%)
NVDA   216.82 (+1.33%)
MU   49.09 (+3.43%)
BABA   204.12 (+1.83%)
GE   11.03 (+0.18%)
T   38.09 (+0.05%)
AMD   39.39 (-0.13%)
ACB   2.47 (-1.98%)
F   9.13 (+0.66%)
PRI   135.31 (+0.03%)
BAC   33.75 (+0.63%)
DIS   147.52 (+0.97%)
S&P 500   3,139.79 (+0.23%)
DOW   27,882.82 (+0.00%)
QQQ   204.82 (+0.45%)
AAPL   270.34 (+0.69%)
FB   201.84 (+0.48%)
MSFT   151.50 (+0.24%)
GOOGL   1,343.39 (+0.04%)
AMZN   1,746.11 (+0.40%)
CGC   20.45 (+1.79%)
NVDA   216.82 (+1.33%)
MU   49.09 (+3.43%)
BABA   204.12 (+1.83%)
GE   11.03 (+0.18%)
T   38.09 (+0.05%)
AMD   39.39 (-0.13%)
ACB   2.47 (-1.98%)
F   9.13 (+0.66%)
PRI   135.31 (+0.03%)
BAC   33.75 (+0.63%)
DIS   147.52 (+0.97%)
S&P 500   3,139.79 (+0.23%)
DOW   27,882.82 (+0.00%)
QQQ   204.82 (+0.45%)
AAPL   270.34 (+0.69%)
FB   201.84 (+0.48%)
MSFT   151.50 (+0.24%)
GOOGL   1,343.39 (+0.04%)
AMZN   1,746.11 (+0.40%)
CGC   20.45 (+1.79%)
NVDA   216.82 (+1.33%)
MU   49.09 (+3.43%)
BABA   204.12 (+1.83%)
GE   11.03 (+0.18%)
T   38.09 (+0.05%)
AMD   39.39 (-0.13%)
ACB   2.47 (-1.98%)
F   9.13 (+0.66%)
PRI   135.31 (+0.03%)
BAC   33.75 (+0.63%)
DIS   147.52 (+0.97%)
S&P 500   3,139.79 (+0.23%)
DOW   27,882.82 (+0.00%)
QQQ   204.82 (+0.45%)
AAPL   270.34 (+0.69%)
FB   201.84 (+0.48%)
MSFT   151.50 (+0.24%)
GOOGL   1,343.39 (+0.04%)
AMZN   1,746.11 (+0.40%)
CGC   20.45 (+1.79%)
NVDA   216.82 (+1.33%)
MU   49.09 (+3.43%)
BABA   204.12 (+1.83%)
GE   11.03 (+0.18%)
T   38.09 (+0.05%)
AMD   39.39 (-0.13%)
ACB   2.47 (-1.98%)
F   9.13 (+0.66%)
PRI   135.31 (+0.03%)
BAC   33.75 (+0.63%)
DIS   147.52 (+0.97%)
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BMO Capital Markets Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at BMO Capital Markets. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by BMO Capital Markets.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetEnbridge (ENB)C$55.00 -> C$56.00N/A    
12/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetCasey's General Stores (CASY)Market Perform$170.00 -> $165.00Low    
12/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetDave & Buster's Entertainment (PLAY)Positive -> Outperform$50.00 -> $53.00High    
12/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetAdobe (ADBE)Outperform -> Outperform$300.00 -> $350.00Low    
12/10/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesUnited Parcel Service (UPS)Outperform -> Market Perform$125.00 -> $123.00Low    
12/10/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetThor Industries (THO)Market Perform$59.00 -> $62.00High    
12/9/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetStantec (STN)Outperform$39.00 -> $42.00Low    
12/9/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetStantec (STN)C$39.00 -> C$42.00N/A    
12/9/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetRigel Pharmaceuticals (RIGL)Outperform$11.00 -> $8.00Low    
12/9/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesDIGITAL RLTY TR/SH (DLR)Hold $132.00Low    
12/9/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetFate Therapeutics (FATE)Outperform$26.00 -> $22.00High    
12/9/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetAgios Pharmaceuticals (AGIO)Outperform$45.00 -> $49.00High    
12/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetToronto-Dominion Bank (TD)C$78.00 -> C$76.00N/A    
12/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetTELUS (T)C$52.00 -> C$53.00N/A    
12/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetCapital Power (CPX)C$29.00 -> C$32.00N/A    
12/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetCanadian Western Bank (CWB)C$36.00 -> C$37.00N/A    
12/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetCanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM)C$117.00 -> C$114.00N/A    
12/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesOkta (OKTA)Positive -> Market Perform$155.00 -> $135.00Medium    
12/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesSAGE Therapeutics (SAGE)Outperform $92.00High    
12/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesAmedisys (AMED)Market Perform $170.00Medium    
12/5/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetWestshore Terminals Investment (WTE)C$22.00 -> C$18.00N/A    
12/5/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetJamieson Wellness (JWEL)C$25.00 -> C$30.00N/A    
12/5/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetIndustrial Alliance Insur. & Fin. Ser. (IAG)C$76.00 -> C$78.00N/A    
12/5/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetDollarama (DOL)C$52.00 -> C$50.00N/A    
12/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetGibson Energy (GEI)C$28.00 -> C$29.00N/A    
12/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetZscaler (ZS)Market Perform$60.00 -> $58.00Medium    
12/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetWorkday (WDAY)Outperform$225.00 -> $200.00Low    
12/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratessalesforce.com (CRM)Outperform$188.00 -> $190.00High    
12/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesUnitedHealth Group (UNH)Market Perform $310.00Medium    
12/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesMarvell Technology Group (MRVL)Outperform -> Market Perform $28.00High    
12/3/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesFortis (FTS)Market PerformLow    
12/3/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesRoots (ROOT)Outperform -> Market PerformC$4.00 -> C$3.00N/A    
12/3/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetContinental Gold (CNL)C$8.50 -> C$5.50N/A    
12/3/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetNewmont Goldcorp (NEM)Outperform$50.00 -> $47.00Low    
12/3/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesAudentes Therapeutics (BOLD)Outperform -> Market Perform$47.00 -> $60.00N/A    
12/3/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesRoots (RROTF)Outperform -> Market PerformLow    
12/2/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetDeere & Company (DE)Positive -> Outperform$175.00 -> $180.00Low    
12/2/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetLinde (LIN)Outperform$218.00 -> $230.00Medium    
11/28/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesAnglo American (AAL)OutperformN/A    
11/28/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetHochschild Mining (HOC)OutperformGBX 260 -> GBX 220N/A    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetManulife Financial (MFC)C$33.00 -> C$34.00N/A    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetLundin Mining (LUN)C$8.25 -> C$8.00N/A    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetIndustrial Alliance Insur. & Fin. Ser. (IAG)C$75.00 -> C$76.00N/A    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesEquity Lifestyle Properties (ELS)Market Perform -> OutperformLow    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesBerry Petroleum (BRY)Outperform -> Market Perform$13.00 -> $10.00Low    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesTeck Resources (TECK)Outperform -> Market PerformN/A    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetVMware (VMW)Outperform$160.00 -> $192.00High    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetDollar Tree (DLTR)Market Perform$102.00 -> $98.00Medium    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetAnalog Devices (ADI)Outperform $135.00Medium    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesJadestone Energy (JSE)OutperformN/A    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetWPP (WPP)Market PerformGBX 1,000 -> GBX 1,100N/A    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesFresnillo (FRES)Market PerformN/A    
11/27/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesBushveld Minerals (BMN)OutperformN/A    
11/26/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesWheaton Precious Metals (WPM)Buy $35.00Low    
11/26/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetKelt Exploration (KEL)C$5.00 -> C$6.00N/A    
11/26/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetBoardwalk REIT (BEI.UN)C$49.25 -> C$52.25N/A    
11/26/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetPalo Alto Networks (PANW)Outperform$245.00 -> $248.00High    
11/26/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesCommercial Metals (CMC)Market Perform $23.00Medium    
11/26/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesMolson Coors Brewing (TAP)Outperform -> Market Perform$62.00 -> $55.00High    
11/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetRogers Sugar (RSI)C$5.00 -> C$4.75N/A    
11/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesAlimentation Couche-Tard (ATD.B)Market Perform -> Outperform C$49.00N/A    
11/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesRAPT Therapeutics (RAPT)Outperform$35.00 -> $35.00High    
11/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesAlimentation Couche-Tard (ANCUF)Market Perform -> Outperform $49.00High    
11/22/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetReal Matters (REAL)Market PerformC$9.00 -> C$13.00N/A    
11/22/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetEndeavour Silver (EDR)C$3.20 -> C$3.00N/A    
11/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetAlnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY)Outperform$128.00 -> $138.00High    
11/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesTeck Resources (TECK.B)Outperform -> Market Perform C$37.00N/A    
11/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetMetro (MRU)C$59.00 -> C$61.00N/A    
11/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesFirst Quantum Minerals (FM)Market Perform -> OutperformC$15.50 -> C$16.00N/A    
11/20/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesFirst Quantum Minerals (FQVLF)Market Perform -> OutperformLow    
11/20/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesTeck Resources (TECK)Outperform -> Market Perform $37.00Medium    
11/20/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetFortinet (FTNT)Market Perform $115.00Low    
11/20/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetVertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX)Outperform -> Positive $248.00Low    
11/20/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesAshland Global (ASH)Outperform -> Market Perform $77.00High    
11/20/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesBerry Petroleum (BRY)Outperform -> Market Perform$13.00 -> $6.50High    
11/19/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesAltagas (ALA)Outperform C$23.00N/A    
11/19/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesMAG Silver (MAG)Buy $17.50N/A    
11/19/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesMAG Silver (MAG)Outperform C$17.50N/A    
11/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesTwitter (TWTR)Market Perform$45.00 -> $33.00Low    
11/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesEquity Lifestyle Properties (ELS)Market Perform -> Outperform $80.00Medium    
11/15/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetWalmart (WMT)In-Line -> Outperform$125.00 -> $140.00Medium    
11/14/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetComputer Modelling Group (CMG)OutperformC$9.00 -> C$9.50N/A    
11/14/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesLinde (LIN)Outperform -> Positive $218.00Low    
11/14/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesNVIDIA (NVDA)Market Perform $200.00Low    
11/14/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesAGCO (AGCO)Market Perform -> Outperform$80.00 -> $100.00Low    
11/13/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesIHS Markit (INFO)Buy $76.00Medium    
11/13/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetTyson Foods (TSN)Outperform$90.00 -> $98.00Medium    
11/13/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises Target2U (TWOU)Positive -> Market Perform$20.00 -> $24.00High    
11/13/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetEbix (EBIX)Market Perform$50.00 -> $46.00Low    
11/12/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetSkyworks Solutions (SWKS)Outperform $120.00Low    
11/12/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetTAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE (TTWO)Market Perform $120.00Low    
11/12/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesDXC Technology (DXC)Market Perform $35.00High    
11/12/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesOrganiGram (OGI)Outperform -> Market PerformHigh    
11/12/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesCardinal Resources (CRDNF)OutperformHigh    
11/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesRegions Financial (RF)Outperform -> Market PerformLow    
11/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetIAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC)Outperform$320.00 -> $300.00Low    
11/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetFocus Financial Partners (FOCS)Outperform$48.00 -> $50.00Low    
11/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesMatch Group (MTCH)Market Perform $75.00Low    
11/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesPost (POST)Market PerformLow    
11/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetTeradata (TDC)Market Perform -> Reduce$38.00 -> $30.00High    
11/11/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesBellRing Brands (BRBR)Outperform$22.00 -> $22.00High    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesTrisura Group (TRRSF)Market Perform -> OutperformHigh    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetSynaptics (SYNA) $50.00Low    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetTotal Energy Services (TOT)C$7.50 -> C$7.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetSun Life Financial (SLF)C$60.00 -> C$67.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetSTEP Energy Services (STEP)C$1.75 -> C$1.25N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetStantec (STN)C$37.00 -> C$39.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetSpin Master (TOY)C$50.00 -> C$45.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetManulife Financial (MFC)C$32.00 -> C$33.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetLightspeed POS (LSPD)C$52.00 -> C$44.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetElement Fleet Management (EFN)C$12.00 -> C$13.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetCI Financial (CIX)C$22.00 -> C$23.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetCanadian Tire (CTC.A)C$147.00 -> C$159.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetAltus Group (AIF)C$38.00 -> C$40.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetCalyxt (CLXT)Outperform $15.00High    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetSquare (SQ)Market Perform $78.00N/A    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetVentas (VTR)Market Perform $63.00Low    
11/8/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesMimecast (MIME)Outperform $53.00High    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesHecla Mining (HL)Underperform -> Market Perform$1.60 -> $2.20Medium    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetCompass Minerals International (CMP)Market Perform $55.00Low    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetWSP Global (WSP)C$76.00 -> C$81.00N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetRioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN)C$27.00 -> C$28.00N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetLinamar (LNR)C$41.00 -> C$45.00N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetIntact Financial (IFC)C$138.00 -> C$151.00N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetIndustrial Alliance Insur. & Fin. Ser. (IAG)C$64.00 -> C$75.00N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetEndeavour Silver (EDR)C$3.60 -> C$3.20N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetCGI (GIB.A)C$115.00 -> C$117.00N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetCapstone Mining (CS)C$1.00 -> C$0.80N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetBadger Daylighting (BAD)C$51.00 -> C$43.00N/A    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetBloomin' Brands (BLMN)Market Perform$19.00 -> $20.00Low    
11/7/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetGrand Canyon Education (LOPE)Outperform$126.00 -> $116.00High    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetPower Financial (PWF)C$32.00 -> C$34.00N/A    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetPower Co. of Canada (POW)C$33.00 -> C$35.00N/A    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetParkland Fuel (PKI)C$50.00 -> C$52.00N/A    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetKeyera (KEY)C$36.00 -> C$34.00N/A    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetInterrent Real Estate Investment Trust (IIP.UN)C$15.00 -> C$16.15N/A    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetEquitable Group (EQB)C$125.00 -> C$130.00N/A    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetLouisiana-Pacific (LPX)Outperform -> Outperform$28.00 -> $34.00Medium    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetQTS Realty Trust (QTS)Outperform -> Outperform$50.00 -> $60.00Medium    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesHealthcare Realty Trust (HR)Hold $31.00Low    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetRegeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN)Market Perform$344.00 -> $358.00Medium    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesPrologis (PLD)Buy$85.00 -> $95.00Medium    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesMarriott International (MAR)Hold $128.00Low    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesHersha Hospitality Trust (HT)Sell $12.50High    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesDouglas Emmett (DEI)Hold $45.00Low    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetCrown (CCK)Outperform$72.00 -> $85.00Low    
11/6/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetNew Relic (NEWR)Outperform$71.00 -> $68.00Medium    
11/5/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetParker-Hannifin (PH)Outperform $210.00Low    
11/3/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetNexa Resources (NEXA)Hold $11.30Low    
11/5/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetBroadcom (AVGO)Market Perform $310.00Medium    
11/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetIngersoll-Rand (IR)Buy$140.00 -> $145.00Low    
11/5/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetSYSCO (SYY)Outperform $88.00Medium    
11/5/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetCredit Acceptance (CACC)Market Perform -> In-Line $472.00High    
11/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetMsci (MSCI)Outperform$252.00 -> $268.00High    
11/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetFairfax Financial Holdings Ltd Subordinate Voting Shares (FFH)C$700.00 -> C$665.00N/A    
11/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetActivision Blizzard (ATVI)Outperform$60.00 -> $65.00High    
11/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesCamden Property Trust (CPT)Buy $115.00Low    
11/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesXenia Hotels & Resorts (XHR)Hold $21.00High    
11/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetGlobal Payments (GPN)Market Perform$162.00 -> $186.00Medium    
11/4/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetNexa Resources (NEXA)Market Perform$13.25 -> $11.25High    
11/1/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetKraft Heinz (KHC)Sell -> Market Perform $37.00Low    
11/1/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetFortinet (FTNT)Market Perform$100.00 -> $104.00High    
11/1/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetQorvo (QRVO)Market Perform -> Positive $85.00High    
11/1/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetB&G Foods (BGS)Market Perform $20.00High    
11/1/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesCanadian National Railway (CNI)Market Perform -> OutperformHigh    
10/31/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetEquinix (EQIX)Outperform -> Positive $610.00Medium    
10/31/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesSundial Growers (SNDL)Outperform -> Market Perform$8.00 -> $4.00Medium    
10/31/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetMastercard (MA)Outperform $348.00Low    
10/31/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesRegency Centers (REG)Hold $66.00High    
10/31/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesNational Storage Affiliates Trust (NSA)Hold $26.00High    
10/31/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetMoody's (MCO)Positive -> Market Perform $230.00Low    
10/31/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetCree (CREE)Market Perform $45.00Medium    
10/31/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetFacebook (FB)Market Perform -> Market Perform$197.00 -> $185.00High    
10/30/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetDIGITAL RLTY TR/SH (DLR)Market Perform $132.00Medium    
10/30/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetS&P Global (SPGI) $266.00Low    
10/30/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetPeabody Energy (BTU)Market Perform $14.00High    
10/30/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetNXP Semiconductors (NXPI)Market Perform $115.00Low    
10/30/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetBoston Beer (SAM)Outperform $425.00Medium    
10/29/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesHealthcare Trust Of America (HTA)Hold $28.00Low    
10/29/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesBrixmor Property Group (BRX)Hold $17.50High    
10/28/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetUniversal Forest Products (UFPI) $44.00Medium    
10/28/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetCognizant Technology Solutions (CTSH)Outperform $75.00Low    
10/28/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetIngevity (NGVT)Outperform $121.00High    
10/28/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesVentas (VTR)Hold $77.00High    
10/28/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesPebblebrook Hotel Trust (PEB)Hold $28.00Low    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetHershey (HSY)Market Perform$133.00 -> $138.00Medium    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetAlphabet (GOOGL)Hold$1,225.00 -> $1,245.00High    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetCapital One Financial (COF)Outperform$141.00 -> $153.00Low    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetVisa (V)Outperform$231.00 -> $239.00Low    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetMonro (MNRO)Market Perform$90.00 -> $78.00Medium    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesMechel PAO (MTL)Market Perform -> Outperform $11.00Medium    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetWinnebago Industries (WGO)Outperform$46.00 -> $60.00Medium    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetAlbemarle (ALB)Outperform$95.00 -> $80.00High    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetIntel (INTC)Market Perform$50.00 -> $53.00High    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetAmazon.com (AMZN)Outperform$2,280.00 -> $2,000.00High    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesVereit (VER)Outperform $11.00Low    
10/25/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesWP Carey (WPC)OutperformMedium    
10/24/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesMullen Group (MLLGF)Market Perform -> OutperformLow    
10/24/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetNavient (NAVI)Market Perform$17.00 -> $18.00Low    
10/24/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesKilroy Realty (KRC)Buy $84.00High    
10/24/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetServiceNow (NOW)Outperform$315.00 -> $300.00Medium    
10/24/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetMicrosoft (MSFT)Outperform$160.00 -> $165.00Medium    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesAdriatic Metals (ADMLF)OutperformLow    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetLoblaw Companies (LBLCF)Buy $79.00Low    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetCorus Entertainment (CJREF)Hold $6.50Low    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetPengrowth Energy (PGHEF)Hold $0.30Medium    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetVertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX)Buy $232.00Medium    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetFirst Quantum Minerals (FQVLF)Hold $13.00Medium    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetArch Coal (ARCH)Outperform$100.00 -> $110.00High    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetSherwin-Williams (SHW)Market Perform $575.00Medium    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetTwitter (TWTR)Market Perform$42.00 -> $45.00Low    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetBiogen (BIIB)Market Perform$250.00 -> $297.00Medium    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetHasbro (HAS)Market Perform$105.00 -> $90.00Medium    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetXilinx (XLNX)Market Perform $100.00Medium    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetChipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)Underperform$640.00 -> $650.00High    
10/23/2019BMO Capital MarketsReiteratesEquity Lifestyle Properties (ELS)Hold $65.00Low    
10/22/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesCision (CISN)Outperform -> Market Perform$14.00 -> $10.00Low    
10/22/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetZions Bancorporation NA (ZION)Market Perform$45.00 -> $48.00High    
10/22/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetWestamerica Bancorporation (WABC)Market Perform$49.00 -> $58.00Medium    
10/22/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetKennametal (KMT)Market Perform$30.50 -> $25.00High    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetTrevali Mining (TV)C$0.50 -> C$0.40N/A    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetTeck Resources (TECK.B)C$38.00 -> C$37.00N/A    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetFirst Quantum Minerals (FM)C$11.50 -> C$13.00N/A    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetPPG Industries (PPG)Market Perform$113.00 -> $129.00Low    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetManpowerGroup (MAN)Market Perform$86.00 -> $88.00Low    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetKansas City Southern (KSU)Outperform$140.00 -> $154.00Low    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetThe Coca-Cola (KO)Market Perform$52.00 -> $55.00Low    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetAmerican Express (AXP)Market Perform$119.00 -> $123.00High    
10/21/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetAdobe (ADBE)Outperform$310.00 -> $300.00Low    
10/17/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetEldorado Gold (EGO)Buy $16.00Low    
10/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetMountain Province Diamonds (MPVD)Buy $1.50Low    
10/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetAtlassian (TEAM)Hold $150.00Low    
10/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesSonoco Products (SON)Underperform -> Market Perform $56.00Low    
10/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsUpgradesSunoco (SUN)Underperform -> Market PerformLow    
10/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetGildan Activewear (GIL)Market Perform$41.00 -> $31.00High    
10/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetHoughton Mifflin Harcourt (HMHC)Outperform$8.00 -> $7.00High    
10/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetUnion Pacific (UNP)Outperform$190.00 -> $188.00Medium    
10/18/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesWelbilt (WBT)Market Perform $19.00Low    
10/15/2019BMO Capital MarketsSet Price TargetVale (VALE)Hold $12.00Low    
10/17/2019BMO Capital MarketsLowers TargetIBM (IBM)Market Perform$157.00 -> $152.00Medium    
10/17/2019BMO Capital MarketsDowngradesColumbia Property Trust (CXP)Outperform -> Market Perform$23.00 -> $22.00High    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesXenia Hotels & Resorts (XHR)Market Perform $21.00High    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesPark Hotels & Resorts (PK)Market Perform $25.00High    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesMarriott International (MAR)Market Perform $128.00Low    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesPebblebrook Hotel Trust (PEB)Market Perform $28.00Medium    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesHost Hotels and Resorts (HST)Outperform $19.00Low    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesHilton Hotels (HLT)Outperform $104.00Low    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesChatham Lodging Trust (CLDT)Market Perform $17.00Low    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsInitiatesHersha Hospitality Trust (HT)Underperform $12.50High    
10/16/2019BMO Capital MarketsRaises TargetJPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) $126.00Low    

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