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Zacks Investment Research Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Zacks Investment Research. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Zacks Investment Research.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesZIOPHARM Oncology (ZIOP)Hold -> Buy $5.75N/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesYamaha Motor (YAMHF)Strong-Buy -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesWhitestone REIT (WSR)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesWP Carey (WPC)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesWabash National (WNC)Hold -> SellN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesAdvanced Drainage Systems (WMS)Buy -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesWestern Asset Mortgage Capital (WMC)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesWILLIAM HILL PL/ADR (WIMHY)Hold -> Buy $10.00N/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesVeritiv (VRTV)Hold -> SellN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesTilly's (TLYS)Sell -> Buy $13.00N/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSterling Bancorp (STL)Hold -> SellN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSurgery Partners (SGRY)Hold -> Buy $16.00N/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesRetail Properties of America (RPAI)Hold -> Buy $16.00N/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesProtagonist Therapeutics (PTGX)Buy -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesPolarityte (PTE)Buy -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesPrevail Therapeutics (PRVL)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesnVent Electric (NVT)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesNIO (NIO)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesNGM Biopharmaceuticals (NGM)Buy -> HoldN/A    
12/7/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesMirum Pharmaceuticals (MIRM)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesKalvista Pharmaceuticals (KALV)Hold -> Buy $16.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesJ.Jill (JILL)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesHUYA (HUYA)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesHeartland Banccorp (HLAN)Hold -> Strong-Buy $109.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesHikma Pharmaceuticals (HKMPF)Hold -> Buy $29.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesHeadHunter Group (HHR)Hold -> Buy $23.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesHealth Catalyst (HCAT)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesFerroglobe (GSM)Hold -> Buy $0.75Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesGRIFOLS S A/S (GRFS)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesGrupo Financiero Galicia (GGAL)Strong-Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesEagle Materials (EXP)Hold -> Buy $103.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesElevate Credit (ELVT)Hold -> Buy $4.50Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesDatang Intl Power Generation (DIPGY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesCompass Diversified (CODI)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesChatham Lodging Trust (CLDT)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesContinental Building Products (CBPX)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBuzzi Unicem (BZZUF)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBanco Macro (BMA)Hold -> Strong-Buy $31.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBrunswick (BC)Hold -> Buy $66.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesASGN (ASGN)Hold -> Buy $75.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesAmerican Homes 4 Rent (AMH)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesAlpine Immune Sciences (ALPN)Hold -> Buy $3.25Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesAkero Therapeutics (AKRO)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesVerint Systems (VRNT)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesVaronis Systems (VRNS)Hold -> Buy $86.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesVOLVO AB/ADR (VLVLY)Strong Sell -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesVOESTALPINE AG/ADR (VLPNY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesVIVENDI SA/ADR (VIVHY)Hold -> Buy $30.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesVisterra (VIST)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesVICI Properties (VICI)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesUnited Community Banks (UCBI)Hold -> Buy $34.00Medium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesTULLOW OIL PLC/ADR (TUWOY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesTilly's (TLYS)Hold -> SellMedium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSYMRISE AG/ADR (SYIEY)Hold -> Buy $27.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSpirit of Texas Bancshares (STXB)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesShutterstock (SSTK)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSSAB SVENSKT ST/ADR (SSAAY)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesInternational Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)Hold -> Sell $150.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSientra (SIEN)Hold -> Buy $9.50Medium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesRetail Properties of America (RPAI)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesRedfin (RDFN)Hold -> Buy $22.00High    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesU.S. Auto Parts Network (PRTS)Hold -> SellMedium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesDollar General (DG)Buy -> Hold $164.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesPremier (PINC)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesParamount Group (PGRE)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesOUTOKUMPU OYJ/ADR (OUTKY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesOpGen (OPGN)Hold -> Buy $1.50High    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesOneMain (OMF)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesMDxHealth (MXDHF)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesLa-Z-Boy (LZB)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesLumber Liquidators (LL)Hold -> Strong SellMedium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesLendingClub (LC)Hold -> Buy $14.00Medium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesKorea Electric Power (KEP)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesJumia Technologies (JMIA)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesJ & J Snack Foods (JJSF)Hold -> SellLow    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesJ Alexanders (JAX)Hold -> Buy $11.00Low    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesInvacare (IVC)Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/6/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesInnophos (IPHS)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesImmersion (IMMR)Hold -> SellHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesInterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesHoulihan Lokey (HLI)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesH&E Equipment Services (HEES)Hold -> Buy $36.00High    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesGladstone Commercial (GOOD)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesGrupo Financiero Galicia (GGAL)Hold -> Strong-Buy $15.00High    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesExponent (EXPO)Hold -> Buy $72.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesDXP Enterprises (DXPE)Sell -> Buy $42.00High    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesDerwent London (DWVYF)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesDiana Shipping (DSX)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesPhysicians Realty Trust (DOC)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesDesigner Brands (DBI)Strong-Buy -> HoldN/A    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesDanaos (DAC)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCovetrus (CVET)Hold -> Buy $15.00High    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesCHINA RESOURES/ADR (CRPJY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCo-Diagnostics (CODX)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCOLLPLANT HOLDI/S (CLGN)Hold -> Buy $5.50Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCHF Solutions (CHFS)Sell -> HoldHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCentamin (CELTF)Sell -> HoldHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesCardlytics (CDLX)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCapital City Bank Group (CCBG)Sell -> Buy $32.00Medium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesCBL & Associates Properties (CBL)Hold -> SellMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBritish Land (BTLCY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBank7 (BSVN)Hold -> Buy $21.00Medium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesBrunswick (BC)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBridgeBio Pharma (BBIO)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesBAE SYS PLC/S (BAESY)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesAvid Technology (AVID)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesAravive (ARAV)Hold -> Buy $13.00High    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesAmerican Outdoor Brands (AOBC)Hold -> Buy $10.00High    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesAltus Midstream (ALTM)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesAlpine Immune Sciences (ALPN)Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesVicor (VICR)Hold -> SellMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesVillage Farms International (VFF)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesVEON (VEON)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesVeolia Environnement (VEOEY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesUnitil (UTL)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesU.S. Physical Therapy (USPH)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesAluminum Corp. of China Limited ADR Class H (ACH)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesUnilever (UN)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesUNICHARM CORP/S (UNICY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesUniCredit (UNCFF)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesUrban Edge Properties (UE)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesUrstadt Biddle Properties (UBA)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesTetraphase Pharmaceuticals (TTPH)Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesTesco (TSCDY)Hold -> Buy $10.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesTrex (TREX)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesNordson (NDSN)Hold -> Sell $173.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesMellanox Technologies (MLNX)Hold -> Sell $125.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesCompanhia Brasileira de Distribuicao (CBD)Hold -> Sell $21.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesTelekom Austria (TKAGY)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesTelecom Italia (TIIAY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesTarget Hospitality (TH)Hold -> SellHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesThor Industries (THO)Hold -> Buy $71.00Medium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesTaseko Mines (TGB)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesTelecom Argentina (TEO)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesTenable (TENB)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesTelenor ASA (TELNY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesTidewater (TDW)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesHospitality Properties Trust (SVC)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSUMCO CORP/ADR (SUOPY)Strong Sell -> Strong-Buy $36.00N/A    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSenior Housing Properties Trust (SNH)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSientra (SIEN)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSmart Global (SGH)Strong Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesStellus Capital Investment (SCM)Hold -> Buy $16.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI)Hold -> SellMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Hold -> Buy $33.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesRhythm Pharmaceuticals (RYTM)Hold -> Buy $25.00High    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesRetail Opportunity Investments (ROIC)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesRA Medical Systems (RMED)Hold -> SellHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesRedfin (RDFN)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesPinnacle Financial Partners (PNFP)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesPiedmont Lithium (PLL)Buy -> SellHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesParamount Group (PGRE)Hold -> Buy $15.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesPreferred Bank (PFBC)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesOld Second Bancorp (OSBC)Hold -> Buy $14.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesOCADO GRP PLC/S (OCDDY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesQuanex Building Products (NX)Sell -> HoldHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesLifull (NXCLF)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesNewron Pharmaceuticals (NWPHF)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesIntec Pharma (NTEC)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesNovaGold Resources (NG)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesAnglo American (NGLOY)Hold -> Strong-Buy $15.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesMinerals Technologies (MTX)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesMONOTARO CO LTD/ADR (MONOY)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesMoog (MOG.A)Hold -> SellMedium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesManning and Napier (MN)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesMaverix Metals (MMX)Hold -> SellHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesMICHELIN COMPAG/ADR (MGDDY)Sell -> Buy $26.00Medium    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesMayville Engineering (MEC)Hold -> SellHigh    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesLimoneira (LMNR)Hold -> Buy $22.00Low    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesKazia Therapeutics (KZIA)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesKyocera (KYOCY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesJiayin Group (JFIN)Hold -> Strong SellLow    
12/5/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesIngredion (INGR)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesIclick Interactive Asia Group (ICLK)Hold -> Strong-Buy $3.75Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesHUYA (HUYA)Hold -> Buy $22.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesHeartland Express (HTLD)Strong Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesHollysys Automation Technologies (HOLI)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesHuaneng Power International Inc ADR Class N (HNP)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesH&E Equipment Services (HEES)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesGreat Western Bancorp (GWB)Hold -> SellHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesGENFIT S A/ADR (GNFT)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesForward Air (FWRD)Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesFortress Transprtn and Infr Investrs (FTAI)Strong Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesFerguson (FERGY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesFirst Bancorp (FBNC)Hold -> Buy $43.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesEZCORP (EZPW)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesEagle Materials (EXP)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesExpress (EXPR)Sell -> HoldHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesExponent (EXPO)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesExlService (EXLS)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesEvoke Pharma (EVOK)Hold -> Buy $1.75Medium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesEtsy (ETSY)Sell -> HoldHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesEmpire State Realty Trust (ESRT)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgrades8X8 (EGHT)Sell -> HoldHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesDynavax Technologies (DVAX)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesDEUTSCHE POST A/S (DPSGY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesPhysicians Realty Trust (DOC)Hold -> Buy $21.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesDeNA (DNACF)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesDiaMedica Therapeutics (DMAC)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesDuluth (DLTH)Hold -> SellHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesCatchmark Timber Trust (CTT)Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesCTRY GARDEN HOL/ADR (CTRYY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCARREFOUR SA/S (CRRFY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCENTRICA PLC/S (CPYYY)Hold -> Buy $4.75Medium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCedar Realty Trust (CDR)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesCDK Global (CDK)Hold -> Buy $60.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBlackstone Mortgage Trust (BXMT)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBARRATT DEVELOP/ADR (BTDPY)Hold -> Buy $20.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesBio-Path (BPTH)Hold -> Buy $8.00High    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesBoston Private Financial (BPFH)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesBco Com Portugues (BPCGY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesBlackrock Capital Investment (BKCC)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesAtreca (BCEL)Hold -> Buy $15.00High    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesBayerische Motoren Werke (BAMXF)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesAvaya (AVYA)Strong-Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesASGN (ASGN)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesEvoqua Water Technologies (AQUA)Strong Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesApplied Therapeutics (APLT)Hold -> SellHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesAllot Communications (ALLT)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesASAHI KASEI COR/ADR (AHKSY)Hold -> Buy $25.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesAllianceBernstein (AB)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSpirit Realty Capital (SRC)Hold -> Buy $58.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSpirent Communications (SPMYY)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSUMITOMO CHEM C/ADR (SOMMY)Strong-Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSify Technologies (SIFY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSharp (SHCAY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSEIKO EPSON COR/ADR (SEKEY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSolaredge Technologies (SEDG)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesStellus Capital Investment (SCM)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesSCHNEIDER ELEC /ADR (SBGSY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesSafehold (SAFE)Hold -> Buy $44.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesRhythm Pharmaceuticals (RYTM)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesRattler Midstream (RTLR)Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesRTI Surgical (RTIX)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesRicoh (RICOY)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesResources Connection (RECN)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesRocky Brands (RCKY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesRANDSTAD HLDG N/ADR (RANJY)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesQuotient Technology (QUOT)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesQ BioMed (QBIO)Hold -> Strong-Buy $1.75Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesProspect Capital (PSEC)Sell -> HoldLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesFirst Horizon National (FHN)Buy -> Hold $16.00Low    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesPremier Oil (PMOIY)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesPinterest (PINS)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesPennsylvania R.E.I.T. (PEI)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesPotlatchdeltic (PCH)Sell -> HoldMedium    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchDowngradesOxford Industries (OXM)Hold -> SellLow    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesOxford BioMedica (OXBDF)Sell -> HoldN/A    
12/4/2019Zacks Investment ResearchUpgradesOMRON (OMRNY)Sell -> HoldLow    

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