S&P 500   3,148.59 (+1.00%)
DOW   27,999.53 (+1.16%)
QQQ   204.77 (+1.16%)
AAPL   269.49 (+1.47%)
FB   201.25 (+0.94%)
MSFT   151.18 (+0.83%)
GOOGL   1,338.74 (+1.50%)
AMZN   1,745.75 (-0.85%)
CGC   18.51 (-0.48%)
NVDA   212.99 (+1.70%)
MU   48.02 (+3.00%)
BABA   200.16 (+0.08%)
GE   11.01 (+2.04%)
TSLA   337.78 (+1.43%)
T   38.41 (+0.58%)
AMD   39.86 (+0.43%)
ACB   2.43 (-0.82%)
F   9.00 (+0.67%)
PRI   136.22 (+1.43%)
NFLX   304.71 (+0.13%)
BAC   33.75 (+1.99%)
GILD   67.07 (+0.48%)
DIS   147.97 (+0.36%)
S&P 500   3,148.59 (+1.00%)
DOW   27,999.53 (+1.16%)
QQQ   204.77 (+1.16%)
AAPL   269.49 (+1.47%)
FB   201.25 (+0.94%)
MSFT   151.18 (+0.83%)
GOOGL   1,338.74 (+1.50%)
AMZN   1,745.75 (-0.85%)
CGC   18.51 (-0.48%)
NVDA   212.99 (+1.70%)
MU   48.02 (+3.00%)
BABA   200.16 (+0.08%)
GE   11.01 (+2.04%)
TSLA   337.78 (+1.43%)
T   38.41 (+0.58%)
AMD   39.86 (+0.43%)
ACB   2.43 (-0.82%)
F   9.00 (+0.67%)
PRI   136.22 (+1.43%)
NFLX   304.71 (+0.13%)
BAC   33.75 (+1.99%)
GILD   67.07 (+0.48%)
DIS   147.97 (+0.36%)
S&P 500   3,148.59 (+1.00%)
DOW   27,999.53 (+1.16%)
QQQ   204.77 (+1.16%)
AAPL   269.49 (+1.47%)
FB   201.25 (+0.94%)
MSFT   151.18 (+0.83%)
GOOGL   1,338.74 (+1.50%)
AMZN   1,745.75 (-0.85%)
CGC   18.51 (-0.48%)
NVDA   212.99 (+1.70%)
MU   48.02 (+3.00%)
BABA   200.16 (+0.08%)
GE   11.01 (+2.04%)
TSLA   337.78 (+1.43%)
T   38.41 (+0.58%)
AMD   39.86 (+0.43%)
ACB   2.43 (-0.82%)
F   9.00 (+0.67%)
PRI   136.22 (+1.43%)
NFLX   304.71 (+0.13%)
BAC   33.75 (+1.99%)
GILD   67.07 (+0.48%)
DIS   147.97 (+0.36%)
S&P 500   3,148.59 (+1.00%)
DOW   27,999.53 (+1.16%)
QQQ   204.77 (+1.16%)
AAPL   269.49 (+1.47%)
FB   201.25 (+0.94%)
MSFT   151.18 (+0.83%)
GOOGL   1,338.74 (+1.50%)
AMZN   1,745.75 (-0.85%)
CGC   18.51 (-0.48%)
NVDA   212.99 (+1.70%)
MU   48.02 (+3.00%)
BABA   200.16 (+0.08%)
GE   11.01 (+2.04%)
TSLA   337.78 (+1.43%)
T   38.41 (+0.58%)
AMD   39.86 (+0.43%)
ACB   2.43 (-0.82%)
F   9.00 (+0.67%)
PRI   136.22 (+1.43%)
NFLX   304.71 (+0.13%)
BAC   33.75 (+1.99%)
GILD   67.07 (+0.48%)
DIS   147.97 (+0.36%)
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Robert W. Baird Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Robert W. Baird. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Robert W. Baird.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetZumiez (ZUMZ)Neutral$33.00 -> $35.00Low    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetRocket Pharmaceuticals (RCKT)Outperform$30.00 -> $41.00High    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetPatterson Companies (PDCO)Neutral$19.00 -> $22.00Medium    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetMethode Electronics (MEI)Outperform$39.00 -> $43.00High    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetKorn Ferry (KFY)Neutral$42.00 -> $40.00Medium    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetGMS (GMS)Neutral$28.00 -> $35.00Medium    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetGreif (GEF)Neutral$40.00 -> $45.00Low    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetClean Harbors (CLH)Outperform$95.00 -> $106.00High    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesZoom Video Communications (ZM)Outperform -> In-Line$100.00 -> $85.00High    
12/6/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesOkta (OKTA)Hold $135.00Medium    
12/4/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesMercury Systems (MRCY)Buy $87.00Medium    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesAdvanced Micro Devices (AMD)Hold $40.00Low    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesSlack (WORK)Outperform $31.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetTJX Companies (TJX)Outperform -> Positive$63.00 -> $69.00Medium    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesTJX Companies (TJX)Outperform -> Positive$63.00 -> $69.00Medium    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetSportsman's Warehouse (SPWH)Neutral$7.00 -> $8.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetSportsman's Warehouse (SPWH)Hold$7.00 -> $8.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetRestoration Hardware (RH)Neutral$168.00 -> $220.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetRestoration Hardware (RH)Neutral -> Neutral$168.00 -> $220.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetPPG Industries (PPG)Outperform$130.00 -> $145.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetPPG Industries (PPG)Outperform$130.00 -> $145.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetCarlisle Companies (CSL)Outperform$165.00 -> $168.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetCarlisle Companies (CSL)Outperform$165.00 -> $168.00High    
12/5/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesEnLink Midstream (ENLC)Neutral -> Outperform $6.00Low    
12/4/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetWorkday (WDAY)Outperform$220.00 -> $210.00Medium    
12/4/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetZscaler (ZS)Outperform -> Positive$70.00 -> $65.00Medium    
12/3/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesMiddlesex Water (MSEX)Outperform $69.00Medium    
12/3/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetLululemon Athletica (LULU)Outperform$220.00 -> $250.00Low    
12/3/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesAssociated Banc (ASB)Outperform -> NeutralHigh    
12/3/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesNoble Midstream Partners (NBLX)Neutral -> Outperform$26.00 -> $29.00Medium    
12/3/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesCentogene (CNTG)Outperform $15.00Medium    
12/3/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesZions Bancorporation NA (ZION)Neutral -> Underperform$49.00 -> $46.00Medium    
12/3/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesAudentes Therapeutics (BOLD)Underperform -> NeutralN/A    
12/2/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesAravive (ARAV)Neutral -> OutperformHigh    
12/2/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetTarga Resources (TRGP)Outperform$49.00 -> $43.00Low    
12/2/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetCrowdstrike (CRWD)Neutral$75.00 -> $65.00High    
12/2/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesBiogen (BIIB)Neutral -> Underperform $250.00Low    
12/2/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesAeroVironment (AVAV)Neutral -> Outperform$65.00 -> $81.00Medium    
12/2/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesPlains GP (PAGP)Neutral -> Outperform$22.00 -> $21.00Low    
12/2/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesPlains All American Pipeline (PAA)Neutral -> Outperform$22.00 -> $21.00High    
11/29/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetPeloton (PTON)$29.00 -> $35.00High    
11/27/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesShake Shack (SHAK)Neutral $66.00Low    
11/27/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetTarget (TGT)$115.00 -> $140.00Low    
11/25/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesIntercept Pharmaceuticals (ICPT)Buy $227.00High    
11/26/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetDicks Sporting Goods (DKS)Neutral -> Positive$36.00 -> $51.00Medium    
11/26/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesNutanix (NTNX)Outperform$29.00 -> $38.00Medium    
11/26/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesJeld-Wen (JELD)Neutral -> Outperform$22.00 -> $26.00High    
11/26/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesDeckers Outdoor (DECK)Neutral -> Outperform$180.00 -> $205.00Low    
11/25/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetDicerna Pharmaceuticals (DRNA)Outperform$35.00 -> $50.00Medium    
11/25/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesArrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)Neutral -> Outperform$39.00 -> $70.00High    
11/25/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesThe Medicines (MDCO)Outperform -> Neutral$100.00 -> $85.00Medium    
11/25/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesWingstop (WING)Neutral -> Outperform $92.00Medium    
11/25/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesQualys (QLYS)Hold $90.00Low    
11/22/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetHibbett Sports (HIBB)NeutralLow    
11/22/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesTesla (TSLA)Buy $355.00Low    
11/21/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratessalesforce.com (CRM)Buy $185.00Low    
11/20/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesLowe's Companies (LOW)Outperform -> Buy $135.00Medium    
11/20/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesTarget (TGT)Buy $115.00High    
11/20/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetKohl's (KSS)Outperform -> Positive$65.00 -> $58.00Medium    
11/19/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetHome Depot (HD)Outperform -> Accumulate$230.00 -> $245.00High    
11/18/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesVarian Medical Systems (VAR)Buy $158.00Low    
11/18/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesSealed Air (SEE)Buy $50.00Low    
11/18/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesShake Shack (SHAK)Hold $66.00High    
11/18/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesANCHIANO THERAP/S (ANCN)Outperform -> NeutralMedium    
11/13/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesVir Biotechnology (VIR)NeutralLow    
11/13/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesCintas (CTAS)Buy $300.00Low    
11/12/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesRevolve Group (RVLV)Outperform $26.00Medium    
11/12/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetReata Pharmaceuticals (RETA)Outperform -> Positive$162.00 -> $245.00High    
11/12/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesCellular Biomedicine Group (CBMG)Outperform -> Neutral$26.00 -> $19.00Medium    
11/11/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesWright Medical Group (WMGI)Outperform -> Neutral$28.00 -> $31.00Low    
11/11/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesPremier (PINC)Outperform -> Neutral $41.00Low    
11/11/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesModine Manufacturing (MOD)Outperform -> Neutral$14.00 -> $9.00High    
11/11/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesTerex (TEX)Neutral -> Outperform$29.00 -> $44.00High    
11/11/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesCisco Systems (CSCO)Buy $54.00Medium    
11/8/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesMimecast (MIME)Buy $58.00High    
11/7/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetDexCom (DXCM)Outperform$195.00 -> $240.00High    
11/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetExpeditors International of Washington (EXPD)Neutral$77.00 -> $78.00Low    
11/6/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesInMode (INMD)Outperform$27.00 -> $45.00High    
11/6/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetMasonite International (DOOR)Outperform$65.00 -> $72.00Low    
11/6/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesKeyCorp (KEY)Outperform -> Neutral $19.00Low    
11/6/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesTheravance Biopharma (TBPH)Underperform -> Neutral$22.00 -> $18.00Low    
11/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetItron (ITRI)Outperform$80.00 -> $86.00High    
11/5/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesRapid7 (RPD)Buy $72.00High    
11/5/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesUnder Armour (UAA)Outperform -> Neutral$31.00 -> $20.00High    
11/4/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesProofpoint (PFPT)Buy $145.00High    
11/1/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetAlibaba Group (BABA)Buy $200.00N/A    
11/1/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetITT (ITT)Buy $75.00N/A    
11/1/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetPinterest (PINS)Buy$37.00 -> $30.00Low    
11/1/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesDigi International (DGII)Outperform $19.00Low    
11/1/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesCelgene (CELG)Outperform -> Neutral $101.00Low    
11/1/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesWEX (WEX)Neutral -> Outperform $234.00Medium    
11/1/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesAmedisys (AMED)Neutral -> Outperform$140.00 -> $160.00High    
10/31/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetWayfair (W)Neutral$150.00 -> $102.00Medium    
10/31/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetClean Harbors (CLH)Outperform$85.00 -> $95.00Medium    
10/31/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetFreshpet (FRPT)Outperform$50.00 -> $60.00Low    
10/30/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetStryker (SYK)Outperform$239.00 -> $242.00Medium    
10/30/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetEaton (ETN)Neutral$80.00 -> $87.00Low    
10/30/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetZebra Technologies (ZBRA)Outperform$235.00 -> $270.00Low    
10/29/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesDicerna Pharmaceuticals (DRNA)Outperform -> Outperform$27.00 -> $27.00Medium    
10/29/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesVaronis Systems (VRNS)BuyHigh    
10/25/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetAmazon.com (AMZN)Buy $2,080.00Low    
10/25/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetFirst Solar (FSLR)Buy $80.00Low    
10/25/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetForward Air (FWRD)Buy $75.00Low    
10/25/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetGilead Sciences (GILD)Hold $76.00N/A    
10/28/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesCheck Point Software Technologies (CHKP)Hold $120.00Medium    
10/28/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetMohawk Industries (MHK)Outperform$150.00 -> $168.00Low    
10/25/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetIntel (INTC)Outperform$65.00 -> $70.00High    
10/25/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetPatrick Industries (PATK)Outperform$46.00 -> $54.00High    
10/25/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesLear (LEA)Outperform -> Neutral $155.00High    
10/25/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesVocera Communications (VCRA)Outperform -> Neutral$35.00 -> $20.00High    
10/24/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetTwitter (TWTR)$40.00 -> $39.00Medium    
10/24/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetThermo Fisher Scientific (TMO)Outperform$305.00 -> $319.00Low    
10/24/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesArrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)Outperform -> Neutral $39.00High    
10/24/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesOshkosh (OSK)Neutral -> Outperform$74.00 -> $101.00Low    
10/21/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetInfosys (INFY)Hold $10.00Low    
10/21/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetForescout Technologies (FSCT)Buy $44.00Medium    
10/21/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetAdtalem Global Education (ATGE)Hold $42.00N/A    
10/21/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetVertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX)Buy $210.00Medium    
10/23/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetSherwin-Williams (SHW)Outperform -> Top Pick$600.00 -> $650.00Low    
10/23/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetTractor Supply (TSCO)Outperform$125.00 -> $120.00Medium    
10/22/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetMcdonald's (MCD)Outperform$230.00 -> $225.00High    
10/22/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesCision (CISN)Outperform -> Neutral$13.00 -> $10.00Medium    
10/22/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesSpirit AeroSystems (SPR)Outperform -> Neutral$89.00 -> $80.00Medium    
10/22/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesAlbany International (AIN)Outperform -> Neutral$93.00 -> $80.00High    
10/21/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesBoeing (BA)Outperform -> Neutral$445.00 -> $342.00Low    
10/17/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetAssembly Biosciences (ASMB)Buy $74.00Low    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetManpowerGroup (MAN)Buy $101.00High    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetAdvanced Drainage Systems (WMS)Hold $68.00Low    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesSnap-on (SNA)Hold $169.00Low    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetWatsco (WSO)Neutral$160.00 -> $175.00Low    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetWNS (WNS)Neutral$66.00 -> $68.00Low    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetTextron (TXT)Outperform$64.00 -> $58.00Medium    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetSonoco Products (SON)Outperform$70.00 -> $65.00Medium    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetDover (DOV)Neutral$105.00 -> $110.00Low    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetBadger Meter (BMI)Neutral$48.00 -> $52.00High    
10/18/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetPool (POOL)Outperform -> Outperform$192.00 -> $230.00High    
10/17/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetNetflix (NFLX)Neutral$370.00 -> $300.00High    
10/16/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetJPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)Neutral$105.00 -> $110.00Low    
10/16/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesCabot (CBT)Outperform -> Neutral $45.00Medium    
10/16/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesAcuity Brands (AYI)Outperform -> Neutral$148.00 -> $126.00Medium    
10/16/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesFMC (FMC)Neutral -> Outperform$86.00 -> $95.00Medium    
10/15/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesReata Pharmaceuticals (RETA)Outperform$105.00 -> $162.00High    
10/15/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesStitch Fix (SFIX)Outperform$28.00 -> $28.00Medium    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesFair Isaac (FICO)Outperform $352.00Low    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesPagerduty (PD)Outperform$31.00 -> $31.00Medium    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetSnap-on (SNA)Neutral$164.00 -> $165.00Low    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetJeld-Wen (JELD)Neutral$21.00 -> $20.00Low    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetInfosys (INFY)Neutral$13.00 -> $12.00Low    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetFastenal (FAST)Neutral$34.00 -> $37.00Medium    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesUDR (UDR)Neutral -> Outperform$48.00 -> $51.00Low    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesEquity Residential (EQR)Neutral -> Underperform$78.00 -> $81.00Low    
10/14/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesEnvista (NVST)Outperform $33.00Medium    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetRapid7 (RPD)Buy $72.00Low    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetCostco Wholesale (COST)Buy $325.00Low    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargeteBay (EBAY)Buy $46.00Low    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetDomino's Pizza (DPZ)Buy $300.00Low    
10/9/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetFireEye (FEYE)Buy $23.00Low    
10/9/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetDeere & Company (DE)Buy $178.00Low    
10/10/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesPhreesia (PHR)Outperform $31.00High    
10/10/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesForescout Technologies (FSCT)Buy $44.00High    
10/10/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesRa Pharmaceuticals (RARX)Outperform -> Neutral $48.00High    
10/9/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesZebra Technologies (ZBRA)Outperform$245.00 -> $235.00Medium    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesPeloton (PTON)Outperform $28.00N/A    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetParsley Energy (PE)Outperform$22.00 -> $19.00Medium    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetEnergy Transfer LP Unit (ET)Outperform$21.00 -> $18.00Medium    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetEnLink Midstream (ENLC)Neutral$13.00 -> $9.00Low    
10/8/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetTarga Resources (TRGP)Outperform -> Outperform$67.00 -> $49.00Medium    
10/2/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesAudentes Therapeutics (BOLD)Underperform$10.00 -> $10.00Medium    
10/2/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesArrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)Outperform $39.00Medium    
10/2/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetAmerican Water Works (AWK)Outperform$117.00 -> $128.00Low    
10/2/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesBoeing (BA)Outperform$470.00 -> $445.00Medium    
10/1/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesThor Industries (THO)Accumulate -> Reduce$60.00 -> $65.00Medium    
9/26/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetPremier (PINC)Buy $46.00Low    
9/26/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetVisteon (VC)Buy $81.00Medium    
9/30/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Outperform$142.00 -> $157.00Low    
9/30/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesDeere & Company (DE)Outperform$161.00 -> $176.00Medium    
9/30/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesWells Fargo & Co (WFC)Outperform -> Neutral $50.00Low    
9/27/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetMicron Technology (MU)Underperform$28.00 -> $30.00High    
9/27/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetAccenture (ACN)Hold -> Neutral$212.00 -> $208.00Low    
9/27/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetActuant (ATU)Neutral$23.00 -> $22.00High    
9/23/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetKratos Defense & Security Solutions (KTOS)Buy $25.00Low    
9/23/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetNavistar International (NAV)Buy $38.00Medium    
9/23/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetNike (NKE)Hold $87.00Low    
9/24/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetKaryopharm Therapeutics (KPTI)Buy $25.00Low    
9/25/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesCrowdstrike (CRWD)Neutral $75.00High    
9/25/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetCintas (CTAS)Outperform$267.00 -> $300.00High    
8/26/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetVerisk Analytics (VRSK)Outperform$137.00 -> $165.00Low    
9/23/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetXilinx (XLNX)Outperform$128.00 -> $110.00Medium    
9/23/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetCognex (CGNX)Neutral$42.00 -> $47.00Low    
9/23/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetWalmart (WMT)Outperform$120.00 -> $130.00Low    
9/17/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetBurlington Stores (BURL)Buy $215.00Low    
9/17/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetUlta Beauty (ULTA)Buy $315.00Low    
9/17/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetWinnebago Industries (WGO)Buy $42.00Low    
9/20/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesCrown (CCK)Outperform$65.00 -> $75.00Low    
9/20/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesNexPoint Residential Trust (NXRT)Outperform $50.00Low    
9/18/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetMasco (MAS)Outperform$48.00 -> $46.00Medium    
9/18/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesItron (ITRI)Outperform$70.00 -> $80.00High    
9/18/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetGlobal Payments (GPN)Outperform$188.00 -> $203.00Low    
9/18/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetFedEx (FDX)Outperform$180.00 -> $175.00High    
9/17/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetNew Relic (NEWR)Outperform$84.00 -> $77.00Medium    
9/12/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetKnowles (KN)Buy $22.00High    
9/16/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetFiserv (FISV)Outperform$112.00 -> $122.00High    
9/16/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetFidelity National Information Servcs (FIS)Outperform$145.00 -> $158.00High    
9/16/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesZoom Video Communications (ZM)Outperform $100.00Medium    
9/12/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetR1 RCM (RCM)Buy $14.00Low    
9/13/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetOkta (OKTA)Hold $135.00Medium    
9/13/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetNutanix (NTNX)Buy $29.00Medium    
9/13/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetVaronis Systems (VRNS)Buy $80.00Low    
9/13/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetCisco Systems (CSCO)Buy $54.00Low    
9/13/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetForescout Technologies (FSCT)Buy $44.00Low    
9/15/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetPalo Alto Networks (PANW)Buy $275.00High    
9/15/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesCheck Point Software Technologies (CHKP)HoldLow    
9/15/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetFireEye (FEYE)Buy $23.00High    
9/15/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetQualys (QLYS)Hold $100.00Low    
9/15/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetRapid7 (RPD)Buy $72.00Medium    
9/15/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetFortinet (FTNT)Hold $100.00Medium    
9/15/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetMimecast (MIME)Buy $58.00Low    
9/13/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetProofpoint (PFPT)Buy $145.00Low    
9/12/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesTocagen (TOCA)Outperform -> NeutralN/A    
9/9/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesFirst Solar (FSLR)BuyHigh    
9/11/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetZscaler (ZS)Outperform$80.00 -> $70.00High    
9/11/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetRestoration Hardware (RH)Neutral$150.00 -> $168.00Medium    
9/11/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetDover (DOV)Neutral$100.00 -> $105.00Medium    
9/11/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesHD Supply (HDS)Outperform -> Neutral$50.00 -> $40.00Low    
9/11/2019Robert W. BairdUpgradesMYR Group (MYRG)Neutral -> Outperform$35.00 -> $36.00High    
9/9/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesHomology Medicines (FIXX)Outperform $30.00High    
9/9/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesRubius Therapeutics (RUBY)Underperform$4.00 -> $4.00High    
9/9/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesIDEAYA Biosciences (IDYA)Outperform $30.00High    
9/9/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetShopify (SHOP)OutperformC$370.00 -> C$410.00N/A    
9/9/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetShopify (SHOP)Outperform$370.00 -> $410.00High    
9/9/2019Robert W. BairdLowers TargetAntero Midstream (AM)Outperform$15.00 -> $9.00High    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetZscaler (ZS)Buy $80.00High    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetAccenture (ACN)Hold $212.00High    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetCopart (CPRT)Buy $85.00Low    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetCognizant Technology Solutions (CTSH)Buy $76.00Low    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetKorn Ferry (KFY)Hold $42.00High    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetABM Industries (ABM)Hold $38.00Low    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetZumiez (ZUMZ)Hold $33.00High    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetInfosys (INFY)Hold $13.00Low    
9/6/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetRev Group (REVG)Buy $12.00High    
9/4/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetIntel (INTC)Buy $65.00Low    
9/4/2019Robert W. BairdReiteratesStarbucks (SBUX)HoldLow    
9/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetCostco Wholesale (COST)Outperform$290.00 -> $325.00High    
9/5/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetFleetCor Technologies (FLT)Neutral$302.00 -> $316.00Low    
9/4/2019Robert W. BairdRaises TargetCastle Biosciences (CSTL)Outperform$27.00 -> $31.00High    
8/29/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetZynga (ZNGA)Buy $8.00Medium    
8/30/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetPatterson Companies (PDCO)Hold $19.00Low    
8/30/2019Robert W. BairdSet Price TargetAlexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN)Buy $165.00Low    
9/3/2019Robert W. BairdInitiatesInMode (INMD)Outperform $27.00High    
9/3/2019Robert W. BairdDowngradesRexnord (RXN)Outperform -> Neutral$33.00 -> $29.00High    

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