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Lake Street Capital Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Lake Street Capital. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Lake Street Capital.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/4/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesVeracyte (VCYT)Buy $35.00High    
12/5/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesDermTech (DMTK)Buy $15.00High    
12/5/2019Lake Street CapitalUpgradesSeaChange International (SEAC)Hold -> BuyHigh    
11/25/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesBenchmark Electronics (BHE)Buy $38.00High    
11/25/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesiMedia Brands (IMBI)Buy $1.50Low    
11/15/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetDigi International (DGII)$16.00 -> $20.00Low    
11/14/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesReed's (REED)Buy$6.00 -> $2.50N/A    
11/14/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetNetApp (NTAP)Hold$49.00 -> $58.00Medium    
11/13/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetShotspotter (SSTI)Buy$40.00 -> $23.00High    
11/13/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesHealth Insurance Innovations (HIIQ)Buy$40.00 -> $50.00High    
11/12/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetAsure Software (ASUR)Buy$14.00 -> $12.00High    
11/12/2019Lake Street CapitalUpgradesPFSweb (PFSW)Hold -> BuyHigh    
11/11/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetCapstone Turbine (CPST)$30.00 -> $5.00Low    
11/11/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesCarbonite (CARB)Buy -> HoldLow    
11/8/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetPC Tel (PCTI)Buy$6.00 -> $8.00Medium    
11/8/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetTurtle Beach (HEAR)Buy$20.00 -> $17.00N/A    
11/8/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetNova Measuring Instruments (NVMI)Buy$30.00 -> $40.00Low    
11/8/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetNV5 Global (NVEE)Buy$98.00 -> $86.00High    
11/7/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetTechTarget (TTGT)Buy$24.00 -> $29.00High    
11/7/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetRosetta Stone (RST)Buy$24.00 -> $22.00High    
11/6/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesBioTelemetry (BEAT)Buy$90.00 -> $80.00High    
11/6/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesPrimo Water (PRMW)Buy -> Hold$18.00 -> $14.00High    
11/5/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetChegg (CHGG)Hold$38.00 -> $35.00Medium    
11/1/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetBallard Power Systems (BLDP)Buy -> In-Line$5.00 -> $6.00Low    
11/1/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesSurModics (SRDX)Buy -> Hold$75.00 -> $50.00High    
11/1/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesPixelworks (PXLW)Buy -> Hold $3.50High    
10/31/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetAlphatec (ATEC)Buy$7.00 -> $10.00High    
10/31/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetAVITA MED LTD/S (RCEL)Buy$10.00 -> $12.00Low    
10/28/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesGrowGeneration (GRWG)BuyHigh    
10/24/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetCyberOptics (CYBE)Buy$18.00 -> $20.00Medium    
10/24/2019Lake Street CapitalUpgradesLeMaitre Vascular (LMAT)Hold -> Buy $40.00High    
10/23/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetHyreCar (HYRE)$9.00 -> $7.00High    
10/23/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetPolaris Industries (PII)Buy$112.00 -> $118.00Low    
10/22/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesPareteum (TEUM)Buy -> Hold$7.00 -> $0.75N/A    
10/18/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetChart Industries (GTLS)Buy $109.00High    
10/11/2019Lake Street CapitalUpgradesUSA Technologies (USAT)Hold -> Buy $9.00High    
10/11/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesBIOFRONTERA AG/ADR (BFRA)Buy -> Hold$17.00 -> $11.00Low    
10/2/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesOpera (OPRA)Buy $19.00Low    
9/18/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetAVITA MED LTD/S (AVMXY)Buy$8.00 -> $10.00High    
9/17/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesLegacy Housing (LEGH)BuyHigh    
9/17/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetHimax Technologies (HIMX)Hold$3.00 -> $2.50Low    
9/10/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetAspen Group (ASPU)Buy $10.00Low    
9/11/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetFarmer Bros (FARM)Buy$26.00 -> $15.00High    
8/30/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesAmerican Outdoor Brands (AOBC)Buy$17.00 -> $14.00High    
8/28/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetBIOFRONTERA AG/ADR (BFRA)Buy$21.00 -> $17.00Low    
8/26/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetQuantum (QMCO)Buy$5.00 -> $7.00Low    
8/22/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetPure Storage (PSTG)Buy$22.00 -> $19.00High    
8/16/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetHarrow Health (HROW)Buy $15.00Low    
8/14/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetVirTra Systems (VTSI)Buy$6.00 -> $5.00N/A    
8/9/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetJoint (JYNT)Buy$20.00 -> $30.00High    
8/9/2019Lake Street CapitalUpgradesPC Tel (PCTI)Hold -> Buy$5.00 -> $6.00High    
8/7/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetPareteum (TEUM)Buy $7.00N/A    
8/7/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetCardiovascular Systems (CSII)Buy$50.00 -> $60.00High    
8/7/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesHyreCar (HYRE)Buy $9.00Low    
8/7/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetShotspotter (SSTI)Buy$50.00 -> $40.00High    
8/7/2019Lake Street CapitalUpgradesQuantum (QMCO)Hold -> Buy $5.00High    
8/6/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetGaia (GAIA)Buy$20.00 -> $15.00High    
8/6/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetHealth Insurance Innovations (HIIQ)Buy$50.00 -> $40.00High    
8/5/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesEton Pharmaceuticals (ETON)BuyLow    
7/31/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetBioTelemetry (BEAT)Buy $90.00High    
8/1/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetNautilus (NLS)Hold$5.00 -> $3.00High    
7/31/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesVeracyte (VCYT)Buy -> Buy $35.00High    
7/29/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesExtreme Networks (EXTR)Buy -> Buy $9.00Low    
7/26/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetCarbonite (CARB)Buy$39.00 -> $29.00Low    
7/26/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetHarsco (HSC)Buy$33.00 -> $36.00Low    
7/25/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetLeMaitre Vascular (LMAT)Hold$27.00 -> $34.00High    
7/24/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetPolaris Industries (PII)Buy$107.00 -> $112.00High    
7/12/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetEMCORE (EMKR)Buy $5.00Low    
7/10/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetBIOFRONTERA AG/ADR (BFRA)Buy$24.00 -> $21.00Low    
7/9/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesVista Outdoor (VSTO)Buy -> Buy $11.00High    
7/8/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesPerion Network (PERI)Buy -> Buy $6.00Medium    
7/3/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesCyberOptics (CYBE)Buy$25.00 -> $18.00High    
7/1/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetPareteum (TEUM)Buy $7.00N/A    
6/24/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesQuinStreet (QNST)Buy $21.00Low    
6/17/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesTandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)BuyMedium    
6/13/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesLimoneira (LMNR)Buy -> Buy$28.00 -> $25.00Low    
6/10/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetEMCORE (EMKR)Buy $6.00High    
6/10/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetPareteum (TEUM)Buy $7.00N/A    
6/11/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesNapco Security Technologies (NSSC)Buy -> Buy $35.00Medium    
6/7/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetCalavo Growers (CVGW)$94.00 -> $104.00Low    
6/7/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesTuesday Morning (TUES)Buy -> Buy $4.00Low    
6/6/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetUSA Technologies (USAT)Hold$4.50 -> $7.00Low    
6/6/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetPolaris Industries (PII)Buy$124.00 -> $107.00Medium    
6/4/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesSonim Technologies (SONM)Buy -> Buy $19.00Medium    
5/29/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesCheckpoint Therapeutics (CKPT)Buy -> BuyMedium    
5/23/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetLandec (LNDC)Buy$16.00 -> $12.00Medium    
5/23/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesNetApp (NTAP)Buy -> Hold$69.00 -> $65.00High    
5/17/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetStarTek (SRT)Buy $12.00Medium    
5/20/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesENDRA Life Sciences (NDRA)BuyHigh    
5/16/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetCUI Global (CUI)Buy$6.00 -> $2.30High    
5/16/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesSito Mobile (SITO)Buy -> HoldHigh    
5/14/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetLimoneira (LMNR)Buy $28.00Medium    
5/10/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetShotspotter (SSTI)Buy $50.00High    
5/10/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesTelaria (TLRA)Buy$7.00 -> $11.00Medium    
5/10/2019Lake Street CapitalUpgradesWestport Fuel Systems (WPRT)Hold -> Buy $5.00High    
5/8/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetFarmer Bros (FARM)Buy$36.00 -> $26.00High    
5/8/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetRosetta Stone (RST)Buy$21.00 -> $26.00Low    
5/7/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetNautilus (NLS)Hold$8.00 -> $5.00High    
5/7/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetHealth Insurance Innovations (HIIQ)Buy$80.00 -> $50.00High    
5/6/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesIntermolecular (IMI)Buy -> HoldLow    
5/2/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetSurModics (SRDX)Buy -> Buy$90.00 -> $75.00Low    
5/2/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesNova Measuring Instruments (NVMI)Buy -> Buy$28.00 -> $30.00Low    
4/30/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesCommVault Systems (CVLT)Buy -> Hold$69.00 -> $60.00Low    
4/30/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesChegg (CHGG)Hold -> Hold$33.00 -> $34.00High    
4/30/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetBIOFRONTERA AG/ADR (BFRA)Buy$19.00 -> $24.00High    
4/26/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesReed's (REED)Buy -> Buy $6.00N/A    
4/11/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetArgan (AGX)Buy -> Positive$56.00 -> $62.00Low    
4/5/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetAVITA MED LTD/S (AVMXY)Buy$4.00 -> $8.00High    
4/4/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesZIOPHARM Oncology (ZIOP)Buy -> Buy $7.00Medium    
3/29/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetVirTra Systems (VTSI)Buy$8.00 -> $6.00High    
3/25/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesSuper League Gaming (SLGG)Buy -> Buy $15.00Medium    
3/19/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetPFSweb (PFSW)Buy$13.00 -> $10.00High    
3/15/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetTurtle Beach (HEAR)Buy$40.00 -> $20.00N/A    
3/14/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesNANO DIMENSION/S (NNDM)Buy -> HoldHigh    
3/8/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetJoint (JYNT)Buy $20.00High    
3/7/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetKindred Biosciences (KIN)Buy$30.00 -> $12.00High    
3/7/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetHealth Insurance Innovations (HIIQ)Buy $80.00High    
3/5/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetGaia (GAIA)Buy $20.00Medium    
3/5/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetClarus (CLAR)Buy $15.00Low    
3/5/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesDiaMedica Therapeutics (DMAC)Buy $9.00High    
3/5/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesCTI BioPharma (CTIC)Buy $4.00Low    
3/1/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetPure Storage (PSTG)Buy $26.00High    
2/28/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetSharpSpring (SHSP)Buy $17.00Low    
2/27/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetTelaria (TLRA)Buy -> Buy$6.00 -> $7.00High    
2/27/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetTandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)Buy -> Buy$60.00 -> $100.00High    
2/26/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetNautilus (NLS)In-Line -> Hold $8.00High    
2/22/2019Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetBioTelemetry (BEAT)Buy $90.00High    
2/20/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetLeMaitre Vascular (LMAT)Hold $27.00High    
2/20/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesCyberOptics (CYBE)Buy $25.00Low    
2/20/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesAquestive Therapeutics (AQST)BuyHigh    
2/15/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetChart Industries (GTLS)Buy $109.00N/A    
2/14/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetNetApp (NTAP)Buy $69.00High    
2/12/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetChegg (CHGG)Hold $33.00High    
2/11/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesUSA Technologies (USAT)Buy -> Hold$7.50 -> $4.50High    
2/8/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesinTEST (INTT)Buy -> Buy $9.00N/A    
2/8/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetCarbonite (CARB)Buy $39.00High    
2/8/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesKnowles (KN)Buy -> Hold $17.00High    
2/5/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesWestport Fuel Systems (WPRT)Buy -> HoldHigh    
1/30/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetCommVault Systems (CVLT)Buy $69.00Low    
1/29/2019Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetOncoCyte (OCX)Buy$4.00 -> $7.00N/A    
1/29/2019Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetNANO DIMENSION/S (NNDM)Buy $2.50High    
1/25/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesHimax Technologies (HIMX)Buy -> Hold$7.00 -> $4.00High    
1/23/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesLeMaitre Vascular (LMAT)Hold $24.00Medium    
1/18/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesNautilus (NLS)Buy -> Hold$17.00 -> $11.00High    
1/15/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesUSA Technologies (USAT)BuyMedium    
1/14/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesInseego (INSG)Buy $6.50Low    
1/14/2019Lake Street CapitalReiteratesKnowles (KN)Buy $17.00Medium    
1/8/2019Lake Street CapitalDowngradesDiplomat Pharmacy (DPLO)Buy -> Hold$30.00 -> $15.00High    
1/3/2019Lake Street CapitalInitiatesAquestive Therapeutics (AQST)Buy -> Buy $14.00Low    
12/26/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetNetScout Systems (NTCT)Buy $33.00Low    
12/21/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetCalavo Growers (CVGW)Buy $94.00Medium    
12/19/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesOncoCyte (OCX)Buy -> BuyN/A    
12/19/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetAquaVenture (WAAS)Buy $34.00Medium    
12/10/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesHarrow Health (HROW)Buy -> Buy $10.00High    
12/7/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetBioScrip (BIOS)Buy$4.50 -> $10.00Medium    
12/6/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetI.D. Systems (IDSY)Buy $10.00High    
12/6/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetEMCORE (EMKR)Buy $6.00Low    
12/4/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesLiqTech International (LIQT)Buy -> Buy $12.00N/A    
12/3/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesJerash Holdings (US) (JRSH)BuyMedium    
11/30/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesAkoustis Technologies (AKTS)Buy -> Buy $10.00Medium    
11/29/2018Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetEVINE Live (EVLV)Buy $1.00Medium    
11/15/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetShotspotter (SSTI)Buy $55.00Medium    
11/13/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesPareteum (TEUM)BuyN/A    
11/13/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetOne Group Hospitality (STKS)Buy $5.00High    
11/9/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetAsure Software (ASUR)Buy$20.00 -> $15.00Low    
11/8/2018Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetTechTarget (TTGT)Buy$32.00 -> $26.00High    
11/7/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetRosetta Stone (RST)Buy $21.00Low    
11/7/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetInseego (INSG)Buy $5.00High    
11/7/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetRiceBran Technologies (RIBT)Buy $5.00High    
11/3/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetTandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)Buy $60.00High    
11/2/2018Lake Street CapitalUpgradesCross Country Healthcare (CCRN)Hold -> Buy$10.00 -> $12.00High    
11/2/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesBoingo Wireless (WIFI)Buy -> Buy$31.00 -> $34.00High    
11/1/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetSilicon Motion Technology (SIMO)Buy $46.00High    
10/31/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetHarsco (HSC)Buy$31.00 -> $33.00Medium    
10/30/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetHealth Insurance Innovations (HIIQ)Buy$51.00 -> $75.00Low    
10/29/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetSemler Scientific (SMLR)Buy $40.00Medium    
10/22/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetPolaris Industries (PII)Buy -> Buy$139.00 -> $124.00High    
10/15/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetTandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)Buy $60.00High    
10/5/2018Lake Street CapitalDowngradesLeMaitre Vascular (LMAT)Buy -> HoldHigh    
10/5/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetEMCORE (EMKR)Buy $6.00High    
9/27/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetDigi International (DGII)Buy $16.00Low    
9/25/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetHimax Technologies (HIMX)Buy $8.00Low    
9/24/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetLantronix (LTRX)Buy $6.00High    
9/24/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesPareteum (TEUM)Buy -> Buy $5.00N/A    
9/17/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetOptimizeRx (OPRX)Buy $18.00Medium    
9/11/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetLimoneira (LMNR)Buy -> Buy$30.00 -> $31.00High    
9/7/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetCalavo Growers (CVGW)Buy $109.00High    
9/4/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesIdentiv (INVE)Buy -> Buy $9.00High    
8/31/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesAmerican Outdoor Brands (AOBC)Buy $17.00High    
8/30/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetDestination XL Group (DXLG)Buy $4.00High    
8/30/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetWestport Fuel Systems (WPRT)Buy$5.00 -> $6.00High    
8/27/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesVirTra Systems (VTSI)Buy -> Buy $8.00Low    
8/23/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesLantronix (LTRX)Buy $6.00High    
8/22/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesPure Storage (PSTG)Buy$24.00 -> $29.00High    
8/21/2018Lake Street CapitalDowngradesSeaChange International (SEAC)Buy -> Hold$4.00 -> $2.00High    
8/21/2018Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetSito Mobile (SITO)Buy$4.00 -> $9.00High    
8/20/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetTandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)Buy$35.00 -> $65.00Low    
8/17/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesAquaVenture (WAAS)Buy $29.00Medium    
8/16/2018Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetNetApp (NTAP)In-Line -> Buy$88.00 -> $72.00Low    
8/10/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesSynaptics (SYNA)Hold $52.00High    
8/9/2018Lake Street CapitalDowngradesPC Tel (PCTI)Buy -> Hold$9.00 -> $6.00High    
8/8/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetOptimizeRx (OPRX)Buy $14.00High    
8/7/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetClarus (CLAR)Buy $12.00Low    
8/7/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetGaia (GAIA)Buy $28.00High    
8/7/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetSurModics (SRDX)Buy $90.00Medium    
8/7/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesTurtle Beach (HEAR)Buy$15.00 -> $40.00N/A    
8/3/2018Lake Street CapitalLowers TargetAMN Healthcare Services (AMN)Buy$70.00 -> $67.00High    
8/3/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetSharpSpring (SHSP)Buy $12.00High    
8/3/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetNV5 Global (NVEE)Buy $98.00High    
8/3/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesTrupanion (TRUP)Buy$41.00 -> $46.00Medium    
8/1/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesCardiovascular Systems (CSII)Buy $50.00Medium    
7/31/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetTandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)Buy $35.00High    
7/31/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetChegg (CHGG)Hold$20.00 -> $26.00High    
7/31/2018Lake Street CapitalUpgradesNautilus (NLS)Hold -> Buy$16.00 -> $17.00High    
7/30/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesSemler Scientific (SMLR)Buy $27.00High    
7/27/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesData I/O (DAIO)Buy $7.00High    
7/27/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesDigi International (DGII)Buy $16.00Medium    
7/26/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetCyberOptics (CYBE)Buy$19.00 -> $21.00High    
7/26/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetBioTelemetry (BEAT)Buy$50.00 -> $90.00High    
7/25/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesKnowles (KN)Buy$17.00 -> $19.00High    
7/23/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesKindred Biosciences (KIN)BuyLow    
6/28/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesIntermolecular (IMI)Buy $3.00Low    
6/28/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesAmerican Outdoor Brands (AOBC)Buy$13.00 -> $17.00Low    
6/25/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetOptimizeRx (OPRX)Buy -> Positive $12.00Low    
6/25/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesLeMaitre Vascular (LMAT)Buy $45.00Low    
6/21/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetAmerican Outdoor Brands (AOBC)Buy$13.00 -> $17.00High    
6/18/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesTandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)Buy $30.00High    
6/15/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesCapstone Turbine (CPST)Buy $3.00High    
6/13/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesUSA Technologies (USAT)Buy $17.00Medium    
6/12/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetLimoneira (LMNR)Buy $30.00Medium    
6/8/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetChart Industries (GTLS)Buy$71.00 -> $90.00Low    
6/7/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetHimax Technologies (HIMX)Buy $13.00High    
5/30/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetPixelworks (PXLW)Buy $7.00Medium    
5/29/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesShotspotter (SSTI)Buy $36.00Medium    
5/24/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetNetApp (NTAP)Buy$70.00 -> $72.00High    
5/23/2018Lake Street CapitalInitiatesOn Track Innovations (OTIV)Buy $2.00High    
5/16/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetOne Group Hospitality (STKS)Buy $4.00High    
5/11/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetTechTarget (TTGT)Buy $23.00Low    
5/11/2018Lake Street CapitalDowngradesAutoweb (AUTO)Buy -> HoldHigh    
5/10/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetAsure Software (ASUR)Buy $20.00High    
5/10/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetTurtle Beach (HEAR)Buy $15.00N/A    
5/9/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetSharpSpring (SHSP)Buy $8.00High    
5/9/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesFarmer Bros (FARM)Buy -> Buy$40.00 -> $36.00High    
5/8/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetCarbonite (CARB)Buy -> Buy$27.00 -> $34.00High    
5/4/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesNV5 Global (NVEE)Buy $76.00High    
5/3/2018Lake Street CapitalDowngradesCross Country Healthcare (CCRN)Buy -> Hold$16.00 -> $11.00High    
5/2/2018Lake Street CapitalRaises TargetSurModics (SRDX)Buy$38.00 -> $76.00High    
4/27/2018Lake Street CapitalSet Price TargetClearfield (CLFD)Buy $15.00High    
4/27/2018Lake Street CapitalReiteratesData I/O (DAIO)Buy $9.00High    
4/27/2018Lake Street CapitalUpgradesSientra (SIEN)Hold -> Buy $16.00Low    

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