Current Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

TitleStart DateEnd DateDays RemainingDescription
 Debitum Network logo   Debitum Network (DEB)1/25/20182/25/20181Borderless small and medium business financing
 Pinnacle Brilliance logo   Pinnacle Brilliance (BRIL)1/15/20182/25/20181All-in-One Automated Multiplex Trading Platform
 Galactikka logo   Galactikka (GALA)12/4/20172/26/20182Social network with highly efficient self-promoting system
 Hoqu logo   Hoqu (HQX)11/27/20172/26/20182Decentralized marketing platform
 StreamSpace logo   StreamSpace (SSH)1/15/20182/27/20183Blockchain Powered Streaming Video on Demand
 Lucyd logo   Lucyd (LCD)10/17/20172/28/20184Blockchain-based AR app ecosystem
 Rentberry logo   Rentberry (Berry)12/5/20172/28/20184Decentralized Home Rental Platform
 Crowd Genie logo   Crowd Genie (CGCOIN)12/25/20172/28/20184Building the first Asia-wide Asset Exchange
 Bankera logo   Bankera (BNK)11/27/20172/28/20184Banking for the blockchain era
 Energi Mine logo   Energi Mine (ETK)11/17/20172/28/20184Rewarding energy-saving behaviour
 Ignite RATINGS logo   Ignite RATINGS (IGNT)1/15/20182/28/20184Decentralised and self-regulating investment intelligence and ratings platform
 Napoleon X logo   Napoleon X (NPX)1/22/20182/28/201841st algorithmic asset management firm for crypto investors
 MARK.SPACE logo   MARK.SPACE (MRK)1/23/20182/28/20184Next generation of the internet
 KodakOne logo   KodakOne (KODAKCOIN)1/30/20182/28/20184Image rights management and protection platform
 The Bee Token logo   The Bee Token (BEE)1/31/20182/28/20184The Future of the Decentralized Sharing Economy
 Gimmer logo   Gimmer (GMR)1/31/20182/28/20184Automated Crypto-Trading
 BCDiploma logo   BCDiploma (BCDT)2/1/20182/28/20184Issues and store degrees
 Credits logo   Credits (CS)2/15/20182/28/20184Platform for creation financial services
 FintruX Network logo   FintruX Network (FTX)2/7/20182/28/20184The Global P2P Lending Ecosystem
 Blocklancer logo   Blocklancer (LNC)1/16/20182/28/20184Freelance on the Blockchain
 wysker logo   wysker (WYS)1/31/20182/28/20184Blockchain-powered mobile shopping
 Cointed logo   Cointed (CTD)11/20/20172/28/20184The future of money
 Hurify logo   Hurify (HUR)2/1/20182/28/20184The Decentralized Blockchain Platform For IoT Solution Development
 0chain logo   0chain (ZCHN)2/7/20182/28/201840-cost decentralized cloud
 Bridge Protocol logo   Bridge Protocol (IAM)2/5/20182/28/20184Identity, Secured
 Lympo logo   Lympo (LYM)2/17/20182/28/20184Blockchain sports and health revolution
 TEND logo   TEND (TND)2/3/20182/28/20184Life enriching investment
 KYC.LEGAL logo   KYC.LEGAL (KYC)11/29/20173/1/20185Blockchain Identity Verification
 Electrify.Asia logo   Electrify.Asia (ELEC)2/23/20183/1/20185Building an intelligent energy ecosystem
 HERO Token logo   HERO Token (HERO)2/1/20183/1/20185The future of banking in Southeast Asia
 Ellcrys logo   Ellcrys (ELL)2/1/20183/1/20185Blockchain for building community-owned software products and organizations
 Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services logo   Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (BAR)1/1/20183/1/20185Virtual infrastructure services for businesses and individuals
 Bazista logo   Bazista (BZS)1/8/20183/3/20187E-commerce Democratization
 Peerity logo   Peerity (PEER)2/1/20183/3/20187An Activity Network
 Ceek logo   Ceek (CEEK)2/19/20183/4/20188Blockhain marketplace for premium VR experience & interactions
 Budbo Token International logo   Budbo Token International (BUBO)1/15/20183/5/20189Global Cannabis Blockchain: Supply Chain Management for Global Cannabis Industry.
 MindSports logo   MindSports (MIND)2/5/20183/6/201810Intelligent and Trusted Board Game Network
 BABB logo   BABB (BAX)2/6/20183/6/201810Bank​ ​Account​ ​Based Blockchain
 Gymcoin logo   Gymcoin (GYM)1/25/20183/6/201810Fitness and Health
 TriForce Tokens logo   TriForce Tokens (TFT)2/20/20183/6/201810A gaming community decentralised application & network
 Serenity logo   Serenity (SRNT)1/25/20183/7/201811The First Blockchain Escrow for Financial Markets
 Dether logo   Dether (ÐTR)2/7/20183/7/201811Breaking barriers to Ethereum mass adoption
 TrakInvest logo   TrakInvest (TRAK)2/8/20183/7/201811Virtual social trading platform logo (SCASH)2/5/20183/7/201811Car title lending platform based on smart contracts
 Simdaq logo   Simdaq (SMQ)1/25/20183/8/201812Democratization and development of cryptotrading platform
 Dogezer logo   Dogezer (DGZ)1/15/20183/8/201812Do Software Together
 Datawallet logo   Datawallet (DXT)2/5/20183/8/201812blockchain powered data exchange
 savedroid logo   savedroid (SVD)2/9/20183/9/201813savedroid brings cryptocurrencies to the masses.
 Scrinium logo   Scrinium (SCR)2/11/20183/11/201815The future of portfolio investment
 Sp8de logo   Sp8de (SPX)1/8/20183/11/201815A decentralized platform for gaming dapps
 CrowdCoinage logo   CrowdCoinage (CCOS)2/12/20183/12/201816Crowdfunding platform for ico campaigns
 Synapse logo   Synapse (SYN)2/12/20183/12/201816Smart contract oracles tool and oraclized data marketplace
 IQeon logo   IQeon (IQN)1/30/20183/13/201817Decentralized gaming PvP platform
 Crafty logo   Crafty (CFTY)2/12/20183/13/201817autonomous worker free platform
 REMME logo   REMME (REM)2/13/20183/13/201817Passwordless authentication logo (JOT)2/12/20183/14/201818The future of dispute resolution
 SyncFab logo   SyncFab (MFG)2/14/20183/15/201819P2P blockchain for the manufacturing supply chain
 Reporter Community logo   Reporter Community (NEWS)1/31/20183/15/201819Blockchain based news provider
 Dragon Inc. logo   Dragon Inc. (DRG)2/15/20183/15/201819Bringing Gaming into the 21st Century
 Viso logo   Viso (VITO)11/25/20173/15/201819Payment system combining traditional payment methods withcryptocurrency
 Yobank logo   Yobank (YOB)11/20/20173/15/201819A Regulated Bank for the Digital Generation
 SOFIN logo   SOFIN (SOFIN)1/15/20183/15/201819International fiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain
 TrustaBit logo   TrustaBit (TAB)2/14/20183/15/201819Blockchain for flight delays
 Shopcorn logo   Shopcorn (SHOP)2/1/20183/15/201819Consumption becomes income
 DENARO logo   DENARO (DNO)1/30/20183/15/201819Cryptocurrency wallet and worldwide debit cards
 Blockfreight logo   Blockfreight (TM-BFT)2/16/20183/16/201820Blockchain solutions for global freight
 Coinvest logo   Coinvest (COIN)2/16/20183/16/201820Decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies
 SocialMedia.Market logo   SocialMedia.Market (SMT)2/9/20183/16/201820Decentralized marketplace connecting social media
 Vaultbank logo   Vaultbank (VB)1/17/20183/17/201821The Next Generation Suite of Financial Services
 FortKnoxster logo   FortKnoxster (FKX)2/19/20183/18/201822Peer-to-peer encryptedcommunication platform
 EOZ logo   EOZ (EOZ)2/16/20183/19/201823Lending platform powered by artificial neural network
 HotNow logo   HotNow (HTKN)2/4/20183/20/201824Gamified Online-to-Offline Economy for Emerging Asia
 Opporty logo   Opporty (OPP)2/1/20183/20/201824Business Platform With Crypto-enabled Marketplace
 CoinMetro logo   CoinMetro (XCM)2/21/20183/21/201825A New Generation Blockchain-based Exchange
 INOOVI logo   INOOVI (IVI)11/28/20173/21/201825First French ICO in history INOOVI.IO
 Clinicoin logo   Clinicoin (CLIN)2/21/20183/21/201825cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community
 Taylor logo   Taylor (TAY)2/21/20183/22/201826Taylor is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant
 Narrative logo   Narrative (NRV)2/13/20183/22/201826The Content Economy
 Pecunio logo   Pecunio (PCO)2/22/20183/22/201826Professional blockchain asset management
 TE-FOOD logo   TE-FOOD (TEC)2/22/20183/22/201826World's largest farm-to-table food traceability program
 SimplyVital Health logo   SimplyVital Health (HLTH)2/22/20183/22/201826healthcare-grade blockchain protocol
 PolySwarm logo   PolySwarm (NCT)2/20/20183/22/201826The first decentralized, crowdsourced, automated threat detection marketplace
 Shping logo   Shping (SHPING)2/21/20183/23/201827Global shopper-marketing platform that rewards in cryptocurrency
 Miner One logo   Miner One (MIO)2/15/20183/23/201827Miner One is a cutting-edge, crowdfunded bitcoin mining operation
 TV-TWO logo   TV-TWO (TTV)2/24/20183/24/201828The decentralized TV ecosystem
 GraphGrail Ai logo   GraphGrail Ai (GAI)2/19/20183/25/201829AI platform for Blockchain
 RealCasino logo   RealCasino (CHIP)2/23/20183/25/201829Crypto Casino for the Masses
 Gilgamesh Platform logo   Gilgamesh Platform (GIL)1/15/20183/26/201830Knowledge-sharing social network platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain
 PikcioChain logo   PikcioChain (PKC)11/23/20173/27/201831The secure blockchain-based exchange for valuable data assets
 Winco logo   Winco (WCO)2/19/20183/29/201833The Cryptocurrency of the Startups and Real Estate market
 Loaykk Vega logo   Loaykk Vega (LYK)2/20/20183/30/201834A Decentralized Business Platform by World's top 10 Blockchain Co
 Valorem Foundation logo   Valorem Foundation (VLR)11/10/20173/30/201834Value based utility crypto currency platform
 GOLDEA logo   GOLDEA (GEA)12/1/20173/31/201835The ICO on progress basis form real sector
 BeefCoin logo   BeefCoin (BEEF)1/1/20183/31/201835Integrated production of organic beef from farm to table.
 Handelion logo   Handelion (HION)12/15/20173/31/201835Handelion - revolutionary blockchain ecosystem for co-funded wholesale trade
 RightMesh logo   RightMesh (MESH)2/13/20183/31/201835Decentralized mobile mesh for smart phones and IoT device
 ClearCoin logo   ClearCoin (CLR)11/16/20173/31/201835real-time buying and selling of media on decentralized applications
 Bank4YOU logo   Bank4YOU (BFY)11/6/20173/31/201835Mobile money remittance system
 Forty Seven Bank logo   Forty Seven Bank (FSBT)12/16/20173/31/201835Innovative Bank-as-a-Service solution for fintech developers
 TerraMiner logo   TerraMiner (TRM2)2/1/20183/31/201835International mining project
 Fabric Token Ecosystem logo   Fabric Token Ecosystem (FT)2/15/20184/1/201836Transforming ideas into DApps
 Bitrent logo   Bitrent (TM-RNT)12/1/20174/1/201836Real estate building platform
 Whitestone Coin logo   Whitestone Coin (WHS)1/25/20184/3/201838Blockchain-based Art Platform
 Thrive logo   Thrive (THRT)2/15/20184/5/201840The premium decentralized ad marketplace
 Knowledge logo   Knowledge (KNW)2/12/20184/8/201843Rewards you for your knowledge
 VLB logo   VLB (VLB)2/5/20184/9/201844The 1st Global Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain
 Symmetry Fund logo   Symmetry Fund (SYMM)12/10/20174/10/201845The Safer Cryptocurrency Fund with a Monthly Dividend
 MoxyOne logo   MoxyOne ( SPEND)2/8/20184/14/201849White label debit cards and payment infrastructure.
 Retainly logo   Retainly (RETN)12/7/20174/15/201850Marketing automation platform
 Incremint logo   Incremint (MNTS)12/19/20174/15/201850Escrow platform
 Midex logo   Midex (MDX)1/15/20184/15/201850Financial platform with licensed exchange
 Creditcoin logo   Creditcoin (CRE)2/15/20184/15/201850Unleashing the full potential of $600B
 VinChain logo   VinChain (VIN)2/1/20184/15/201850Decentralized Vehicle History
 Attention Network logo   Attention Network (ATTN)2/15/20184/15/201850Decentralized Autonomous Advertising Network
 FRASINDO FRAS COIN logo   FRASINDO FRAS COIN (FRAS)2/15/20184/15/201850Real Usecase of Blockchain Technology in Finance
 Valhalla Coin logo   Valhalla Coin (VHL)2/16/20184/16/201851Human Disaster Recovery
 Gron Digital logo   Gron Digital (GRO)1/9/20184/24/201859Gambling & Betting Ecosystem on the Blockchain
 The Memessenger logo   The Memessenger (MET)7/25/20174/25/201860F$ck words, use memes
 HashGains logo   HashGains (HGS)1/26/20184/30/201865Eco Friendly Cloud Mining Data Centres on Renewable energy.
 BeEasy logo   BeEasy (ETKN)2/1/20184/30/201865blockchain ecosystem for mining, trading and crypto assets investments
 Bitcoinus logo   Bitcoinus (Bitcoinus)1/22/20185/10/201875Cryptocurrency payment solution
 Pulsar Capital Venture logo   Pulsar Capital Venture (PVC)11/13/20175/13/201878Making early stage tech investments accessible
 Dorado logo   Dorado (DOR)2/7/20185/16/201881Dorado is commercially available food delivery platform.
 Property Coin logo   Property Coin (PCX)2/20/20185/26/201891A professionally managed portfolio of real estate assets via the blockchain
 ClickableTV logo   ClickableTV (CTV)1/22/20185/31/201896Pay per click TV creating stored value for viewers
 Darico logo   Darico (DRC)1/30/20187/30/2018156Your gateway to cryptocurrency investment
 LookRev logo   LookRev (LOK)9/8/20179/30/2018218P2P decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology
 Ethfinex Nectar Token logo   Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC)2/13/201812/31/2018310The home of digital tokens trading & discussion logo (DOCK)2/21/2018N/AN/ADecentralized professional data exchange powered by Ethereum
 Lendroid logo   Lendroid (LST)2/19/2018N/AN/ADecentralized margin trading
130 Results Found.

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