Current Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

TitleStart DateEnd DateDays RemainingDescription
 Color Platform logo   Color Platform (COL)9/19/201810/22/20181Color is the next generation platform for high-performance sophisticated Decentralized Applications
 Kirik Protocol logo   Kirik Protocol (KRK)10/15/201810/22/20181the Semantic Meta Protocol
 Solidified logo   Solidified (SOLID)7/23/201810/23/20182Decentralized Audit Platform and Bug Prediction Market
 qiibee logo   qiibee (QBX)9/24/201810/24/20183Loyalty on the blockchain
 ROMAD Endpoint Defense logo   ROMAD Endpoint Defense (RBDT)8/20/201810/25/20184Next Generation Anti-virus logo (BCIO)9/27/201810/25/20184Your Gateway to the Internet of Value
 ARTIS logo   ARTIS (ATS)5/31/201810/26/20185Building the infrastructure for subscription-based economy
 Buddy logo   Buddy (BUD)8/1/201810/29/20188Decentralized Development Automation Platform
 Orbis logo   Orbis (ORBS)5/1/201810/29/20188Money Transfer & Investment
 Fanfare logo   Fanfare (TM-FAN1)8/17/201810/30/20189Blockchain-Powered Social Commerce Community
 Pearl Pay logo   Pearl Pay (PRLPAY)9/1/201810/30/20189Your Virtual Money Logistics System
 SilkChain logo   SilkChain (SILK)8/7/201810/30/20189Revolutionize International Trade & Boost Cross-border Consumer Spending
 Madana logo   Madana (TM-PAX)9/1/201810/31/201810Make your data private and useful
 4Artechnologies logo   4Artechnologies (4ART)8/31/201810/31/201810Transparency, authenticity and security for the art world
 Blockshipping GSCP logo   Blockshipping GSCP (TM-CCC)5/14/201810/31/201810Transforming The Global Container Shipping Industry
 Eloncity logo   Eloncity (ECT)10/1/201810/31/201810Power the World Virtually for FREE
 TrustedCars Flex logo   TrustedCars Flex (FLEX)9/17/201810/31/201810Changing car ownership forever
 Vibeo logo   Vibeo (VBEO)10/2/201810/31/201810Instant Messaging/Social app powered by blockchain
 Pigzbe logo   Pigzbe (WLO)9/5/201810/31/201810A tangible digital piggy-wallet for children
 SamBanx logo   SamBanx (SAM)10/1/201810/31/201810Mobile Crypto Banking
 Virtual Universe logo   Virtual Universe (VU)10/1/201810/31/201810An epic, story-driven open world game in LivingVR™
 CoinAnalyst logo   CoinAnalyst (COY)6/21/201810/31/201810Understanding Cryptocurrencies
 Cosplay logo   Cosplay (COT)7/29/201810/31/201810Cosplay Token
 Word of Mouth Professional logo   Word of Mouth Professional (WMPRO)7/20/201810/31/201810First total solver for word of mouth players
 JustHive logo   JustHive (JHT)5/21/201810/31/201810A micro-forum company
 Helix Orange logo   Helix Orange (HIX)8/13/201810/31/201810Generation ICO
 Dona logo   Dona (DNC)5/8/201810/31/201810Donation platform
 Aeternum logo   Aeternum (ALF)5/1/201810/31/201810World's First Science and Intellectual Property driven ICO
 REM Loyalty logo   REM Loyalty (TM-REM)9/4/201810/31/201810Unlock your loyalty rewards
 Zichain logo   Zichain (ZCN)9/16/201810/31/201810Pioneering Crypto Finance
 Flipnpik logo   Flipnpik (FNP)9/1/201810/31/201810Collaborative Social Media for local businesses
 INTRO logo   INTRO (ITR)6/1/201810/31/201810Global marketplace of real estate at developers’ prices
 Energy Premier logo   Energy Premier (EPC)9/21/201810/31/201810Blockchain based electricity trading & bidding platform
 Loyakk VEGA logo   Loyakk VEGA (LYK)6/15/201810/31/201810Blockchain-enabled platform for B2B engagement
 DeskBell Chain logo   DeskBell Chain (DBT)5/21/201811/1/201811Blockchain platform of the hotel and tourism industry
 Ubecoin logo   Ubecoin (UBE)6/5/201811/1/201811A Cryptocurrency designed for business and entertainmen
 Open Collectors Network logo   Open Collectors Network (ECTO)10/1/201811/1/201811The future protocol for one-of-a-kind token
 Everest logo   Everest (TM-ID)9/4/201811/2/201812Financial Technologies Elevating Humanity
 Liquid8 logo   Liquid8 (LQ8)10/9/201811/7/201817Decentralized P2P Multi-Functional Platform
 ONe Social Network logo   ONe Social Network (OBT)10/9/201811/9/201819Deliver Privacy in the new Social 2.0.
 Jcash logo   Jcash (JCASH)7/11/201811/9/201819Social Lifestyle Mobile Application
 Araw logo   Araw (ARAW)9/10/201811/9/201819The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem
 Kinesis logo   Kinesis (KVT)9/10/201811/11/201821The Evolution of Gold Standard
 Alluma logo   Alluma (LUMA)9/28/201811/13/201823Institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to the emerging markets
 ASQ Protocol logo   ASQ Protocol (ASQT)8/27/201811/14/201824Decentralized content sharing and monetization protocol
 Agate logo   Agate (AGT)8/21/201811/15/201825CryptoEconomy 2.0
 CYBR logo   CYBR (CYBR)10/15/201811/15/201825Cyber Security Ecosystem and Utility Token
 Finnoq logo   Finnoq (FNQ)10/15/201811/15/201825Make Better Decisions
 Menlo ONE logo   Menlo ONE (ONE)9/16/201811/15/201825Developer framework for making dApps that don't suck
 ZelaaCoin logo   ZelaaCoin (ZLC)2/8/201811/15/201825Zelaacoin stands for creating dynamic products & platforms to mainstream cryptocurrencies
 Truth Data Cloud logo   Truth Data Cloud (TRU)9/18/201811/15/201825Your Data. Rewarded.
 War Field logo   War Field (GLDR)7/26/201811/15/201825Play To Win Crypto
 Cryptyk logo   Cryptyk (CTK)9/26/201811/16/201826Decentralized Cloud Storage with Blockchain Security
 MyDFS logo   MyDFS (MYDFS)10/15/201811/16/201826Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports
 Arround logo   Arround (ARR)9/15/201811/16/201826Universal DecentralizedAugmented Reality Platform
 Enkronos logo   Enkronos (ENK)6/14/201811/20/201830Digital Strategy
 PlayChip logo   PlayChip (PLA)6/1/201811/28/201838The Universal Gaming Token
 VectorZilla logo   VectorZilla (VZT)10/1/201811/30/201840Blockchain Based AI Driven Stock Graphics Platform
 Benchmark logo   Benchmark (BMK)5/28/201811/30/201840The Venture Token
 Parkres logo   Parkres (PARK)8/15/201811/30/201840Decentralized Parking Reservation System
 Helium logo   Helium (HLM)10/15/201811/30/201840A Decentralized Machine Network
 Echarge logo   Echarge (ECHG)4/14/201811/30/201840Electric Charging Station Redefined
 Expercoin logo   Expercoin (EXPR)6/1/201811/30/201840Protocol for AI-powered Learning Economies and Marketplaces
 Trecento Blockchain Capital logo   Trecento Blockchain Capital (TOT)6/1/201811/30/201840All-In-One Blockchain Investment Solution
 RecordsKeeper logo   RecordsKeeper (XRK)10/1/201811/30/201840Open-Source Public Platform for Record Keeping & Data Security
 TalentSnap logo   TalentSnap (TSC )10/1/201811/30/201840Automating Hiring with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technologies
 Blockpass logo   Blockpass (PASS)5/31/201811/30/201840Identity for a Connected World
 MulTra News App logo   MulTra News App (MTT)6/9/201812/1/201841Get paid for reading news
 VTOS logo   VTOS (VTOS)9/24/201812/3/201843Decentralized CDN & Social Network
 Aiar logo   Aiar (TM-ED1)7/10/201812/5/201845360° Ecosystem of microlearning
 Bitsong logo   Bitsong (BTSG)8/10/201812/10/201850Decentralized Music Streaming Platform
 Beaxy Exchange logo   Beaxy Exchange (BXY)9/1/201812/12/201852All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange
 Depository Network logo   Depository Network (DEPO)6/26/201812/15/201855Decentralized Multi-Platform Collateral Infrastructure
 Fluzcoin logo   Fluzcoin (FFC)7/1/201812/15/201855The Intelligent Retail Currency
 Aceso logo   Aceso (ASO)10/15/201812/15/201855User to user cyber threat intelligence
 RENC Sharing Platform logo   RENC Sharing Platform (RENC)9/25/201812/16/201856P2P Car Sharing Platform
 Tanibox logo   Tanibox (TACO)8/18/201812/18/201858Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Food System
 Re:factor logo   Re:factor (REFT)9/18/201812/18/201858New asset in global crypto economy
 Bounty Angels logo   Bounty Angels (BANG)6/25/201812/19/201859Automatic marketing platform for bounty campaigns
 Friend logo   Friend (Friend)6/15/201812/21/201861Decentralised, open source and device independent computer
 genEOS logo   genEOS (genEOS)6/26/201812/23/201863Blockchain 4.0 for business
 Social Good Project logo   Social Good Project (SG)4/23/201812/23/201863The Cryptocurrency for Better Society
 CINDX logo   CINDX (CINX)8/26/201812/26/201866Making Crypto Investments Easy, Secure and Fast
 Zed logo   Zed (ZED)9/30/201812/30/201870Platform as a service for global money transfer operators
 SelfieYo logo   SelfieYo (SGT)10/1/201812/30/201870Location-Based Social Network Crypto DApp
 SID Token logo   SID Token (SIDT)9/15/201812/31/201871Share Internet Data
 Yinc logo   Yinc (YINC)9/23/201812/31/201871New Way To Hire And Trust Vendors Online
 Dominium logo   Dominium (DOM)9/3/201812/31/201871Global Property Platform on the Blockchain
 OPN Platform logo   OPN Platform (OPK)10/1/201812/31/201871Open Packaging Network
 Masterworks logo   Masterworks (MW002)8/1/201812/31/201871The world’s most valuable paintings, available to all
 Wyzerr logo   Wyzerr (WZR)10/1/201812/31/201871Modern, wiser way to collect feedback
 Safeguard logo   Safeguard (TM-SGT)6/7/201812/31/201871Accident prevention through AI & Blockchain
 Monoreto logo   Monoreto (MNR)8/15/201812/31/201871Social network with monetization of likes
 Deedcoin logo   Deedcoin (DEED)4/30/201812/31/201871Own Deedcoin, Own Your Home
 RAWG logo   RAWG (RAWG)9/5/201812/31/201871Video game discovery platform
 The Sun Exchange logo   The Sun Exchange (SUNEX)5/21/201812/31/201871Blockchain based solar panel micro-leasing marketplace
 Treon logo   Treon (TXO)5/21/201812/31/201871Crypto Revolution To Utility Payments
 ConcertVR logo   ConcertVR (CVT)4/15/201812/31/201871Live concerts with VR
 Ethfinex Nectar Token logo   Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC)2/13/201812/31/201871The home of digital tokens trading & discussion
 Deneum logo   Deneum (DNM)10/1/20181/31/2019102Ultra low-cost renewable electricity that saves billions of dollars
 Electrominer logo   Electrominer (ELM)8/15/20182/12/2019114Solar Powered Blockchain Mining Ecosystem
 Primary logo   Primary (PRY)8/1/20182/28/2019130Connect blockchain with real world
 Scientificcoin logo   Scientificcoin (SNcoin)7/20/20182/28/2019130Blockchain platform for scientific projects with decentralized evaluation
 Kryptoin ETf's logo   Kryptoin ETf's (KRP)9/1/20183/1/2019131Digital Currency ETF Platform
 FAST INVEST logo   FAST INVEST (FIT)4/1/20184/1/2019162Investment Bank
 Academy logo   Academy (ACAD)3/15/2018N/AN/AFirst accredited school for blockchain
 Nexo logo   Nexo (NEXO)4/1/2018N/AN/AThe World's First Instant Crypto Overdrafts
 Consensus logo   Consensus (SEN)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI for Collective Governance
 Nebula AI logo   Nebula AI (NBAI)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI blockchain
 Cardstack logo   Cardstack (CARD)3/6/2018N/AN/AThe experience layer of the decentralized internet
 Ocean Protocol logo   Ocean Protocol (OCN)3/7/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI
 MAD Network logo   MAD Network (MAD)2/28/2018N/AN/AA DecentralizedNetwork forthe AdvertisingIndustry
 PolicyPal Network logo   PolicyPal Network (PAL)3/3/2018N/AN/AFuture of Insurance for the Unbanked and Cryptoassets
 Kairos logo   Kairos (KAIROS)4/15/2018N/AN/AFace recognition made easy
 Lendroid logo   Lendroid (LST)2/19/2018N/AN/ADecentralized margin trading logo (DOCK)2/21/2018N/AN/ADecentralized professional data exchange powered by Ethereum logo (AIX)3/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence
 Neonexchange logo   Neonexchange (NEX)4/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation
 OneLedger logo   OneLedger (OLT)6/15/2018N/AN/AScalable and Universal Cross-ledger Protocol Designed for Business
 Emotiq logo   Emotiq (EMTQ)6/15/2018N/AN/ANext Generation Blockchain
 Origin Protocol logo   Origin Protocol (ORIGIN)6/28/2018N/AN/AThe sharing economy without intermediaries
 Trust Platform logo   Trust Platform (TST)7/10/2018N/AN/AEthereum Ecosystem for any Mobile Device
 Usechain logo   Usechain (UST)6/23/2018N/AN/AThe First Mirror Identity Blockchain
 UChain logo   UChain (UCN)7/10/2018N/AN/ADistributed Smart Network Blockchain for the Sharing Economy
 Agora logo   Agora (VOTE)9/15/2018N/AN/ABringing our voting systems into the 21st century
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