Current Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

TitleStart DateEnd DateDays RemainingDescription
 Pantos logo   Pantos (PAN)3/21/20184/21/20181The first multi-blockchain token system
 ALAX logo   ALAX (ALX)4/17/20184/23/20183ALAX: The Blockchain Appstore Designed for Gamers
 YourBlock logo   YourBlock (YBK)3/12/20184/23/20183Comparison and incentivised personal data storage platform
 Gron Digital logo   Gron Digital (GRO)2/27/20184/24/20184Smart Wallet for Lucrative Industry
 FLUX logo   FLUX (FLUX)4/17/20184/24/20184Decentralized global gaming ecosystem
 Omnitude logo   Omnitude (ECOM)3/28/20184/25/20185Middleware layer allowing eCommerce businesses to adopt blockchain
 The Memessenger logo   The Memessenger (MET)7/25/20174/25/20185F$ck words, use memes
 Bitnation logo   Bitnation (PAT)3/25/20184/25/20185The Internet of Sovereignty
 PATRON logo   PATRON (PAT)2/27/20184/26/20186A one stop shop for SNS influencers worldwide
 Berith logo   Berith (BRT)4/11/20184/27/20187Decentralized blockchain based business platform in real-life
 Purple Throne logo   Purple Throne (TM-PPC)2/26/20184/27/20187A New Music Industry Economy
 The 4th Pillar logo   The 4th Pillar (FOUR)4/5/20184/27/20187Blockchain-based decentralized identity and financial platform
 Appics logo   Appics (XAP)3/28/20184/28/20188Reward-based Social Media App on the Blockchain
 DataBroker DAO logo   DataBroker DAO (TM-DATA)3/26/20184/28/20188A global market for local data
 Bountie logo   Bountie (BNE)4/16/20184/29/20189Get Paid to Play
 HybridBlock logo   HybridBlock (HYB)4/15/20184/30/201810The all-in-one cryptocurrency trading ecosystem
 Essentia logo   Essentia (ESS)4/15/20184/30/201810Essentia is the decentralized data management framework
 Transcodium logo   Transcodium (TNS)3/1/20184/30/201810Decentralized file transcoding & distribution platform
 VRT World logo   VRT World (VRT)3/14/20184/30/201810Platform, marketplace and parks for VR developers and players
 CloudMoolah logo   CloudMoolah (MOO)3/30/20184/30/201810Unlocking Global Game Payments and Distribution
 Robotina logo   Robotina (ROX)3/21/20184/30/201810Save electricity. Save Money. Save the planet.
 Cryptelo logo   Cryptelo (CRL)3/15/20184/30/201810Blockchain-powered encryption to secure your data
 AvantGarde Ratings logo   AvantGarde Ratings (AVG)4/9/20184/30/201810The world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain ratings agency
 ConnectJob logo   ConnectJob (СJT)2/12/20184/30/201810Any service, anywhere, anytime!
 BitRewards logo   BitRewards (BIT)4/1/20184/30/201810Decentralized AI-based loyalty platform
 Amchart logo   Amchart (AMC)4/1/20184/30/201810Patient driven Electronic Health Record on the blockchain
 Cartel Chain logo   Cartel Chain (CRTL)3/11/20184/30/201810The worlds only Collective Pooling Blockchain Marketplace.
 Loki logo   Loki (LOKI)3/15/20184/30/201810Private transactions, decentralised communication
 PlayBets logo   PlayBets (PLT)4/1/20184/30/201810Decentralized Gaming Platform with Mass Gambling Games
 BeEasy logo   BeEasy (ETKN)2/1/20184/30/201810blockchain ecosystem for mining, trading and crypto assets investments
 Medichain logo   Medichain (MCU)3/1/20184/30/201810Medical big-data platform
 Solve.Care logo   Solve.Care (CAN)3/31/20184/30/201810Platform for decentralization of healthcare and benefits administration
 MedCredits logo   MedCredits (MEDX)3/1/20184/30/201810Connecting patients and doctors worldwide on a decentralized network
 HashGains logo   HashGains (HGS)1/26/20184/30/201810Eco Friendly Cloud Mining Data Centres on Renewable energy.
 Signals Network logo   Signals Network (SGN)4/9/20184/30/201810Data science marketplace
 Elementh logo   Elementh (EEE)4/1/20185/1/201811Blockchain designed for the e-commerce sector
 Cartel logo   Cartel (CRTL)3/1/20185/1/201811Worlds first Collective buying ecommerce platform
 DNN logo   DNN (DNN)4/3/20185/1/201811News by the People, for the People
 Ternio logo   Ternio (TERN)4/2/20185/1/201811Blockchain for digital advertising
 REPU logo   REPU (REPU)4/2/20185/2/201812Smart reputation managment on blockchain
 Starflow logo   Starflow (TM-STAR)4/3/20185/2/201812Empowering the Influencer Economy
 Fund Flatform logo   Fund Flatform (FUND)4/3/20185/3/201813Solution for digital funds
 Fund Platform logo   Fund Platform (FUND)4/3/20185/3/201813Solution for digital funds
 Paymon logo   Paymon (PMNT)3/30/20185/3/201813Innovative blockchain platform that connects every market participant
 Smart Valley logo   Smart Valley (SRT)4/4/20185/4/201814Singular decentralized platform for all
 FIC Network logo   FIC Network (eFIC)1/16/20185/4/201814Bonds on Blockchain
 Zonafide logo   Zonafide (TOG)4/6/20185/6/201816A Digital Wallet for Securing Activities
 Globatalent logo   Globatalent (GBT)4/16/20185/6/201816A Blockchain platform to decentralize sports
 Joint Ventures logo   Joint Ventures (JOINT)4/6/20185/7/201817Blockchain Economy for Online Publishers
 Bpay logo   Bpay (BUY)4/17/20185/8/201818Payment processing for web 3.0 Era
 Eligma logo   Eligma (ELI)4/17/20185/8/201818An AI-driven and blockchain based cognitive commerce platform.
 Ambit logo   Ambit (AMBT)4/10/20185/10/201820Every bit of your future secured
 LevelNet logo   LevelNet (LVL)4/20/20185/10/201820Security of one is security of all
 Unibright logo   Unibright (UBT)4/10/20185/10/201820The unified framework for blockchain based business integration
 iShook logo   iShook (SHK)3/11/20185/10/201820The new engine for literary social media
 Bitcoinus logo   Bitcoinus (Bitcoinus)1/22/20185/10/201820Cryptocurrency payment solution
 HYCON logo   HYCON (HYCON)3/29/20185/11/201821Powering hyperconnected blockchain solutions
 Quantum1Net logo   Quantum1Net (Q1S)2/2/20185/11/201821Get Quantum protected
 Pulsar Capital Venture logo   Pulsar Capital Venture (PVC)11/13/20175/13/201823Making early stage tech investments accessible
 ConcertVR logo   ConcertVR (CVT)4/15/20185/15/201825Live concerts with VR
 Fluence logo   Fluence (FLU)4/15/20185/15/201825Blockchain Secured Data Storage
 REME Coin logo   REME Coin (REME)3/1/20185/15/201825Up to 100% cashback online and offline
 Velix.ID logo   Velix.ID (VXD)4/17/20185/15/201825A Global Platform for Frictionless Identity Verification
 BEAT logo   BEAT (BEAT)1/23/20185/15/201825Disrupting the health and sports industry
 Project SHIVOM logo   Project SHIVOM (OMIX)4/16/20185/16/201826The Next Era of Genomics and Healthcare
 Invox Finance logo   Invox Finance (INVOX)4/15/20185/16/201826Decentralised invoice financing solution for a connected world
 Well, Inc. logo   Well, Inc. (WELL)4/16/20185/16/201826Healthcare Delivered. WELL
 The Abyss logo   The Abyss (ABYSS)4/16/20185/16/201826Next-generation digital distribution platform
 Taskfair logo   Taskfair (TM-TFT)3/15/20185/16/201826Decentralized Ecosystem for Home Service on Demand
 Dorado logo   Dorado (DOR)2/7/20185/16/201826Dorado is commercially available food delivery platform.
 World Wi-Fi logo   World Wi-Fi (WT)2/16/20185/18/201828Decentralized Free Wi-Fi Network Powered by Blockchain
 Flying Money logo   Flying Money (FML)3/30/20185/18/201828The global tokenization of financial assets
 CoinPlace logo   CoinPlace (CPL)3/20/20185/20/201830Multi-currency P2P marketplace
 CryptoKami logo   CryptoKami (KAMI)4/20/20185/20/201830Decentralized Reserve System
 Miralab logo   Miralab (MIRA)4/20/20185/20/201830Easy solution to buy, store and send cryptocurrency
 MeetnGreetMe logo   MeetnGreetMe (WEL)3/27/20185/21/201831Customized travel experiences
 Crowd Machine logo   Crowd Machine (CMCT)4/1/20185/22/201832Where anyone can develop distributed blockchain apps
 Paytomat logo   Paytomat (PTI)4/2/20185/25/201835Decentralized Franchise, Loyalty Program, DAO for Crypto Payments
 Xsearch logo   Xsearch (XSE)4/5/20185/30/201840Innovating Research System. We unfix the idea of online advertising
 The HACK Fund logo   The HACK Fund (HACK)2/28/20185/31/201841A liquid venture fund on the blockchain
 ClickableTV logo   ClickableTV (CTV)1/22/20185/31/201841Pay per click TV creating stored value for viewers
 LAPO logo   LAPO (LAX)3/22/20186/1/201842Decentralized Finance Reinvented
 AX1 logo   AX1 (AX1)4/16/20186/11/201852Captal appreciation mining token
 Mobilum logo   Mobilum (MBM)4/15/20186/15/201856Every cryptocurrency to any payment card
 Augmate logo   Augmate (MATE)12/15/20176/15/201856IoT Device Management using Distributed Ledger Technology
 LocalCoinSwap logo   LocalCoinSwap (LCS)3/15/20186/15/201856The world's most inclusive and expansive P2P crypto marketplace
 CryptalDash Exchange Coin logo   CryptalDash Exchange Coin (CRD)4/19/20186/19/201860The Worlds First Multi-Access Crypto Exchange
 EQUI Capital logo   EQUI Capital (EQUI)3/15/20186/30/201871Innovative Token that will Transform the Venture Capital Market
 BMI Coin logo   BMI Coin (BMI)3/23/20187/20/201891Blockchain-based Connection Research System
 Cryptonia Poker logo   Cryptonia Poker (CPC)4/10/20187/30/2018101Play poker online with cryptocurrency
 Darico logo   Darico (DRC)1/30/20187/30/2018101Your gateway to cryptocurrency investment
 Profede logo   Profede (PATO)3/1/20189/15/2018148Giving power back to the professional user with Blockchain
 LookRev logo   LookRev (LOK)9/8/20179/30/2018163P2P decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology
 Ethfinex Nectar Token logo   Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC)2/13/201812/31/2018255The home of digital tokens trading & discussion
 Academy logo   Academy (ACAD)3/15/2018N/AN/AFirst accredited school for blockchain
 Cardstack logo   Cardstack (CARD)3/6/2018N/AN/AThe experience layer of the decentralized internet
 Ocean Protocol logo   Ocean Protocol (OCN)3/7/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI
 MAD Network logo   MAD Network (MAD)2/28/2018N/AN/AA DecentralizedNetwork forthe AdvertisingIndustry
 PolicyPal Network logo   PolicyPal Network (PAL)3/3/2018N/AN/AFuture of Insurance for the Unbanked and Cryptoassets
 Nexo logo   Nexo (NEXO)4/1/2018N/AN/AThe World's First Instant Crypto Overdrafts
 Metronome logo   Metronome (MTN)3/15/2018N/AN/AThe world's first cross-blockchain cryptocurrency logo (DOCK)2/21/2018N/AN/ADecentralized professional data exchange powered by Ethereum
 Grain logo   Grain (GRAIN)3/31/2018N/AN/AThe Backbone Of Modern Work Agreements logo (AIX)3/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence
 Neonexchange logo   Neonexchange (NEX)4/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation
 Lendroid logo   Lendroid (LST)2/19/2018N/AN/ADecentralized margin trading
 Kairos logo   Kairos (KAIROS)4/15/2018N/AN/AFace recognition made easy logo (CR8)4/15/2018N/AN/AWorld's first blockchain protocol for content creation
 Consensus logo   Consensus (SEN)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI for Collective Governance
 Nebula AI logo   Nebula AI (NBAI)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI blockchain
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