Current Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

TitleStart DateEnd DateDays RemainingDescription
 The Acorn Collective logo   The Acorn Collective (OAK)5/26/20186/24/20181Crowdfunding For Everyone
 ICO HeadStart logo   ICO HeadStart (MOAT)3/26/20186/24/20181The Best ICOs.
 Talao logo   Talao (TALAO)6/3/20186/24/20181Ethereum-based Talent Autonomous Organization
 Uncloak logo   Uncloak (UNC)5/25/20186/25/20182Next Generation Cyber Security Threat Management
 Welltrado logo   Welltrado (WTL)4/30/20186/25/20182Invest Your Crypto Assets
 Cryptics logo   Cryptics (QRP)5/28/20186/25/20182Crypto analatics based on AI
 DAV Network logo   DAV Network (DAV)6/11/20186/25/20182A blockchain-based transportation platform
 Metronome logo   Metronome (MTN)6/17/20186/26/20183The world's first cross-blockchain cryptocurrency
 Aworker logo   Aworker (WORK)5/26/20186/26/20183Blockchain Platform for Recruitment
 SBC Platform logo   SBC Platform (SBCE)4/17/20186/27/20184Automated ICO solution for Startups and SMEs
 Alethena logo   Alethena (ATH)5/23/20186/27/20184First Swiss Blockchain-Asset Rating
 BotChain logo   BotChain (BOTC)5/8/20186/28/20185The platform for identity & audit of ai systems
 Valorem Foundation logo   Valorem Foundation (VLR)1/28/20186/28/20185Value based utility crypto currency platform
 Greeneum logo   Greeneum (GREEN)5/30/20186/29/20186Think green, be green, go green
 AIRBLOC Protocol logo   AIRBLOC Protocol (ABL)6/19/20186/29/20186Decentralized and transparent ad data trading network
 ICST logo   ICST (ICST)6/12/20186/29/20186Platform for identity, store and protect creative content
 Virtual Universe logo   Virtual Universe (VU)6/1/20186/30/20187An epic, story-driven open world game in LivingVR™
 Blockhive logo   Blockhive (HIVE)5/14/20186/30/20187Initial Loan Procurement
 EQUI Capital logo   EQUI Capital (EQUI)3/15/20186/30/20187Innovative Token that will Transform the Venture Capital Market
 CVProof logo   CVProof (INK)6/1/20186/30/20187The new job standard
 The 4th Pillar logo   The 4th Pillar (FOUR)6/4/20186/30/20187Blockchain-based decentralized identity and financial platform
 DataBroker DAO logo   DataBroker DAO (TM-DATA)4/26/20186/30/20187A global market for local data
 Well, Inc. logo   Well, Inc. (WELL)4/16/20186/30/201871st healthcare protocol
 Tutellus logo   Tutellus (TUT)5/28/20186/30/20187The platform that pays you for learning
 Alt.Estate logo   Alt.Estate (ALT)5/30/20186/30/20187Trade Tokenized Real Estate
 Qurrex logo   Qurrex (QRX)6/10/20186/30/20187The first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange
 Photochain logo   Photochain (PHT)4/5/20186/30/20187DApp for fair, p2p and trusted stock photography
 BitNautic logo   BitNautic (BTNT)5/1/20186/30/20187Decentralised shipping platform for the web 3.0
 Tradelize logo   Tradelize (TDZ)5/29/20186/30/20187Trade Faster. Invest Smarter.
 Hive Power logo   Hive Power (HVT)6/11/20186/30/20187Build Decentralized Energy Communities Secured by the Blockchain
 Wixlar logo   Wixlar (WIX)4/15/20186/30/20187A Сryptocurrency and a Digital Payment System
 Global ICO BANK logo   Global ICO BANK (IBK)5/1/20186/30/20187Rigorous examination by council for Listing ICO info
 CHERR.IO logo   CHERR.IO (CHR)6/15/20186/30/20187Blockchain solution for charitable donations
 Global REIT logo   Global REIT (GRET)6/1/20186/30/20187Global Real Estate Investment Trust
 Cardium logo   Cardium (CAD)6/1/20186/30/20187Tokenize your everyday activity
 Asura Coin logo   Asura Coin (ASA)6/2/20186/30/20187Self-Sustainable eSports Platform Powered by NEO
 Dafzo logo   Dafzo (DFZ)6/1/20186/30/20187Making logistics simple
 TraceTo logo   TraceTo (T2T)6/8/20186/30/20187Blockchain - KYC - A.I. - Compliance
 IoTeX logo   IoTeX (IOTX)3/1/20186/30/20187A Decentralized Network for Internet of Things
 AmicorumLive logo   AmicorumLive (AMI)5/1/20186/30/20187Decentralizing ticket re-sale industry with blockchain
 UUNIO logo   UUNIO (UUNIO)5/1/20186/30/20187Blockchain based Reward-Driven Social Media Marketplace
 TraXion logo   TraXion (TXN)6/15/20186/30/20187Frictionless with the Banks, Borderless for the People.
 INSUREUM logo   INSUREUM (ISR)5/30/20186/30/20187The New Insurance Ecosystem
 Safein logo   Safein (SFN)5/31/20186/30/20187Decentralized blockchain-based identity management platform
 Digitize Coin logo   Digitize Coin (DTZ)5/31/20186/30/20187Converting loose change into virtual currencies.
 ARTIS logo   ARTIS (ATS)5/31/20186/30/20187Building the infrastructure for subscription-based economy
 Kakushin logo   Kakushin (KKN)6/1/20186/30/20187A decentralised innovation and intellectual Property-driven ecosystem
 Squeezer logo   Squeezer (SQZR)6/1/20186/30/20187Software development platform offering microservices for the blockchain
 Smart Containers logo   Smart Containers (SMARC)6/7/20186/30/20187Temperature sensitive logistics. Revolutionized.
 Alphacon logo   Alphacon (ALP)6/13/20186/30/20187Big Data Revolution in HealthCare
 Moveco logo   Moveco (MOV)6/1/20187/1/20188Earn As You Move
 Dbrain logo   Dbrain (TM-DBR)4/15/20187/1/20188Blockchain platform to turn raw data into AI for business
 Open Source University logo   Open Source University (TM-EDU)6/4/20187/1/20188The World's Academic & Career Development Ledger
 WinStars logo   WinStars (WINS)5/10/20187/3/201810Decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources
 ShareRing logo   ShareRing (SHR)6/4/20187/4/201811The world's first trusted token for sharing services
 DNN logo   DNN (DNN)6/1/20187/6/201813News by the People, for the People
 Elycoin logo   Elycoin (ELY)6/4/20187/8/201815Decentralized Ecommerce blockchain platform to build websites on
 Elysian logo   Elysian (ELY)6/4/20187/8/201815Decentralized Ecommerce blockchain platform to build websites on
 Intiva Health logo   Intiva Health (NTVA)5/21/20187/8/201815Integrative platform for healthcare professionals
 Cryptfunder logo   Cryptfunder (CFND)5/25/20187/8/201815Decentralized Funding Source for Startups & Blockchain Companies
 The Rouge Project logo   The Rouge Project (RGE)6/4/20187/8/201815Blockchain coupon platform
 GoNetwork logo   GoNetwork (GOT)6/11/20187/9/201816Highly scalable, low cost mobile first network infrastructure for Ethereum
 Talenthon logo   Talenthon (TCOIN)5/15/20187/10/201817Recruitment Platform based on blockchain
 Diveco Logistics logo   Diveco Logistics (XDIV)5/10/20187/10/201817Decentralized Logistics Platform in Blockchain and ERP System
 MyDFS logo   MyDFS (MYDFS)6/11/20187/10/201817Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports
 Xsearch logo   Xsearch (XSE)5/9/20187/10/201817Innovating Research System. We unfix the idea of online advertising
 Verasity logo   Verasity (VRA)5/21/20187/11/201818A next-generation video sharing platform
 Triggmine logo   Triggmine (TRG)6/11/20187/11/201818A Decentralized Network and Protocolfor Email Marketing Automation
 INCX logo   INCX (INCX)6/11/20187/11/201818Ultra-scalable, simple, secure and compliant Crypto Exchange
 Howdoo logo   Howdoo (uDoo)6/12/20187/12/201819Decentralized social platform for users, content creators & advertisers
 Mandala logo   Mandala (MDX)4/21/20187/13/201820A revolutionary digital assets exchange
 Send logo   Send (SDT)6/1/20187/14/201821Token with temporary price stability for daily use
 Zeon logo   Zeon (ZNC)4/27/20187/14/201821Invest in crypto without risks through Blockchain and DAO
 Swace logo   Swace (SWA)6/1/20187/14/201821User-brand interacton now becomes an adventure
 DREAM logo   DREAM (DREAM)6/16/20187/14/201821When You Need a Team
 Urbit Data logo   Urbit Data (URB)6/14/20187/14/201821The next REVOLUTION of the Real Estate market
 AbacasXchange logo   AbacasXchange (ABC)6/15/20187/15/201822Universal exchange that allows you to trade
 Evo logo   Evo (ETALON)6/15/20187/15/201822The world of self-development
 VERNAM logo   VERNAM (VRN)5/15/20187/15/201822The World's First 0% commission insurance on blockchain
 NYNJACOIN logo   NYNJACOIN (NYN)6/15/20187/15/201822Communications app with an on-demand marketplace and Cryptocurrency Wallet
 Kleros logo   Kleros (PNK)5/15/20187/15/201822The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer logo (HRO)6/1/20187/15/201822Tokenize Yourself
 REME Coin logo   REME Coin (REME)5/2/20187/15/201822Up to 100% cashback online and offline
 Viva logo   Viva (TM-VIVA)4/16/20187/16/201823A better way to buy a home
 TrustedCars Flex logo   TrustedCars Flex (FLEX)6/11/20187/16/201823Changing car ownership forever
 Treon logo   Treon (TXO)5/21/20187/17/201824Crypto Revolution To Utility Payments
 Viola.AI logo   Viola.AI (VIOLA)6/17/20187/17/201824A.I. driven marketplace from dating and relationships
 Kepler Technologies logo   Kepler Technologies (KEP)5/22/20187/17/201824AI & Robotics Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain
 Datareum logo   Datareum (DTN)6/18/20187/18/201825Decentralized Marketplace for Data
 YourBlock logo   YourBlock (YBK)3/12/20187/18/201825Comparison and incentivised personal data storage platform
 FTEC logo   FTEC (FTEC)6/20/20187/18/201825Artifical Intelligence Trading Revolution
 ContentBox logo   ContentBox (BOX)6/18/20187/18/201825Blockchain Infrastructure for the Digital Content Industry
 Abele Group logo   Abele Group (ABELE)6/18/20187/18/201825Modernize Finance for All
 Liquidity Network logo   Liquidity Network (LQD)6/14/20187/19/201826Simple, Scalable, Secure Blockchain Payment and Exchange
 BolttCoin logo   BolttCoin (BOLTT)6/20/20187/20/201827Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain
 BMI Coin logo   BMI Coin (BMI)3/23/20187/20/201827Blockchain-based Connection Research System
 Loyakk VEGA logo   Loyakk VEGA (LYK)6/15/20187/22/201829Blockchain-enabled platform for B2B engagement
 London Football Exchange logo   London Football Exchange (LFE)1/15/20187/22/201829Football stock exchange and fan marketplace
 TV-TWO logo   TV-TWO (TTV)5/24/20187/24/201831The decentralized TV ecosystem
 LEXIT logo   LEXIT (LXT)6/19/20187/26/201833The Business Marketplace for Everyonen
 8th Continent logo   8th Continent (ECB)5/18/20187/28/201835The next-generation digital economy in China
 KOIOS AI logo   KOIOS AI (KOI)6/15/20187/29/201836Building the worlds largest user-driven AI Network
 Kasko2go logo   Kasko2go (K2G)5/31/20187/30/201837Motor insurance with hi-tech core
 Darico logo   Darico (DEC)1/30/20187/30/201837Your gateway to cryptocurrency investment
 Cryptonia Poker logo   Cryptonia Poker (CPC)4/10/20187/30/201837Play poker online with cryptocurrency
 AI Crypto logo   AI Crypto (ACI)6/4/20187/31/201838Lead the AI Industry with Blockchain
 GreenX logo   GreenX (GEX)5/15/20187/31/201838The world's most sophisticated greenenergy network
 INTRO logo   INTRO (ITR)6/1/20187/31/201838Global marketplace of real estate at developers’ prices
 Property Coin logo   Property Coin (PCX)5/1/20187/31/201838A professionally managed portfolio of real estate assets via the blockchain
 Instant Assets Tokens logo   Instant Assets Tokens (IAT)6/15/20187/31/201838Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities
 Safeguard logo   Safeguard (TM-SGT)6/7/20187/31/201838Accident prevention through AI & Blockchain
 FarmaTrust logo   FarmaTrust (FTT)6/1/20187/31/201838Saving Lives | Creating Efficiencies
 REGO logo   REGO (REGO)6/14/20187/31/201838next generation blockchain based global real estate platform
 Productivist logo   Productivist (PROD)5/16/20187/31/201838Disrupted Manufacturing
 UMKA logo   UMKA (UMK)6/1/20188/1/201839Decentralized labor market
 Beaxy Exchange logo   Beaxy Exchange (BXY)6/15/20188/1/201839All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange
 AIgatha logo   AIgatha (TM-ATH)6/5/20188/1/201839Link to The Future
 MyCreditChain logo   MyCreditChain (MCC)6/1/20188/8/201846Blockchain platform of personal credit information
 Ubex logo   Ubex (UBEX)5/21/20188/13/201851Artificial Intelligence in Advertising
 B21 logo   B21 (B21)6/15/20188/14/201852Creating personal wealth through cryptoasset investing
 Whyral logo   Whyral (TM-WRL)6/3/20188/15/201853Transforming Social Media Marketing
 Noiz logo   Noiz (NOIZ)6/15/20188/15/201853A decentralized cognitive ad network
 AIGC logo   AIGC (AIGC)5/15/20188/15/201853The worlds #1 AI learning platform
 LaborCrypto logo   LaborCrypto (LBR)6/15/20188/15/201853Global freelance P2P ecosystem that shares revenue
 Noia Network logo   Noia Network (NOIA)6/16/20188/16/201854Decentralized Content Delivery Network
 DESICO logo   DESICO (DESI)5/29/20188/18/201856Decentralized Ecosystem for Security ICOs
 Zeew logo   Zeew (ZEEW)5/14/20188/20/201858“Right Now” Delivery Disruption
 Pearl Pay logo   Pearl Pay (PRLPAY)6/1/20188/20/201858Your Virtual Money Logistics System
 Ubanx logo   Ubanx (BANX)6/7/20188/24/201862Blockchain Retail Platform with Physical Locations
 TrustaBit logo   TrustaBit (TAB)5/25/20188/25/201863Blockchain for flight delays
 Bailsman logo   Bailsman (BAILS)5/16/20188/26/201864Exchange security deposits for guarantees
 YondoCoin logo   YondoCoin (YON)3/13/20188/31/201869All-In-One Video Ecommerce
 Incremint logo   Incremint (MNTS)6/1/20188/31/201869Escrow platform
 iCash logo   iCash (ICASH)6/1/20188/31/201869Assuring the Validity of Smart Contracts at Scale
 ENTRY logo   ENTRY (ENTRY)6/1/20188/31/201869The People’s Bank of Blockchain
 Wulet logo   Wulet (WU)5/1/20189/1/201870Crypto-cashback from everyday purchases
 Abulaba logo   Abulaba (AAA)6/5/20189/9/201878Change your life
 Profede logo   Profede (PATO)3/1/20189/15/201884Giving power back to the professional user with Blockchain
 3dP-token logo   3dP-token (3dP)6/15/20189/15/201884Uniting the Cryptocurrency & 3D printing technology
 Monetizr logo   Monetizr (MTZ)6/18/20189/18/201887Game Reward Engine
 TrustLogics logo   TrustLogics (TM-TLT)5/30/20189/25/201894Blockchain For Trusted & Secured Professional Data
 Coinnup logo   Coinnup (CU)4/22/20189/25/201894Blockchain Powered FinTeck and e-Commerce platform
 PlaceToRent logo   PlaceToRent (PTRT)6/4/20189/26/201895A Decentralized Global Residential and Commercial Rental Platform
 Hydrocoin logo   Hydrocoin (TM-HYC)3/31/20189/29/201898Providing clean energy forthe blockchain era
 LookRev logo   LookRev (LOK)9/8/20179/30/201899P2P decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology
 Memority logo   Memority (EMT)5/16/201810/1/2018100Decentralized ultra-secure data storage on blockchain
 IDM logo   IDM (IDM)6/4/201810/4/2018103A decentralised distributed cloud data storage system
 Muxe logo   Muxe (MUXE)6/5/201810/5/2018104Innovative platform for all your real estate needs logo (BCIO)5/14/201810/14/2018113Your Gateway to the Internet of Value
 DeskBell Chain logo   DeskBell Chain (DBT)5/21/201811/1/2018131Blockchain platform of the hotel and tourism industry
 Enkronos logo   Enkronos (ENK)6/14/201811/20/2018150Digital Strategy
 Social Good Project logo   Social Good Project (SG)4/23/201812/23/2018183The Cryptocurrency for Better Society
 Ethfinex Nectar Token logo   Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC)2/13/201812/31/2018191The home of digital tokens trading & discussion
 Deedcoin logo   Deedcoin (DEED)4/30/201812/31/2018191Own Deedcoin, Own Your Home
 FAST INVEST logo   FAST INVEST (FIT)4/1/20184/1/2019282Investment Bank
 Crowd Machine logo   Crowd Machine (CMCT)4/1/20185/22/2019333Where anyone can develop distributed blockchain apps
 Nexo logo   Nexo (NEXO)4/1/2018N/AN/AThe World's First Instant Crypto Overdrafts
 MAD Network logo   MAD Network (MAD)2/28/2018N/AN/AA DecentralizedNetwork forthe AdvertisingIndustry
 PolicyPal Network logo   PolicyPal Network (PAL)3/3/2018N/AN/AFuture of Insurance for the Unbanked and Cryptoassets
 Academy logo   Academy (ACAD)3/15/2018N/AN/AFirst accredited school for blockchain
 Cardstack logo   Cardstack (CARD)3/6/2018N/AN/AThe experience layer of the decentralized internet
 Ocean Protocol logo   Ocean Protocol (OCN)3/7/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI
 Kairos logo   Kairos (KAIROS)4/15/2018N/AN/AFace recognition made easy
 Lendroid logo   Lendroid (LST)2/19/2018N/AN/ADecentralized margin trading logo (DOCK)2/21/2018N/AN/ADecentralized professional data exchange powered by Ethereum logo (AIX)3/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence
 Neonexchange logo   Neonexchange (NEX)4/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation
 Consensus logo   Consensus (SEN)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI for Collective Governance
 Nebula AI logo   Nebula AI (NBAI)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI blockchain
 OneLedger logo   OneLedger (OLT)6/15/2018N/AN/AScalable and Universal Cross-ledger Protocol Designed for Business
 Emotiq logo   Emotiq (EMTQ)6/15/2018N/AN/ANext Generation Blockchain
 Usechain logo   Usechain (UST)6/23/2018N/AN/AThe First Mirror Identity Blockchain
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