Current Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

TitleStart DateEnd DateDays RemainingDescription
 Noia Network logo   Noia Network (NOIA)6/16/20188/16/20181Decentralized Content Delivery Network
 Opu Labs logo   Opu Labs (OPU)7/17/20188/17/20182Tokenizing Skincare Intelligence
 TIP Blockchain logo   TIP Blockchain (TIP)7/13/20188/17/20182Cryptocurrency mass adoption through on-chain discovery
 DESICO logo   DESICO (DESI)5/29/20188/18/20183Decentralized Ecosystem for Security ICOs
 Pearl Pay logo   Pearl Pay (PRLPAY)6/1/20188/20/20185Your Virtual Money Logistics System
 Zeew logo   Zeew (ZEEW)5/14/20188/20/20185“Right Now” Delivery Disruption
 Ubanx logo   Ubanx (BANX)6/7/20188/24/20189Blockchain Retail Platform with Physical Locations
 Trilliant logo   Trilliant (TRIL)7/10/20188/25/201810Fractional Ownership Programs for Cryptocurrency ATMs
 TrustaBit logo   TrustaBit (TAB)5/25/20188/25/201810Blockchain for flight delays
 ENDO Protocol logo   ENDO Protocol (ET)6/20/20188/25/201810Encrypted Certified Data Verification Protocol
 Bailsman logo   Bailsman (BAILS)5/16/20188/26/201811Exchange security deposits for guarantees
 Urbit Data logo   Urbit Data (URB)6/14/20188/27/201812The next REVOLUTION of the Real Estate market
 Fan360 logo   Fan360 (TM-FAN)5/29/20188/29/201814Decentralized sports fans Engagement & reward platform
 Gabro logo   Gabro (GBO)6/1/20188/30/201815Democratise loyalty rewords using blockchain
 DeNet logo   DeNet (DNET)8/1/20188/30/201815Hosting. Storage. Computing platform
 Photochain logo   Photochain (PHT)4/5/20188/30/201815DApp for fair, p2p and trusted stock photography
 ENTRY logo   ENTRY (ENTRY)6/1/20188/31/201816The People’s Bank of Blockchain
 Contract Vault logo   Contract Vault (VLT)7/15/20188/31/201816Next generation agreements for everyone on the Ethereum blockchain
 Imusify logo   Imusify (IMU)8/1/20188/31/201816A fully decentralized music platform
 Cryptyk logo   Cryptyk (CTK)7/18/20188/31/201816Decentralized Cloud Storage with Blockchain Security
 Incremint logo   Incremint (MNTS)6/1/20188/31/201816Escrow platform
 Tradelize logo   Tradelize (TDZ)7/15/20188/31/201816Trade Faster. Invest Smarter.
 Loyakk VEGA logo   Loyakk VEGA (LYK)6/15/20188/31/201816Blockchain-enabled platform for B2B engagement
 Bitex Global logo   Bitex Global (XBX)6/30/20188/31/201816Locally-embedded crypto-bank
 P2PS logo   P2PS (P2PS)4/2/20188/31/201816Secure, interference-free, communications system
 YondoCoin logo   YondoCoin (YON)3/13/20188/31/201816All-In-One Video Ecommerce
 iCash logo   iCash (ICASH)6/1/20188/31/201816Assuring the Validity of Smart Contracts at Scale
 Wulet logo   Wulet (WU)5/1/20189/1/201817Crypto-cashback from everyday purchases
 LAPO logo   LAPO (LAX)7/16/20189/1/201817Decentralized Finance Reinvented
 COTI logo   COTI (COTI)8/15/20189/1/201817Finally a digital currency built for payments
 MedicoHealth logo   MedicoHealth (MHP)8/1/20189/1/201817The biggest doctor-patient environment based on blockchain
 PavoCoin logo   PavoCoin (PAVO)8/7/20189/1/201817IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem
 EMMARES logo   EMMARES (EMA)5/5/20189/5/201821Email marketing blockhain based evaluation and rewarding system
 IceBreakerAR logo   IceBreakerAR (ICE)8/1/20189/5/201821Bringing relationships to life
 rLoop logo   rLoop (RLP)7/8/20189/8/201824A Decentralised and Crowdsourced Engineering Organisation
 Abulaba logo   Abulaba (AAA)6/5/20189/9/201825Change your life
 SCANETCHAIN logo   SCANETCHAIN (SWC)4/9/20189/10/201826The world's first AR Blockchain
 Dimensions Network logo   Dimensions Network (STC)8/12/20189/12/201828A Hybrid Trading Platform
 Opporty logo   Opporty (OPP)8/11/20189/15/201831Opporty is a three-layered business relationships ecosystem
 Profede logo   Profede (PATO)3/1/20189/15/201831Giving power back to the professional user with Blockchain
 EHAB logo   EHAB (EHB)8/15/20189/15/201831Blockchain-based solution to the global housing crisis
 TravelerToken logo   TravelerToken (TLT)8/1/20189/15/201831Spend Less. Travel More.
 3dP-token logo   3dP-token (3dP)6/15/20189/15/201831Uniting the Cryptocurrency & 3D printing technology
 VTOS logo   VTOS (VTOS)7/9/20189/17/201833Decentralized CDN & Social Network
 Monetizr logo   Monetizr (MTZ)6/18/20189/18/201834Game Reward Engine
 CyBit logo   CyBit (TM-CBT)7/1/20189/20/201836Leveraging the Power of Cryptocurrency for Crowdfunding Transformation
 Abele Group logo   Abele Group (ABELE)6/28/20189/21/201837Modernize Finance for All
 TrustLogics logo   TrustLogics (TM-TLT)5/30/20189/25/201841Blockchain For Trusted & Secured Professional Data
 Coinnup logo   Coinnup (CU)4/22/20189/25/201841Blockchain Powered FinTeck and e-Commerce platform
 PlaceToRent logo   PlaceToRent (PTRT)6/4/20189/26/201842A Decentralized Global Residential and Commercial Rental Platform
 Hydrocoin logo   Hydrocoin (TM-HYC)3/31/20189/29/201845Providing clean energy forthe blockchain era
 Invox Finance logo   Invox Finance (INVOX)4/15/20189/30/201846Decentralised invoice financing solution for a connected world
 LookRev logo   LookRev (LOK)9/8/20179/30/201846P2P decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology
 Tutellus logo   Tutellus (TUT)5/28/20189/30/201846The platform that pays you for learning
 Invest in Brokers logo   Invest in Brokers (INV)8/15/20189/30/201846Trustless copy-trading through API
 Konios Project logo   Konios Project (KON)7/1/20189/30/201846The worlds most secure cash & crypto platform
 BlockVest logo   BlockVest (BLV)7/1/20189/30/201846Crypto Currency Exchange & Index Fund
 LEXIT logo   LEXIT (LXT)6/19/20189/30/201846The Business Marketplace for Everyone
 SamBanx logo   SamBanx (SAM)7/1/20189/30/201846Mobile Crypto Banking
 Virtual Universe logo   Virtual Universe (VU)7/1/20189/30/201846An epic, story-driven open world game in LivingVR™
 Zeon logo   Zeon (ZNC)4/27/201810/1/201847Invest in crypto without risks through Blockchain and DAO
 Memority logo   Memority (EMT)5/16/201810/1/201847Decentralized ultra-secure data storage on blockchain
 IDM logo   IDM (IDM)6/4/201810/4/201850A decentralised distributed cloud data storage system
 Muxe logo   Muxe (MUXE)6/5/201810/5/201851Innovative platform for all your real estate needs logo (BCIO)5/14/201810/14/201860Your Gateway to the Internet of Value
 TrustedCars Flex logo   TrustedCars Flex (FLEX)6/11/201810/14/201860Changing car ownership forever
 Pingvalue logo   Pingvalue (TM-PCO)8/15/201810/15/201861Advertising services in smart cities based on blockchain 4.0
 Metabase logo   Metabase (META)6/5/201810/16/201862blockchain platform to build, scale, and monetize next-generation businesses
 ARTIS logo   ARTIS (ATS)5/31/201810/26/201872Building the infrastructure for subscription-based economy
 Orbis logo   Orbis (ORBS)5/1/201810/29/201875Money Transfer & Investment
 Word of Mouth Professional logo   Word of Mouth Professional (WMPRO)7/20/201810/31/201877First total solver for word of mouth players
 JustHive logo   JustHive (JHT)5/21/201810/31/201877A micro-forum company
 Aeternum logo   Aeternum (ALF)5/1/201810/31/201877World's First Science and Intellectual Property driven ICO
 DeskBell Chain logo   DeskBell Chain (DBT)5/21/201811/1/201878Blockchain platform of the hotel and tourism industry
 Enkronos logo   Enkronos (ENK)6/14/201811/20/201897Digital Strategy
 PlayChip logo   PlayChip (PLA)6/1/201811/28/2018105The Universal Gaming Token
 Expercoin logo   Expercoin (EXPR)6/1/201811/30/2018107Protocol for AI-powered Learning Economies and Marketplaces
 Echarge logo   Echarge (ECHG)4/14/201811/30/2018107Electric Charging Station Redefined
 Bounty Angels logo   Bounty Angels (BANG)6/25/201812/19/2018126Automatic marketing platform for bounty campaigns
 Social Good Project logo   Social Good Project (SG)4/23/201812/23/2018130The Cryptocurrency for Better Society
 Monoreto logo   Monoreto (MNR)8/15/201812/31/2018138Social network with monetization of likes
 Deedcoin logo   Deedcoin (DEED)4/30/201812/31/2018138Own Deedcoin, Own Your Home
 ConcertVR logo   ConcertVR (CVT)4/15/201812/31/2018138Live concerts with VR
 Ethfinex Nectar Token logo   Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC)2/13/201812/31/2018138The home of digital tokens trading & discussion
 FAST INVEST logo   FAST INVEST (FIT)4/1/20184/1/2019229Investment Bank
 Crowd Machine logo   Crowd Machine (CMCT)4/1/20185/22/2019280Where anyone can develop distributed blockchain apps
 Nexo logo   Nexo (NEXO)4/1/2018N/AN/AThe World's First Instant Crypto Overdrafts
 Consensus logo   Consensus (SEN)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI for Collective Governance
 Nebula AI logo   Nebula AI (NBAI)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI blockchain
 Cardstack logo   Cardstack (CARD)3/6/2018N/AN/AThe experience layer of the decentralized internet
 Ocean Protocol logo   Ocean Protocol (OCN)3/7/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI
 MAD Network logo   MAD Network (MAD)2/28/2018N/AN/AA DecentralizedNetwork forthe AdvertisingIndustry
 PolicyPal Network logo   PolicyPal Network (PAL)3/3/2018N/AN/AFuture of Insurance for the Unbanked and Cryptoassets
 Academy logo   Academy (ACAD)3/15/2018N/AN/AFirst accredited school for blockchain
 Kairos logo   Kairos (KAIROS)4/15/2018N/AN/AFace recognition made easy
 Lendroid logo   Lendroid (LST)2/19/2018N/AN/ADecentralized margin trading logo (DOCK)2/21/2018N/AN/ADecentralized professional data exchange powered by Ethereum logo (AIX)3/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence
 Neonexchange logo   Neonexchange (NEX)4/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation
 Usechain logo   Usechain (UST)6/23/2018N/AN/AThe First Mirror Identity Blockchain
 UChain logo   UChain (UCN)7/10/2018N/AN/ADistributed Smart Network Blockchain for the Sharing Economy
 Origin Protocol logo   Origin Protocol (ORIGIN)6/28/2018N/AN/AThe sharing economy without intermediaries
 Trust Platform logo   Trust Platform (TST)7/10/2018N/AN/AEthereum Ecosystem for any Mobile Device
 OneLedger logo   OneLedger (OLT)6/15/2018N/AN/AScalable and Universal Cross-ledger Protocol Designed for Business
 Emotiq logo   Emotiq (EMTQ)6/15/2018N/AN/ANext Generation Blockchain
105 Results Found.

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